How Many Cubic Feet Is My Frigidaire Refrigerator?

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Suppose you are looking to buy a refrigerator, several qualities to consider. Of course, the very first thing you would consider is the price against the weight of your pocket.

Then you would look into the brand, style, shelves, temperature control, and other special features.

But one thing that you should consider is the size and storage capacity of the refrigerator. 

Knowing the dimensions of your refrigerator is essential when you want to buy a new one or when you intend to move.

The size of a fridge usually determines how many people can move it.

In addition, it determines how much food you can keep if you intend to use it for catering or home meals.

The Cubic feet of your Frigidaire refrigerator describe the size and dimensions of your fridge. And commonly, most Frigidaire refrigerators measure about 17 to 29 cubic feet. However, to know the cubic feet of your fridge, you can multiply its width, breadth, and height; also, you can get this value by looking at the model number.

What Is The Cubic Feet Of A Frigidaire Refrigerator?

The most logical way to know the cubic feet of your refrigerator is to measure the width, height, and depth. The measurement is taken using a measuring tape.

But, first, you must ensure that all the dimensions you take are in the same metric units.

For example, if you measure the width in centimeters, you should also take the height in centimeters. 

When you get your measurements, multiply the numbers. That is, Width ⅹ Depth ⅹ Height.

The width is measured from side to side, while the depth is measured from front to back.

You can get the height by measuring from top to bottom.

If you take your measurements in cm, the answer you get is cubic centimeters. To convert to cubic feet, you will have to divide your answer by 0.000003531.

But if you take your measurements in inches, divide your answer by 1728. This changes your metric units from cubic inches to cubic feet.

It is important to note that this measurement only tells you the external dimensions of the refrigerator. It is entirely different from the holding capacity in cubic feet.  

If you have to resort to Google to check the dimensions of your refrigerator, know that there might be some confusing information.

Some usually include measurements without taking cognizance of the door.

Some would consist of sizes with the door open. Therefore, it is essential to focus on relevant dimensions.

How Many Cubic Feet Is My Frigidaire Refrigerator By Model Number?

Another way of knowing the capacity of your refrigerator is by looking at the model number.

This model number is usually written on the label or a metal plate inside the Frigidaire refrigerator.

There are different places you can check for this label. 

It can easily be seen on the refrigerator’s door in some models. It might be on the left or right walls at the top of the fridge on other models.

Some models have their labels on the front frame of the refrigerator or the walls around the crisper drawers. If your refrigerator has a toe kick-plate, you can check behind it.

You can also check behind the fridge itself, either at the top or bottom.

Usually, the dimensions of the refrigerator capacity are written in the model number itself.

For example, in a Frigidaire 18 Cubic Feet Top freezer Refrigerator with model number FTMD18P4, the cubic feet is 18.

The first numbers after the letters are the measurements for the internal capacity.

The difference between the external and internal measurements is because of the thickness of the walls of the refrigerator

Sometimes the cubic feet dimension will not be easy to determine through the model number.

This is common with side-by-side Frigidaire refrigerators with model numbers like FFSS2315TS.

In this case, the best thing to do would be to Google the model number. This will open up the specifications of the refrigerator.

These specifications always include the cubic feet capacity. For example, a Frigidaire refrigerator with model number FFSS2315TS has specifications: 33 Inch Side Side Refrigerator with 22.1 Cu. Ft. Capacity.

In this case, the cubic feet capacity is 22.1 cubic feet.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator?

Some qualities are common to all side-by-side refrigerators, regardless of the model. These qualities include variation in general size, internal capacity, weight, walls, etc.

This also applies to Frigidaire side by side refrigerators. In addition, each refrigerator comes with its dimensions.

Below are measurements of some side by side Frigidaire refrigerators (based on their model numbers):

  • FPFU19F8WF has dimensions of 7134  inches by 3278 inches by 2658 inches with an internal capacity of 19 cubic feet.
  • GRSC2352AF has dimensions of 6978 inches by 3618 inches by 2812 inches with an internal capacity of 22.2 cubic feet.
  • FG4H2272UF has dimensions of 71inches by 37 inches by 33 inches with an internal capacity of 21.8 cubic feet.
  • FGSS2635TF has dimensions of 70 inches by 36 inches by 33inches with an internal capacity of 26 cubic feet.

If your side-by-side Frigidaire model is not among those mentioned here, it is still possible to know its dimensions.

You can check your instructions model for it. Another option would be to type in the “model number” on google.

How Many Cubic Feet Is My Frigidaire Freezer?

Frigidaire freezers come in different dimensions and internal capacities like their refrigerators.

You can manually take the measurements with a measuring tape to know the external dimensions.

Following the directions already given, measure the height, width, and depth to get the cubic feet.

You can quickly figure out the internal capacity by taking note of the first two numbers in the model number.

For example, the internal capacity in cubic feet of Frigidaire freezers with model number FFFU16F2VW is 16 cubic feet.

You can find this model number on the label attached to the freezers. The location of these labels can vary, depending on the freezer’s model.

For example, it could be found on the inside walls, the side of the refrigerator, or at the back of the freezer. If it is a chest freezer, you can find it on the freezer lid.

But if it is an upright freezer, you can find it on the ceiling of the freezer or behind the toe kick-plate.

Does Refrigerator Cubic Feet Include Freezer?

If your Frigidaire refrigerator has a freezer attached to it, then the dimensions given in cubic feet include the freezer.

The standard measurements include the freezers, the shelves, and other compartments.

This holds for Frigidaire top-freezer refrigerators and bottom-freezer refrigerators.

All dimensions are for the freezer if your Frigidaire product is like the Frigidaire 16 cubic feet upright freezer FFFU16F2VW.


Determining the dimensions for your Frigidaire refrigerator can seem like a difficult task. But knowing the right ways to go about it helps make it easy.

For example, some instruction manuals usually have model numbers written on them. But it is better to always refer to the label on the refrigerator itself.

In addition, it is advisable to take measurements with a tape rule that measures in feet and inches.

This will reduce the stress of having to carry out many conversions later.

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