Is The Rheem Water Heater Warranty Prorated? (Explained)

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A broken water heater is the last thing you need on those cold mornings. You can’t use hot water in your dishwasher or showers. 

All machines break down eventually due to wear and tear. But this might impact your daily routine significantly. 

Fixing your broken water heater on your own can be a drag, but that’s where your warranty comes in. Having your water heater company fix the damage for you is heavenly. 

Hence, is Rheem’s water heater warranty prorated?

Yes. Rheem water heaters are prorated. As time passes, the amount of repairs Rheem will conduct on your water heater reduces. Additionally, you’ll bear the cost if there’s to be an upgrade to any part of your water heater unit. Before Rheem conducts any repair on your water heater, they’ll check why your water heater broke down. 

Do you own a Rheem water heater, and what can your warranty offer you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, you’ll learn all the perks of purchasing a Rheem water heater. You’ll also learn what to avoid if you want your warranty to hold. 

Are Rheem Water Heater Warranties Prorated?

Is the Rheem Water Heater Warranty Prorated

Yes, Rheem water heaters are prorated. Rheem only takes responsibility for certain repairs. Furthermore, the amount of repairs they conduct on your water heater unit reduces over time. 

However, the most exclusive Rheem water heater series offers benefits to owners. 

How Does the Rheem Water Heater Warranty Work?

If you use Rheem’s water heater according to the specifications, you shouldn’t have an issue with the hardware soon. 

However, if your water heater spoils and your warranty is still valid, you can report this to Rheem. Rheem will assess if you need to repair or replace a part. 

However, if the specific part isn’t available, they will look for a suitable alternative to fix your water heater. Likewise, if the entire unit is defective, they can replace it for you. 

Additionally, if you want to upgrade to a higher or newer version, you can top up some money and leave with a better water heater. 

Rheem water heater warranty is only available to the first owner of the water heater. Hence, you can’t inherit Rheem’s warranty on their water heaters. 

Furthermore, you can’t transfer your warranty to someone else. When you purchase a Rheem water heater, the company will give you a Certificate of Limited Warranty. 

If you need to improve at keeping stuff, don’t worry, the company will back it up on a file for you in case you misplace it. 

What Is the Warranty Period for the Rheem Water Heater?

Rheem is one of the best water heater brands for a reason, and they have a warranty policy to match. Rheem water heaters offer warranties that range from four to ten years.

These warranties cover their range of products. However, the value of your warranty depends on the line of water heaters you purchase.

For instance, the Marathon line of water heaters has the best warranty coverage. Below is a table highlighting the warranty of the Rheem line of water heaters.

You can use this table better to understand the warranty coverage for your water heater:

Water heater seriesDuration of warrantyPossible extension
Classic Six-year warranty for water heater tank and water partsTank warranty could be extended to ten years
Classic PlusEight-year warranty for water heater tank and partsTank warranty could be extended to twelve years

Please note that if you want a possible extension on your tank warranty, you’ll have to contact a third-party team of professionals to upgrade your water heater unit. 

Additionally, the initial installation of your water heater unit should allow for a possible upgrade. 

What Voids a Rheem Water Heater Warranty?

Following the terms and conditions of Rheem’s warranty is a slippery slope. You must ensure you don’t breach any of their regulations, or they won’t fix your broken water heater. 

Many customers must learn what voids a Rheem warranty to use their water heaters properly. Hence, in this section, you will learn what voids Rheem’s warranty and try to avoid it. 

It’s essential to learn the terms and conditions because if you void your water heater warranty, Rheem won’t fix or replace your water heater for you.  

Below is a list of some terms and conditions that come with Rheem’s warranties:

  • Rheem won’t go down to your house to teach you how to install, use or maintain your water heater. 
  • Rheem’s warranty will be useless if you damage your water heater due to improper installation. 
  • If your water heater fails because you didn’t comply with proper building, plumbing, and electrical guidelines, Rheem won’t fix the water heater. 
  • The warranty is void if you remove the rating label on your Rheem water heater. You shouldn’t operate the water heater if the power rating label comes off. 
  • Rheem doesn’t offer warranties outside the US. Hence, if you install a unit outside the US, Rheem can’t fix it in case of a breakdown. 
  • Additionally, your warranty is useless if you fail to follow Rheem’s guidelines in maintaining the water heater. 
  • Furthermore, if any issue comes from improper sizing of the water heater, you can’t use your warranty to fix the water heater. 
  • If you have a gas water heater that damages from improper conversion from natural gas, Rheem won’t repair it. 
  • Performing repairs on Rheem’s water heater without their consent voids your warranty. Hence, if you repair your water heater and replace parts, your warranty is void. 
  • If incidents like fires, accidents, flooding, or lightning damage your water heater, Rheem won’t repair it for you. 
  • Also, it would help if you stayed within the maximum temperature setting for the water heater. Every Rheem water heating unit comes with a maximum temperature limit. 

Ensure you check the limit of your water heater so you won’t void your warranty. 

Rheem won’t cover the repairs if you exceed your maximum setting and the water heater is damaged. 

  • Furthermore, Rheem won’t fix your unit if the water heater is damaged because there’s no water circulating the heater, but it’s still operating. 
  • Additionally, you should avoid using energy-saving devices on your Rheem water heater. 

If your water heater damages because of any energy-saving device Rheem doesn’t authorize, you’ll void your warranty. 

  • Ensure the information you provide during purchase and warranty registration is accurate. If the information you provide is inaccurate, your warranty will lose value. 
  • Rheem won’t be responsible for any damage to you or your house if your water heater malfunctions. 

Rheem Warranty Terms and Conditions

You must comply with specific terms and conditions to have an active Rheem water heater warranty. 

Firstly, you must activate your water heater warranty after installing a new heating unit. Rheem requires registering a new unit within sixty days of the installation. 

You can proceed to the registration page, where you’ll answer some questions on how you intend to use your water heater. 

Additionally, you can get further information on Rheem’s terms and conditions on your particular model by inputting your water heater serial and model number. 

You can find these details on the right-hand side panel of your Rheem water heater tank. Once you register your water heater, you’ll protect your unit against material defects. 

Additionally, Rheem will pay for the labor cost to repair defects in your water heater unit. 

Do I Have to Pay for a Rheem Water Heater Warranty?

No. You automatically qualify for warranty protection once you purchase a new water heater. 

However, if you want to qualify for a possible extension on your tank warranty, it will cost you a tad more. 

If you want to extend the warranty on your water heater, it’ll cost you between $150 to $250, depending on your location and vendor. 

Rheem offers one of the best water heater warranty policies on the market. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Additionally, Rheem has been in the industry for years. Hence, the company understands the importance of a water heater warranty. 

How Do I Claim My Rheem Water Heater Warranty? 

You have to register with Rheem to claim your water heater warranty. It’s a simple process that should take you less than ten minutes to finish. 

It would be best to perform this process immediately after you purchase and install your water heater. But you can always do that now if you still need to register. 

First, you must visit Rheem’s water heater warranty registration website for US purchases. Rheem will ask you to input your water heater’s 10-character serial number. 

But if you’ve already registered your water heater and want to verify your warranty, you can go to Rheem’s website and input the serial number of your water heater.

Once you’ve registered your warranty, you can contact Rheem, and the company will arrange for your water heater to be tested and reviewed at your house. 

If Rheem’s inspectors determine that you didn’t void your warranty and your water heater broke down due to faulty parts, they will fix it. 

Rheem will either replace or repair the broken parts of your water heater following your warranty.

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