Does Rheem Water Heater Warranty Cover Labor? (Answered)

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If you’re considering purchasing a Rheem water heater, you might be curious about the specifics of a Rheem water heater’s warranty coverage.

Specifically, you should know whether the warranty includes labor costs and required repairs or replacements. 

It’s critical to understand what the manufacturer’s warranty covers if you have plans to purchase a Rheem water heater.

A year is the standard duration of the labor warranty. However, the Rheem water heater warranty’s labor cost coverage may vary based on the exact terms and the geographic area in which it is applicable. Visit Rheem’s website or contact customer service to determine if the water heater manufacturer’s warranty covers labor expenses.

In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of Rheem’s warranty coverage and what you can expect regarding labor costs.

Does the Rheem Water Heater Warranty Cover Labor Costs?

Does Rheem Water Heater Warranty Cover Labor

Under specific circumstances, Rheem’s warranty may sometimes cover labor expenses related to repairs or replacements. 

It is crucial to check particular warranty conditions and any applicable limits or exclusions. 

Labor expenses may be insured for a brief time or in certain situations as specified in the warranty statements.

It is advisable to refer to the official warranty archives or contact Rheem’s customer service directly to get correct data regarding the labor cost insurance. 

The most recent and comprehensive information on the labor cost covered within the express warranty that applies to your water heater will be available from them. 

Depending on the product model, location, and other elements, Rheem’s water heater warranty details may change. 

It is beneficial to refer to the certified Rheem warranty records or contact Rheem directly for the most precise and recent information to determine if the warranty includes labor fees.

Most water heater warranties cover repairing any damaged components or the entire unit.

However, they may or may not cover labor charges. While some warranties may compel the buyer to pay the labor fees, others may do so for a set time. 

It is crucial to read the warranty’s terms and conditions to comprehend what costs are covered and any potential limitations or exclusions.

It is advisable to check Rheem’s official website or contact their customer service directly if you want correct information regarding the water heater warranty coverage.

They will be able to give precise details on the terms and conditions of the warranty, including a warranty for labor expenses.

The table below lists the Rheem water heater warranty coverage tiers:

Warranty TierTank CoverageParts CoverageLabor CoverageAdditional Benefits
Basic6 years1 yearNot coveredN/A
Standard8 years2 yearsNot coveredN/A
Premium 10 years5 yearsLimited PeriodTransferable
PlatinumLimited lifetime10 yearsLimited PeriodTransferable

What is Covered Under the Rheem Water Heater Warranty?

Depending on the product model and warranty terms, the protection offered by Rheem’s water heater warranty can change. 

However, the following provides a broad outline of what Rheem’s heating system warranty typically covers:

#1. Tank Warranty

Rheem typically provides a warranty covering manufacturing flaws or faults that cause leaks or tank breaks in the water heater’s tank. 

With certain restrictions, the tank warranty may last between six years and a lifetime.

#2. Parts Warranty

Numerous water heater components, including the thermostat, thermal elements, gas valve, and other parts, are frequently covered by the Rheem warranty. 

Depending on the particular part and water heater model, the guarantee duration for parts may vary.

#3. Limited Warranty Transferability

Within a specific duration, the Rheem warranty may permit the transmission of the warranty’s protection to succeeding homeowners. 

When selling a property, this may increase the water heater’s worth. It’s crucial to be aware that the water heater warranty is subject to several limitations and conditions. 

These conditions need expert installation, proper upkeep, and conformity to regional construction rules. 

The warranty protection may only be valid if you meet the requirements.

Rheem RTG-70XLP-1 Tankless Water Heater, Grey, Grey

Before purchasing the Rheem water heater, it is advisable to examine the official Rheem warranty documents. 

Also, contact Rheem’s customer support for complete and precise data about individual warranty coverage for a given Rheem water heater model.

They will be able to give you the most accurate and thorough details on the warranty’s protection for your particular water heater.

How do I claim a warranty on my Rheem water heater?

