How Long Should A Roll Of Toilet Paper Last? (Read This First)

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Toilet papers go a long way in our everyday life, and it’s painful to see an empty roll when you need it. However, you may notice that your purchase and usage rate of toilet paper doesn’t stay constant.

The uncertain span might affect a budget, hence the question: how long should a roll of toilet paper last?

Generally, a roll of regular toilet paper of 150 sheets should last four to five days for one person. However, factors like the number of users, gender, different use of toilet paper, gender, etc., will alter the number of days. A standard family of four will use a roll for a day or two.

How Long Does a Roll of Toilet Paper Last One Person?

How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last

A roll of regular toilet paper with 150 sheets will last an average person four to five days.

However, for others with 1000 sheets, it will last more than five days. Also, the toilet paper you use will differ, as you might use more or less.

Furthermore, if a person uses the toilet up to four times a day, any number of times from the range of 4 -10 is average.

And a person, either a man or woman, will use seven or eight sheets per clean. However, if you use the toilet four times per day and eight sheets per wipe, you will use about 32 sheets daily. 

Meanwhile, out of a regular roll of toilet paper with 150 sheets, it should last about five days for you.

However, the calculation is just a rough estimate of the actual thing; people may use more sheets of toilet paper, though. And the number of sheets varies in brand and type of toilet paper.

Knowing how many rolls of 150 sheets of toilet paper you will consume a year might surprise you when doing the maths.

However, you will use up to an average of 78 rolls of toilet paper of 150 sheets per year if you keep to average usage. I don’t think this average usage will apply because I use more than that.

The number seems small, though, these same results made me more curious, and I had to monitor my toilet paper usage at home.

The calculation for an average person, but the average isn’t always common today. Also, there are different types of toilet tissue paper you can buy.

Therefore, the consumption may differ when considering the roll size or the plies they each have.

So below is a table to give you an idea of the different types of toilet tissues, how many sheets per roll, and how long they can last:

Toilet Paper TypeSheetsThe Days They Last
1 ply 10005
2 ply 5004
3 ply2504
Brown 2404 – 5
Luxury 170
Bamboo3004- 5

5 Factors Determining How Long Toilet Papers Last?

Whether you have a target budget or are trying to reduce waste, it’s ideal to know how long a roll of toilet paper lasts.

However, uncertain or specific factors will determine whether a toilet tissue will last longer or not. So now, let’s look at some of these factors and how they affect toilet paper usage:

  • The brand of toilet paper.
  • The number of users.
  • Different uses of toilet tissue.
  • Gender.
  • The number of times you visit the toilet.

#1. The Brand of Toilet Paper

The number of sheets (that depends on the brand) and the particular toilet tissue you use is also common factors.

For example, some brands will make 150 sheets per roll, 250 per roll, or 1000 sheets per roll of toilet tissue.

Although the number of sheets of different brands will last longer, sometimes the difference is quite different.

The number of sheets solely depends on the brand or manufacturer of the product.

And the layers ( number of plies) affect the number of sheets because a more ply may have fewer sheets than a single ply tissue.

Do you think the number of plies or the brand significantly affects longevity? Well, it’s partially true; most one-ply sheets last longer than that of two-ply.

Why!? It’s because a one-ply sheet may have a thickness that’s more than the two-ply, which has no significant difference.

So we tend to use both sheet types( one and two-ply) the same way without considering how many ply.

However, some toilet paper brands sometimes provide the number of sheets your roll of toilet paper will have.

In other words, the number of sheets and quality will vary with the brand you purchase, so you should note it.

#2. The Number of Users

As a roll of tissue paper will last one person for five days, two or three persons will make it last two days. Also, the number of people visiting or your family members will determine how long it will last.

#3. Different Uses of Toilet Tissue

Apart from visiting the toilet, we use toilet paper for other things. For example, you use toilet tissue to clean up little spills, clean the nose, substitute for a bandage (a first aid when you run out of bandage), etc.

So what you use your toilet paper for will also determine how long it lasts. Sometimes you use it on your face to clean off makeup or even use it as a handkerchief.

Even though toilet paper isn’t as effective and smooth as facial tissue, it’s the best alternative.

I sometimes use these tissues as my handy cleaning materials, as it’s convenient, but it’s hard to note how much I use.

#4. Gender 

When it comes to this aspect of comparing a male to a female based on consumption, females take the win.

So it’s evident that a female will use more toilet paper than a male. Most times, men use toilet paper only when wiping their bottom on the toilet.

While a woman will use toilet tissue after pooping and peeing, some use it to clean makeup on their face.

Of course, a man might also use it for relevant or irrelevant purposes, but a woman has more use for it than a man.

#5. The Number of Times You Use the Toilet

Do you use the toilet twice daily or more because of a medical issue? Which one it may be will determine the longevity of the toilet paper.

An average person is likely to visit the toilet three times a day, but it’s not always the same in reality. 

Also, medical conditions such as constipation or diarrhea will determine the number of times one visits the toilet.

So if you have an issue such as food poisoning with your stomach or diarrhea, you will visit the toilet more often. And for constipation, the opposite of diarrhea happens.

Aside from all the other factors determining how long toilet papers last, do you know how or where you store them affects the span?

Store the toilet paper in a cool place, either high on a shelf or under your bathroom cabinet. The goal is to keep it where it’s safe from water, and toilet paper doesn’t last.

How Long Does a Roll of Toilet Paper Last for a Woman?

A toilet paper roll with 150 sheets will last a woman three to four days. If a lady decides to exclude the other uses of toilet tissue from the use in the bathroom/ toilet, it will last longer.

Naturally, a woman may consume more toilet paper than a man because they tend to have more use for it.

How Many Rolls of Toilet Paper Does the Average Person Use Every Month?

An average person will use up to seven or eight monthly rolls for the tissue of  150 sheets per roll.

However, the number will reduce when you use a more extensive type of tissue paper, like the mega roll tissue paper with 1000 sheets.

Also, an environmental change changes the consumption of the tissue; for instance, in a public toilet, you tend to use more of it.

You might use it more or less in the comfort of your house than in other places, and vice versa.

How Long Does a Roll of Toilet Paper Last a Four-sized Family?

A regular roll of 150 sheets of toilet paper can last for a day for a family of four. The more users, the faster a roll will finish.

However, the type of family members will determine the consumption here, so one might not be enough for a day.

For instance, an ill person who needs to use toilet paper more will increase consumption.

Also, Little ones use toilet paper more often than adults. So if you have a family with such people(children or ill), you should purchase more.

How Long Does a Mega Roll of Toilet Paper Last?

A mega roll of tissue paper can last up to 10 days for one person, while for a four-sized family, it is around two to three days.

So the calculation is suitable for an average person who uses the toilet four times a day and eight sheets per visit. And a standard mega roll will have about 286 sheets per roll.

 However, mega rolls come in different types; some are of two-ply layers, mainly four times a regular one-ply roll.

A mega roll of toilet paper is the best tissue to purchase for its many sheets and quality.


Toilet papers are essential to everyone, and doing what you can to avoid running out of them is ideal. There are a lot of quality brands out there nowadays that will serve you well.

And also, make sure you are using your toilet paper properly and not wasting it to save you the cost of buying more.

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