Hoover Tumble Dryer Reset! (A Complete Guide)

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With electrical appliances, it is common to experience one issue here and there from time to time. Unfortunately, the Hoover tumble dryer is not an exception. 

Whenever the hoover tumble dryer does not execute properly, it will likely encounter an issue. However, to every problem, there’s a solution. 

One way to resolve such issues is resetting the unit. However, as much as it sounds like an easy push-button task, it is sometimes more challenging than it seems.

Like all modern-age dryers, the Hoover tumble dryer comes with a factory-fitted reset button. And just like every dryer, the Hoover tumble dryer reset is a potential fix to reoccurring heating problems, whether it be the case of underheating or the typical case of overheating.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step procedure for resetting a Hoover tumble dryer when it encounters a problem. 

In addition, you’ll get to know the common Hoover tumble dryer problems that demand a reset. So, hang on as we take this ride!

How to Reset a Hoover Tumble Dryer?

Hoover Tumble Dryer Reset

Resetting the Hoover tumble dryer isn’t a tough nut to crack. But all you need to do is learn the step-by-step procedure to reset it. 

However, you must know how to access the reset button before learning to reset the Hoover tumble dryer.

So, whenever you encounter a heating problem, it demands that you do a reset on the Hoover tumble dryer. 

You can follow the DIY process below to save yourself some bucks. So grab your screwdriver and get ready!

Below is a step-by-step guide to accessing and resetting a Hoover tumble dryer.

  • First, ensure to unplug the power cord of the dryer. This way, you have minimized the potential risk of an electrical shock or damage to the unit.
  • You’ll see a silver curved panel at the back bottom left of the Hoover tumble dryer.
  • With your screwdriver, unscrew the nuts off the silver panel of the dryer.
  • On opening the panel, you’ll see the silver box, which is the heating assembly of the box. Also, the thermostat of the Hoover tumble dryer is on top of the heating assembly.
  • On the thermostat, you will see a few wire connections and a button on top of it.
  • The button on the thermostat is the “Reset Button” of the Hoover tumble dryer.
  • Press the button on the thermostat.
  • Viola, you have completed a reset on the dryer unit.
  • Couple the dryer back and run a typical drying cycle to affect the operation.

As much as having a professional for the reset seems to be extra work, it is always the best solution to the issues. For some models, only a professional appliance engineer can do the reset.

Is There a Reset Button on the Hoover Tumble Dryer?

The Hoover tumble dryer and several models usually come standard with a reset button. The simple reason is to auto-correct the dryer when it stops heating as it should.

However, not all Hoover tumble dryers come standard with a reset button. For some Hoover tumble dryer models, you’ll only see a ‘once-only’ thermal cut-out to serve the resetting purpose. 

And for such models, only a professional appliance engineer can perform the reset process. However, your instruction manual will tell you if the unit comes standard with a reset button.

Often more than usual, it is common to experience issues with dryers, even the Hoover tumble dryer. Most of the time, the issues are related to the heating outcome of the dryer.

For some reason, the unit may continually not heat and dry-clean your laundry load properly. There are cases of underheating where your load comes out wet and dripping water on the floor. 

Contrarily, there’s the case of overheating when your laundry is blistering hot as though it will burn. 

The reset button on the dryer is the factory-fitted potential solution for both cases. So, you can quickly correct such a problem with the reset button on the Hoover tumble dryer.

You can locate the Hoover tumble dryer’s reset button on the thermostat. You can access the thermostat of the Hoover tumble dryer from the back with a simple screwdriver.

Hoover Tumble Dryer Reset Not Working

When a malfunction relates to the outcome of a drying process, you are to reset the dryer. However, it is possible to still have the same malfunction after the reset. 

After a reset operation and running a typical drying cycle, it can still experience a malfunction. Such an occurrence means that the reset didn’t work. 

It is worth noting that the machine dryer reset button doesn’t work in isolation from other components. 

Every functional component of the Hoover tumble dryer must be intact for the reset to work.

So, when there’s a fault elsewhere, conducting a reset on the dryer will yield the same poor drying outcome. Often, such a case demands the call of a professional for possible repairs.

Therefore, some key dryer components must be intact for the reset. For instance, the Hoover tumble dryer’s heating assembly must be in perfect working condition.

The reset will only have an effect if and when the heating assembly of the Hoover tumble dryer is in its right functioning state. 

In like manner, if the thermostat on the heating assembly box is faulty, the reset operation will have no effect. 

Hence, the thermostat and the heating assembly of the dryer must be in perfect condition for the reset.

In addition, it is possible to have the connection of wires on the thermostat to the reset button go bad. A disconnect in the reset circuit will undoubtedly stop the reset button from working.

So, with all things being equal, the reset button should resolve the Hoover tumble dryer heating problem. However, with some hitches here and there, the reset button may need to be fixed.

When Should You Reset a Hoover Tumble Dryer?

You should only use the reset Hoover tumble dryer when encountering heating problems. The reset on the Hoover tumble dryer is to fix under or overheating problems. 

So, an excellent time to consider a Hoover tumble dryer reset is when you have a reoccurring heating problem.

Only two cases call for the rest of a Hoover tumble dryer. However, a good observation reveals that both cases are collectively heating problems. 

You should reset the Hoover tumble dryer whenever the outcome of your work is as hot as though it will burn. 

In like manner, whenever your laundry load doesn’t dry properly in the Hoover tumble dryer, you should also reset the dryer.

Resetting the Hoover tumble dryer isn’t as complicated as it seems, although it requires some experience.

As much as resetting the Hoover tumble dryer seems easy, it is always best to set professional assistance. 

This way, you get to fix the prevailing issue once and for all. However, there are pros and cons to having a professional reset your Hoover tumble dryer.

 Below are the pros and cons of having a professional over to reset and fix your Hoover tumble dryer.

Pros Cons
You can be sure of having the dryer fixed.It is a little more on the expensive side.
Professional care and maintenance are guaranteed.It always requires extra work.
You stand the chance of getting a new replacement.It is often time-consuming.

Whatever the case may be, whether you handle the case yourself or seek professional assistance, one thing always remains the same. The primary goal remains to keep the Hoover tumble dryer working correctly

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