Maytag Washer Keeps Repeating Rinse, Wash, Spin Cycle!

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Electrical appliances/gadgets generally are not 100% performance, especially after some use. It is common to encounter a few technical issues that are often quite frustrating. 

And to every problem, there is always a fault resulting from that problem. Why does the Maytag washer repeat the rinse, wash, and spin cycle?

The first culprit responsible for your Maytag washer repeating its wash process is a faulty timer or control board. The fault may be a drain pump that regulates water flow during the rinse/spin cycle. Also, the Maytag washer will keep repeating its wash cycle due to unbalanced loads. 

Have you recently noticed your Maytag washer constantly repeating the rinse, wash, and spin cycle? Worry not! 

In this article, I’ll walk you through 3 common reasons why your Maytag washer keeps repeating its wash cycle. In addition, you get to know how to reset your Maytag washer as a possible fix.

3 Common Reasons Why Maytag Washer Keeps Repeating Cycles

3 Reasons Maytag Washer Keeps Repeating Rinse, Wash, Spin Cycle

Maytag washer is typically very reliable, but like every electrical appliance, a few issues can cause them to malfunction.

While your first instinct is to call a professional for repairs, it’d help you figure out why it malfunctions. 

The issue may likely be a simple fault you can fix with a simple step-by-step guide, and the DIY is a go. 

Sometimes, a simple adjustment will get the Maytag washer running smoothly and efficiently again. 

Below are some of the most common reasons a Maytag washer can get stuck while repeating its wash cycles.

#1. Defective Timer or Control Board

When your Maytag washer is stuck and repeating its cycles, the fault is likely from the timer or control board.

All washing machines’ timers and control boards are twin components that control the washer’s cycle

Usually, the timer controls each part of the washing cycle while the control board powers the system.

Therefore, if either becomes defective, your washer will become stuck for one and will keep repeating its cycle.

Possible faults from the washer control board may come from a faulty relay or temperature sensor (Thermistor) or a glitch in the software. 

The best course of action for this issue is the replacement of the defective components. You can run a built-in diagnostic test to check the faulty component. 

In other cases, diagnosing which component needs replacement requires an extra professional hand.

#2. Drain Pump Malfunction

The drain pump malfunction is another common reason the Maytag washer keeps repeating the wash cycle. 

As the name implies, the drain pump is a component that pumps water out of the washer during the spin and rinse cycle. 

Therefore, a drain pump malfunction means the water won’t drain. The Maytag washer will keep repeating the wash cycle in an attempt to rinse and spin. 

#3. Unbalanced Load

Although quite rare, an unbalanced load in your Maytag washer can cause the washer to keep repeating the rinse, wash, and spin cycle. 

Maytag washer is a very reliable washer with several smart features. The Maytag washer can detect an unbalanced load, and it’ll proceed to balance the load.

If you do not load the laundry clothes evenly, the washer will automatically refill water again and again into the washer. 

The refilling is an attempt by the washer to distribute the load evenly in the washer drum before restarting.

If the washer can balance the load, your wash cycle will restart, and your laundry will go smoothly. 

However, if it cannot balance the load after a few trials, it will continuously repeat the wash cycle. 

Why Does My Maytag Washer Get Stuck and Repeat The Wash Cycle?

If your Maytag often gets stuck and keeps repeating the wash cycle, it is likely one of the under-listed problems below.

#1. A Faulty Timer or Control Board

The timer and control board of the Maytag washer works together to regulate the washer’s cycles. If either part is faulty, it will affect the smooth running of the washer’s cycles. 

As such, you will experience your washer getting stuck or remaining stalled in an endless repeating loop. 

#2. Defective Water Inlet Valve 

If your Maytag washer gets stuck and keeps repeating its wash cycle, a likely culprit is a defective water inlet valve. 

The water inlet valve on the Maytag washer controls the water flow into the system drum. When it is not working properly, it will disrupt the entire wash cycle.

