AO Smith Vs. Rheem Water Heater (In-Depth Comparison)

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Have you ever wondered who was responsible for supplying water heaters in your neighborhood? You’ll agree that water is a crucial part of our lives. 

Hence, you must want the best quality heater in your house. AO Smith and Rheem are the US’s most popular water heater companies. But which product will be best for you?

Let us discuss their features and differences.

AO Smith and Rheem produce high-quality water heating units. The difference between these products comes from price, technology, and availability. A.O. Smith’s water heaters are cheaper and are more available. On the other hand, Rheem heaters are expensive but have better technology. However, both companies offer long-lasting products and are neck in neck in terms of use. 

Are you considering replacing your water heater and installing a new one? This article will help you select the best water heater for your home. 

Differences Between AO Smith and Rheem Water Heaters

AO Smith Vs. Rheem Water Heater

Are you torn between America’s water heater giants? This section will help you understand which water heater company is the best on the market. 

You can’t expressly point out a clear winner between these two water heater makers. Both are equally good in certain areas. 

Furthermore, they also have a similar warranty range for their customers. However, in terms of technology, Rheem takes gold. But AO Smith’s technological adaptation isn’t to be sneezed at. 

Additionally, Rheem offers greener water heater options if you want to save up on energy bills and save the planet. 

Also, Rheem water heaters are best suited to your house if you want to include high-tech gadgets. 

But regarding pricing, AO Smith water heater units are better priced. Rheem’s technological advancements come at a cost. 

Hence, AO Smith has less technology, so you can get a unit for a cheaper price. 

Finally, Rheem water units are more readily available on the market. On the other hand, AO Smith is only accessible in big cities and centers. 

Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem is one of the top brands that produce water heaters worldwide. The company uses quality materials in creating its products. 

Additionally, Rheem produces both standard tank water heater and tankless water heater models for your home. 

Rheem has an array of water heater heating units that you will find intriguing. Their product range ensures there’s always something for you. 

The following sections will detail the benefits and technology Rheem uses to create some of the world’s best heaters. 

#1. Energy Efficiency

Rheem has proven over the years that it is committed to sustainability, evident in its products. 

They dedicate much of their time to research and development to produce energy-efficient water heaters. 

As a result, Rheem has developed some of the best energy-saving water heating units worldwide.

They also produce units purely fuel types, solar powered, or hybrid. Users of their products also testify to the energy-saving capabilities of Rheem water heaters. 

#2. Different Fuel Sources

Rheem water heaters are versatile in terms of power sources. Rheem always offers customers what they’re looking for in water heating units.

They produce water heating units that use electricity, gas, or solar energy as their power source. 

You can also find units that combine two power sources, gas, and solar, to give you the best quality. 

Also, the combination of power sources helps you save on energy bills. No one loves paying outrageous money on energy monthly. 

Furthermore, Rheem’s water heating units are tank and tankless, allowing you to choose whichever you prefer. 

#3. Reliability

Although Rheem water heaters are slightly expensive, you’re getting quality for your money. Furthermore, your water heater will last for years without breaking down. 

That’s because Rheem emphasizes creating quality products for its customers. Rheem water heaters are solid. 

They are so confident of the products they market that you get a five to twelve-year warranty. This warranty covers every aspect of the water heater, which includes the tank. 

Even the best water heater tanks start leaking after years in service. No problem, you can always call Rheem. 

Rheem ensures this warranty is in place on all its water heaters. Hence, you can only buy their products through Home Depot and other selected retail stores. 

Rheem produces its water heaters using durable plastics instead of stainless steel. This change in raw materials ensures that Rheem water heaters are highly durable and lightweight. 

Hence, they are easy to install in your home. Plus, the lightweight nature of these water heaters ensures they don’t need extra wedging during installation. 

Thus, the unit you install in your home will be compact and visually aesthetic.

#4. Availability

Rheem is one of America’s top water heater-producing companies for a reason. Hence, their products are highly available throughout the US. 