Before you claim any warranty on the Rheem water heater, you’ll need to follow these easy steps; 

Step 1: Gather Documentation 

Gather any necessary records about your Rheem water heater, such as the sales receipt, model, and serial numbers, including any manufacturer’s warranty records. 

Step 2: Review Warranty Terms

Read the Rheem warranty terms and conditions. Review the warranty documents to familiarize yourself with the insurance, duration, and requirements or limitations.

Step 3: Contact Rheem Customer Support

Contact Rheem’s customer service department by phone or email. Notify them that you are interested in filing a warranty claim with details about the problem with your water heater. 

Give them all the required details, including your water heater’s model and serial number.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions

The customer service representatives at Rheem can help you with the warranty claim processes. 

They might provide you with instructions on how to start troubleshooting, or they can ask you for further proof or evidence to back up your claim.

Step 5: Service Evaluation

To analyze the problem and establish whether the warranty covers it, Rheem may insist that a licensed service professional examine your water heater. 

It’s best to adhere to Rheem’s guidelines when making an inspection or service appointment.

Step 6: Resolution and Repair

If it turns out that the warranty ensures the problem, Rheem will cooperate with you to set up the required repairs or the replacement of the defective components or units. 

The specifics of the problem and the warranty’s terms will determine the precise solution.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on your region and the precise warranty conditions that apply to your Rheem water heater, the warranty claim method and laws could change. 

It is advised to refer to the official Rheem warranty documents or contact Rheem’s customer care directly to ensure a smooth and effective warranty claim. 

They will give you the direction and support needed to continue your warranty request.

What does the Rheem Water Heater warranty not cover?

Including the standard components within the Rheem water heater guarantee is crucial. 

At the same time, the specific exclusions can vary based on the model of the Rheem water heater and the guarantee’s terms.

Here are some examples:

#1. Improper Installation or Usage

The water heater may not support the manufacturer’s warranty in cases of defective installation, poor servicing, negligence, overuse, or illegal repairs or changes.

#2. Failure to Meet Installation Requirements

The water heater needs to be set up in compliance with the manufacturer’s direction, regional building regulations, or any other relevant laws to avoid being invalidated.

#3. Non-Original Purchaser

Sometimes, the warranty coverage might not extend to successive occupants and only apply to the initial owner.

#4. External Factors or Events

The warranty might not cover damages or concerns caused by circumstances beyond Rheem’s control, like power outages, unforeseen events, fire, snow, or theft.

#5. Wear and Tear

The guarantee often does not cover regular degradation, such as minor aesthetic damage or component deterioration from frequent use.

#6. Water Quality or Chemical Corrosion

Suppose there are concerns with the water’s purity, chemical rusting, or the usage of water treatment facilities or contaminants incompatible with one another. 

In that case, these problems may not be covered by the guarantee.

#7. Acts of Nature 

Flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other comparable catastrophic events are frequently excluded from coverage.

#8. Labor Costs

Unless expressly indicated differently, the manufacturer’s warranty frequently excludes labor charges connected with replacement or repairs.

#9. Unauthorized repairs or modification

The warranty could be void if the water heater is repaired or altered by someone unless a Rheem-approved professional.

To fully comprehend the exclusions and limits of your warranty coverage, carefully read the precise warranty conditions and limitations Rheem has supplied for your water heater’s model.

Don’t refer to the certified Rheem warranty records or contact Rheem’s customer care for the most comprehensive and accurate details.

Especially concerning what isn’t included under the manufacturer’s guarantee for your water heater. 

The exclusions and restrictions that apply to the water heater model can be obtained from them.


What is the Duration of Rheem’s Water Heater Warranty?

The duration of Rheem’s water heater warranty can vary depending on the specific model and type of water heater. It is commonly from 6 years upward.

How do I Submit a Warranty Claim for My Rheem Water Heater?

Before contacting Rheem to claim your warranty, call their support to claim a warranty claim number.

Can the Warranty be Transferred to a New Homeowner if the Property is Sold?

Some Rheem water heater warranties allow for the transfer of warranty coverage to subsequent homeowners within a specified period.

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