How Do I Reset My Miele Washing Machine (5 Easy Steps)

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Many washing machine manufacturers guarantee that their products will not break down easily. 

However, some appliances show signs of malfunctioning before the manufacturer’s promise.

Machine errors can be due to power interruptions, imbalanced loads, or more. Nonetheless,  resetting helps maintain the efficiency of your machine and improves its performance.

You should consider resetting your Miele washing machine if it suddenly stops working correctly. But how do you reset a Miele washing machine?

First, unplug the machine and plug it back in. Second, press the power button to start it again, and your machine will easily reset to its default settings. However, the washing has no reset button feature that’ll enable you to restart the machine after you detect an error. 

This article outlines five easy steps to reset a Miele washing machine. In addition, the article contains hands-on information about the Miele washing machine.

Read on to learn everything related to resetting a Miele washing machine.

5 Easy Steps to Reset Your Miele Washing Machine?

How Do I Reset My Miele Washing Machine

Your machine may stop working due to an interruption in power supply, imbalanced loads, etc. 

But resetting the machine can help return it to its default settings. Therefore, knowing how to reset the machine is necessary to enjoy the benefits of resetting a washing machine.

However, resetting a Miele washing machine may vary a little depending on the machine’s model.

So, the safest way to go about it is to first refer to the available user manual for your machine. The different types of resets are; basic and master resets.

But it would help if you first considered the basic reset before the master. The master reset only comes in handy when the error code keeps appearing even after trying a basic reset. 

To reset a Miele washing machine, follow the five easy steps below. 

#1. Inspect the Machine

It is necessary to inspect the machine very well. Inspect the machine to see whether the door is closed.

Resetting clears up some errors; challenges like low water pressure in the home may persist, and resetting the machine won’t work.

Therefore, I suggest that you always check the machine before resetting it. Inspecting the machine extends to checking whether the machine is in session.

#2. Turn Off the Machine

It’s not a safe practice to unplug your machine when it’s still turned on. So ensure to turn the machine off before unplugging it.

Turning off the machine locks out the machine; it means it keeps the machine from being started. Therefore, You should not turn it off if it’s still in session unless it’s an emergency.

#3. Unplug the Machine

You should also unplug the machine—disconnect it from the outlet. Recall that turning off the machine does not necessarily limit the power supply to the machine.

Therefore, you need to disconnect it from the source completely. The aim of disconnecting it is to avoid an unexpected release of energy.

Unplug the machine, and leave it out for about 30 seconds before you can plug it back in.

#4. Plug the Machine Back In

After  30 seconds of unplugging your machine, put it back in, and wait for the next step. Plugging the machine back in will permit energy supply to the machine.  

#5. Turn On the Machine

After reconnecting the machine to a source, turn on the machine. When you turn on the machine, it is ready to be started.

When you turn on the machine, this time, it returns to its default settings, and whatever system error must have cleared up.

Does a Miele Washing Machine Have a Reset Button?

No, Miele washing machines do not have a reset button on them. However, the reset feature in most newer washing machines enables you to restart the machine after it experiences a fault. 

On the other hand, a Miele washing machine does not support the reset button feature. 

But still, like many other washing machines, Miela adopts another way of resetting its machine, and it’s pretty easy.

You can either fundamental reset or master reset your Miele washing. To reset a Miele washing machine, turn it off, and unplug it.

After about 30 seconds,  plug it back in, and turn on the washing machine. You will only need to master reset the machine if the error code still reflects on the machine. 

When Does My Miele Washing Require a Master Reset?

When you observe that your Miele machine seems numb, an attempt to basic reset proves abortive. 

Your Miele washing machine will require a master reset if the error code does not fade away.   

Fortunately, master resetting your Miele washing machine proves to be a better option. Interestingly it appears master resetting is relatively easy. 

The following steps should guide you through master resetting.

  • Open the door and close it six times in 12 seconds.
  • Run a simple rinse cycle.

Sometimes what causes machine failure can be a fault with the power supply, water pressure, and many more.

Aside from a kinked hose, your machine can also have a blocked water inlet filter and a lousy connection. You can also see the error message when the stopcock is closed or not fully open.

While this may be true, you may have a broken machine if everything above is in order.

The table below compares a basic reset with a master reset.

Basic ResetMaster Reset
Takes longer timeDoes not take long
Involves many stepsInvolves a few steps
It’s fundamentalIt’s not necessary

How Do You Reset a Miele Washing Machine Control Panel?

A Miele washer control panel may need resetting if it starts to malfunction. However, it can be a more severe issue like connectivity issues or some settings like child lock. 

If your child lock option accidentally turns on, your control panel might be faulty. Nonetheless, you can either do both resets or opt for just one.

It depends on your machine model if you want to basic reset or master reset the control panel. 

Follow the above steps and learn how to reset a Miele washing machine.

Common Errors of Miele Washing Machines

You can tell if your Miele is malfunctioning on the washing machine’s display. An error code will appear on display, indicating the error. 

For example, if your Miele washing machine lacks water, it will indicate in the display. The most common error codes your machine might display include the following.

#1. F11 Error Code

If you see the code F11 on display, it indicates that your washing machine is not draining well. What causes it can be a blockage in the drainage hose.  

Inspect the hose and wipe out the chunk. Or else you may end up with a clog in the drain pump. Check and remove any clogs you find there.

But if your washer still doesn’t drain, your drain pump may be faulty. 

#2. F16 Error Code

If you see F16 on the Miele washing machine display, there’s too much foam in the machine drum and maybe excess detergent.

To fix this error, empty your drum, and run an empty rinse at 90°C without detergent. It will help you remove the excess detergent and reduce the foam.

Always dose detergents according to the bottle’s label so it can be okay.

#3. F10 Error Code

This error code notifies you that your Miele washing machine has issues with the water supply. There appears to be a shortage of water entering the drum.

To fix this error, you should open your water supply and confirm whether anything has blocked the supply hose. If you find out the hose is broken, fix it or get a new one. 

Rerun another wash cycle to check if you cleared the error.


What Error Code Shows that Your Miele Washing Machines Needs Resetting?

The F1 or F2 codes mean NTC Sensor is short-circuited due to its water or overheating.

How To Fix The Code: Try to reset your machine and watch whether the codes will continue to display. In case it continues, your temperature sensor may be faulty.

Should You Reset Your Miele Washing Machine If It Won’t Drain?

Yes, your machine not draining can be due to a faulty panel when the washer malfunctions and can’t engage the drain/spin cycle.

What Should I Do If My Miele Washing Door Won’t Unlock?

Inspect your washing machine, then turn it off for at least 30 seconds. After plugging back in and turning it on, the machine should reset.

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