Here Is How To Light A Gas Oven With An Electric Starter

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There are several ways you can ignite your gas oven, and the most common methods involve using the manual method or an electric starter.

Most people get confused about how to light the gas oven with an electric starter, even if it is quite easy. Please stick with us as we guide you on how to carry this out safely. 

To successfully do this is very simple. You would need to turn the knob to the lowest position while holding a lighted match burner; you should be very careful when igniting this burner, and you should also note that you wouldn’t need standing pilots since it would be lit by electrical ignition. 

How Do You Start a Gas Oven with An Electric Starter?

Light a Gas Oven with An Electric Starter

Using an electrical ignition is one of the best ways to light up your gas as it eliminates the need for you to light up your gas manually, which is a lot of stress.

Before we go into the basic processes, what does starting up your gas with an electrical ignition mean?

Electrical ignition is just using an electronic spark to ignite the gas in the burner of your gas stove.

This system is used in many gas ovens in these modern times because it is fast, efficient, and far more reliable than an oven pilot flame.

The electrical ignition uses a sensor to detect when your gas is flowing and then sends signals to the ignition modules. 

Then when the ignition modules receive this sensation, it creates a spark that ignites your gas.

Another reason this method is much preferable is that when the gas is flowing, it only creates a spark, so your gas is not wasted in the process.

It is easier because you do not need to hold a lighted match or turn a matching burner to keep the pilot light lit. 

Using the electrical starter gases is much safer because there are no open flames, and it would be difficult for a fire outbreak.

For you to safely start up your gas oven electrically, you should follow these easy steps below; 

  • Open your oven door and ensure that all the knobs are turned off. 
  • Close to the oven knob, you will see an igniter button, and then you click on the ignition button. 
  • Press and hold down the igniter button, which might take a few seconds, so please hold on. 
  • Turn your oven knob to the ignite position while holding the igniter button.
  • While holding the igniter button, turn on your gas knob and then release the ignition button; the open should light. 

Your igniter button might keep clicking when the gas knob has been turned on, and you shouldn’t be bothered because it is perfectly normal for it to do that.

The ignition module causes the spark. If you keep trying to do all these and your gas oven is still turning on, then there is a high possibility that you might have broken it.

 Some of the potent malfunctions include; 

#1. Broil Or Bake Damage 

Normally, there are two ways you can cook or bake in your oven; broil and bake. The broiler is a heating element usually at the top of the oven, while the bake is located beneath the compartment.

If these settings are broken, your oven will most likely not turn on. 

#2. Blown Fuse 

Your oven has an internal fuse that safely operates, but there are some cases where the fuse gets burnt or broken down. 

#3. Temperature Sensor 

This component is in charge of monitoring and maintaining the overall internal temperature of your oven. A broken sensor might be the reason why your oven keeps misbehaving. 

#4. Infinite Switch 

The infinite switch controls the heat settings of the oven. So, if one heating component is not heating up but still maintains a good condition, then the case is that you most likely have a broken infinite switch. 

#5. Blown Burner 

The burner elements heat the top of your oven range, which can either be coiled, recoiled, or ribboned. To check for this fault is quite easy, and so is the repair.

You need to inspect your burner elements for signs of wear and tear, and you’re good to go. 

How Do You Light a Gas Oven Without Electricity?

If your gas oven can only be operated manually, below are simple steps you can follow to start your oven using a lighter or match stick; 

  • The first thing you should ensure is that the oven is turned off and all the stove burners are off also. You should always turn off all your burners and also ensure that your kitchen doesn’t smell like emitted gas before beginning.
  • Open all the doors and windows in your kitchen for adequate ventilation. You should always ensure that your kitchen is well ventilated before turning on your oven gas; this is most important if you have been trying to turn your gas on for a while now and keep going on and off. 

After letting the gas out for a few minutes, it is also essential to air out to allow any gas sitting around for a while now to disperse slowly. 

  • Open the door to your oven and look for the pilot light hole. The next thing you should do now is take your oven door down and locate your pilot light hole. You should always look for this hole before turning on the gas; doing it the other way round is risky.
  • Look around the bottom part of the oven for the pilot light hole. This hole is usually located at the lowest part of the gas oven, close to the door, and in the middle. Some ovens have it like a pilot light, so if you do not see yours at that position, you should check your broiler drawer if your oven has one.
  • It would be best to clean the area around your pilot light hole with a microfiber cloth. Most times, this part of the oven is surrounded by grease and crusts from previously baked food, so you should ensure that you use a grease-fighting spray to get rid of this junk. 

Doing this is most important if your gas stove has not been used for a while, as there is a higher possibility of dirt which can lead to a fire outbreak lurking around. 

  • Push the knob in the direction of “ignite.” push in your knob first and then turn your knob either clockwise or anticlockwise to the direction of igniting, which is on the temperature setting. Every model of oven gas is different, but you should be able to see a picture of a flame, and that is where you should turn your button too.  
  • Hold a long match or lighted match close to the pilot light and light it. Then, slowly ignite your lighted match, move it towards the direction of the pilot hole and hold till it ignites. If you do not have a long or lighted match, you can still use your match sticks and drop into the hole to be on a safer side. 
  • Keep holding the knob of the oven to ensure that the pilot light heats up. While working with your lighted match, you shouldn’t let go of the oven knob because you would need it to let the gas heat up into the pilot hole.

If you accidentally let go of the knob and the oven pilot flame goes off, you have to start the process again from the beginning. 

  • Close your oven and adjust the temperatures. After your pilot hole has been ignited, you can now close your oven and set the temperature to what’s suitable for you using the pilot knob. 


Lighting your electric gas oven with an electrical starter is more straightforward than doing it manually.

All you would need for this is just your igniter button and your gas knob, and you’re good to go.

However, if after trying to turn it on severally and it doesn’t work, you should call for a professional to check it out, and it might be a fault that your gas is developing.

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