Beko Washing Machine Buttons Not Working!

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Have you got button problems on your Beko washing machine? This guide helps you find out what’s wrong and fix it fast.

It could be a child lock, a broken door lock, or a clogged drain. Let’s get your laundry back to normal. Keep reading to fix your machine’s buttons.

Summary of Beko Washing Machine Buttons Not Working

Issue TypeWhat to CheckAction
Button IssuesChild LockTurn off if activated.
Control BoardConsult a repair person or call Beko’s help center.
Drainage ProblemsDrain HoseMake sure it’s not twisted or blocked.
Drain PumpClean if clogged.
GeneralFilterKeep clean for better performance.
Electrical SafetyWall SocketPlug the machine directly into a wall socket.
Beko Washing Machine Buttons Not Working

Troubleshooting Beko Washing Machine Buttons

Do you have button problems on your Beko washing machine? Don’t worry! Follow these steps, and your machine should work like new!

  • Check the Child Lock: If it’s on, your machine’s buttons won’t work. To turn it off, hold the buttons shown in your manual.
  • Inspect the Drain Filter: Buttons might not work if the filter is clogged. Clean the filter and put it back, following your manual.
  • Examine the Door Lock: If the lock is broken, your machine won’t start, which could affect the buttons. You might need a new door lock.
  • Look at the Control Board: This part runs your machine. Talk to a repair person or call Beko’s help center if you think it’s faulty.

So, to fix your machine’s buttons, check the Child Lock, Drain Filter, Door Lock, and Control Board.

Master the Flow: Conquering Water Drainage Issues Like a Pro

So, to fix drainage problems, check the Drain Hose, Drain Pump, Water Inlet Hose, and your water supply.

Do these steps, and your machine should work great again!

  • Check the Drain Hose: If the hose is twisted or blocked, water won’t drain. Make it straight and remove any blocks.
  • Inspect the Drain Pump and Filter: If either is clogged, clean it for smooth water drainage.
  • Check the Water Inlet Hose: Ensure the hose is tightly connected to the machine and your water supply. Get a new one if it’s damaged.
  • Verify the Water Supply: Ensure the water flows well and has intense pressure to help your machine drain.

Master the Unblock: Winning Strategies for Dealing with Blocked Filters

Your washing machine has a filter that catches stuff like dirt and hair. When it gets full, buttons might not work. So, you need to clean it.

First, find the Pump Filter. It’s usually behind a small cover at the bottom front of the machine. Open it to check and clean the filter.

Follow these steps to clean the blocked filter:

  1. Before you start, turn off and unplug your washing machine to stay safe.
  2. Put a towel or tray under the filter cover to catch spilled water.
  3. Now, open the cover and unscrew the filter cap by turning it the opposite way of a clock’s hands. Take out the filter.
  4. Look at the filter. Is it full of stuff like dirt or hair? Clean it under running water. Use a soft brush or cloth to get everything off.
  5. Also, peek inside where the filter was. See any more stuff? Take it out.
  6. Put the filter back and screw the cap on tight. Close the cover.
  7. Last step: plug your washing machine back in. Now, your buttons should work better!

Regularly cleaning the filter ensures the buttons work and improves the machine’s performance.

Cleaning the filter often can make your Beko washing machine last longer and perform better. So, remember to clean the filter regularly!

Safety Aspects of Beko Machines

Beko washing machines make laundry safe for you and your family. Moreover, the Beko washer comes with various features. Let’s explore!

  • Child Lock: Keeps kids from playing with buttons. Press the button with a child or lock symbol to switch it on or off.
  • Electrical Safety: For safe power, plug the machine straight into a wall socket, not an extension.
  • Door Lock: If the lock is broken, the machine won’t start, which stops leaks and mishaps. Look in your manual to find it.
  • Overall Care: Taking good care of the Child Lock, Electrical Safety, and Door Lock makes your laundry safe and easy.

So, with a Child Lock, an excellent electrical setup, and a safe Door Lock, Beko washing machines keep your laundry safe and easy. Take good care of your machine, and it’ll take good care of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Beko washing machine start?

If your Beko washing machine won’t start, stay calm! First, ensure it’s plugged in and the power outlet is good.

Then, check the Drain Filter and Door Lock. Are they fine? If the start button still doesn’t work, call Beko’s help center. Doing these checks helps fix your machine!

How to fix Beko washer when buttons are unresponsive?

If the buttons on your Beko washing machine don’t work, do this. First, turn off Child Lock. It can make buttons stop working.

Then, check the Control Panel. See any problems? If not, call a repair person. These steps can help fix your buttons!

How can I reset a Beko washing machine with button issues?

To fix your Beko washing machine, first, unplug it. Wait 2 minutes, then plug it back in. This can reset the Control Board and fix button issues.

Call a repair person to check the Control Board if it doesn’t work. Try a reset first if your buttons don’t work!

What are the common error symbols on Beko washers?

If your Beko washing machine shows codes like E01 or E02, it means there’s a problem. E01 means it needs more water.

E02 means water isn’t going out. E03 discusses a door lock issue, and E04 is a motor problem. Look at your washer’s manual to learn these codes. They help you know what to fix!

Beko washing machine stuck on one minute – what to do?

If your Beko washing machine says one minute left but won’t finish, you might need to fix the timer or Control Board.

First, do a reset. Unplug it, wait 2 minutes, and plug it back in. If it’s still stuck, call a repair person. These steps can help get your machine working right!

Why does my Beko washer start filling and then stop?

If your Beko washing machine fills with water but then stops, try these fixes. First, make sure the water hose isn’t twisted or blocked.

Then, check if the water inlet valve works well. Also, level the machine so the water stays put. If it’s still not working, call a repair person. These steps could fix your machine!

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