For instance, when the valve doesn’t open fully, the system does not receive enough water in the washer drum. 

The washer will detect the low water level and automatically restart the cycle, driving it into an endless loop. 

On the contrary, if the valve doesn’t close completely after the washer fills, water will slowly seep into the wash and rinse cycle. 

Again, the washer will detect overflow, and the wash process will restart. Sometimes, hard water can cause mineral buildup in the water inlet valve, clogging the valve.

#3. Possible Drain Pump Malfunction 

A drain pump malfunction is one of the most common reasons your Maytag gets stuck and repeats its wash cycle. 

When the drain pump is faulty, water remains in the washer drum since it cannot drain it. The washer will keep repeating the cycle in an attempt to rinse and spin.

Sometimes, the fault may come from the pump filter, especially if the filter gets clogged with debris. 

Why Does the Maytag Washer Keep Repeating the Rinse and Spin Cycle?

One common reason why the Maytag washer keeps repeating the rinse and spin cycle is a clogged drain pump. 

Sometimes, foams can clog the Maytag washer drain pump or the hose due to the inappropriate use of soap. 

For this reason, the Maytag washer recommends using HE Maytag washer soap during your laundry. 

As minor as it sounds, a clogged drain pump is enough reason to stop the washing cycle from running smoothly. 

Also, soap can accumulate in the drain pump over time which blocks the pump. Soap accumulation often comes to light as a result of excess usage. 

As such, the resultant effect is the continuous repeat of the rinse and spin cycle of the machine. 

Running its wash, rinse, and spin cycle becomes difficult when the Maytag washer drain hose gets clogged.

Aside from soap accumulation, it is a common experience for little particles to block the washer’s drain hose.

Below is a table containing possible particles that can clog the Maytag drain hose.

Lint From cloth materials (towels and pajamas).
Hair On clothes and from cats.
Fats, grease, and oil.Dirt in clothes.
Combinations Teaming of various substances.

Also, a faulty water level sensor is another reason the Maytag washer keeps repeating the rinse and spin cycle. 

The water level sensor of the Maytag washer helps in monitoring how much water is in the washer tub. 

When the water level sensor is not working properly, it can trigger the washer to add more water. 

By doing so, the washer will continue in a repeated rinse and spin cycle.

How to Reset Maytag Washer Cycles?

Resetting the Maytag washer cycle depends on the model of the Maytag washer. 

The reset method for the top loader differs from the front loader, and mechanical control washers differ from electronic control washers. 

For this reason, the best way to reset your Maytag washer cycle is to follow the guide on resetting the washer in the service manual.

However, there are a few other ways of resetting the Maytag washer cycles. Here are 2 common ways to reset the Maytag washer cycle.

#1. Power/cancel Reset

The first way to reset the Maytag washer cycle is by using the power/cancel button. Press the power/cancel button on the Maytag washer to reset the washer cycle. 

After pressing the button, select the appropriate cycle you want to reset and press the start/pause button.

The power/cancel button to reset the Maytag washer works best when moving the washer to the next cycle

Also, when there is a repeated error code on the system, you can use the power/cancel button to reset the cycle. 

#2. Rotating the Dial 

If your Maytag washer’s control panel has a dial, you can reset the washer’s cycle by rotating the dial. 

Just as you can put the washer on various modes using the control panel dial, you can also reset the wash cycles.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the washer dial to put the Maytag washer recalibration mode.

  • Set the dial to the normal/start at 12 o’clock position.
  • Rotate the dial anticlockwise against the original start position.
  • Then, turn the dial clockwise to three settings so it’s at 3 o’clock.
  • Again, turn the dial clockwise.
  • Return the dial counterclockwise to the 3 o’clock position. The control panel lights will start blinking, indicating that the process worked.
  • Turn the dial counterclockwise to four settings till the rinse light lits.
  • Finally, press the start button to activate the calibration mode, which should reset the washer.

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