This feature is highly beneficial because you can quickly get a spare part to fix your water heater if it goes bad. 

If something gets broken, you don’t need to change your entire water heating unit. Walk into a store and get the replacement for your Rheem water heater. 

Additionally, this feature reduces costs since you will only replace part of the unit. 

Since this product can last for more than a decade, the availability of replacement parts is an important feature to add to the table. 

AO Smith Water Heaters

AO Smith is another top water heater brand in the States. It is a top producer of quality water heaters. 

Also, the users of AO Smith water heaters testify to the brand’s attention to detail regarding quality. 

AO Smith is the jewel of the plumbing sector because several professional plumbers and plumbing companies recommend the brand’s products. 

Rheem and AO Smith are similar in several ways, but AO Smith is laser-focused on producing water heaters. AO Smith is also a good quality water heater you can get for your house. 

However, if you need more convincing, below are a few sections. 

#1. Energy Efficiency 

AO Smith has spent a lot of time creating water heaters, which gives the company an edge over other water heater-producing companies.

Over the years, AO Smith has tweaked its designs to produce more energy-efficient water heating units. 

Many users of AO Smith say that the company’s water heating units are more energy efficient than a similar range of Rheem units. 

However, if you carefully inspect both companies, the difference is marginal. 

#2. Fuel Source

Gas and electricity are the primary power sources for AO Smith’s water heating units.

Furthermore, they also have hybrid models you can buy to get better energy efficiency. AO Smith produces a gallery of water units using different power sources. Also, AO Smith has a better range of gas-powered water heater models. 

But unlike Rheem, AO Smith doesn’t produce solar-powered water heaters. Hence, A.O. Smith’s water heaters aren’t unsuitable if you want an off-grid water system. 

#3. Reliability 

AO Smith is still relevant today because they produce top-quality water heaters that are reliable and durable. 

Many users of this product have an old AO Smith water heater they bought years ago, and it still works. 

Since the company offers a warranty of around three to twelve years, their products last a long time. Hence, you can easily replace any damaged part of the unit, like the tank. 

#4. Availability

You can buy AO Smith water heaters in most major cities in the country. If you’re close to a major city, you can quickly get a unit for your house. 

Does A.O. Smith Water Heaters Have a Higher Star Rating than Rheem?

In some aspects, A.O. Smith’s units have a better rating than Rheem water heaters. However, in terms of power efficiency, Rheem offers better energy efficiency. 

Rheem models outperform AO Smith water units of the same energy factor rating. However, AO Smith water heaters produce gas water heaters with better power ratings.

AO Smith placed more attention on the gas option of their water heaters. Additionally, AO Smith offers more tank water heater options than Rheem. 

Thus, if you’re a fan of tanked water heaters, AO Smith will do fine for your house. Furthermore, customers of AO Smith testify to the fantastic customer service the company has. 

Additionally, several complaints come in from DIY installations, and customer service agents always attend to their issues efficiently.

Does Rheem Water Heaters Last Longer than AO Smith?

There’s no clear distinction between these two water heaters. Rheem water heaters last for more than a decade. But AO Smith’s water heaters last equally long. 

Additionally, they both have the same range of warranties. Hence, your water heater will last even longer. 

AO Smith Vs. Rheem Water Heater: Price Comparison

If you’re stuck between these two and need to know which one to buy, this section will help you.

Below is a table that compares the prices of the best-selling water heaters of May 2023 from these brands, according to Forbes. 

Please note that these prices may vary depending on your location and seller.  

Water heaterPrice ($)
AO Smith EG12-50R55DV800-1,000
Rheem XG50T12DU38U21200-1500

Should You Get an AO Smith or a Rheem Water Heater?

The choice is yours to make. However, Rheem offers the best and most versatile options on the market. 

But this suggestion is flawed because we don’t know your specifications and what you love most. Some people prefer units that are gas-powered, while others prefer hybrids. 

Hence, it would be best to list what you want from your water heater. Thus, you can use your list and check the water heaters on the market if they check your boxes. 

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