Kenmore Dryer Code F01 (Beginners Guide)

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There’s nothing worse than having a pile of chores to complete but your Kenmore elite dryer won’t start. Unfortunately, displaying an error code that you don’t understand can add salt to the wound.

F1 is one of the common error codes for the Kenmore dryers.

Kenmore Elite dryer displays error F1 or F01 due to blocked vent, malfunctioning temperature sensor thermistor, faulty primary control board, or electronic machine control board. 

Kenmore Dryer Code F01 implies that the thermistor responsible for measuring the dryer’s internal temperature is faulty. However, this is not the only reason. A power surge or glitch in the dryer’s system may affect the electronic machine control board.

What Does F1 Mean On A Kenmore Dryer?

Kenmore Dryer Code F01

The LCD screen of your dryer displays F1 or F01 due to these common causes: primary control board failure, electronic machine control board glitch, and faulty temperature sensor thermistor.

In addition, the error code is displayed to help you narrow your troubleshooting tips.

For instance, your Kenmore dryer can display error codes ranging from F1 to F78 or more.

These error codes indicate a fault with either the user interface control, inlet thermistor, electronic control board, outlet thermistor, heater relay failure, or probably the primary control board.

However, F1 is mostly caused by faulty electronic machines and primary control boards. 

How Do I Fix My F01 On My Kenmore Dryer?

#1. Clear Blockage In The Dryer’s Venting System

  • Open the dryer and look for the vent (metal or plastic) that leads the dryer out.
  • Use a flashlight, if needed to look for blockages, then a plunger to remove them.
  • Close the dryer and wait for about five minutes for the dryer to complete its cycle. 
  • Check the error code and call an electrician if it doesn’t disappear.

#2. Check And Replace The Thermal Fuse

 Switch off the dryer and remove the electrical cord

  • Open the dryer and remove the drum. You’ll find the thermal fuse on the circuit board.
  • You’ll need to replace it if it’s melted. Replace it with another fuse, and switch on the dryer if it’s not.
  • Load the clothes and try rerunning the dryer.

#3. Solder The Heating Relay

  • Open the dryer and remove the circuit board. 
  • Use a soldering iron and solder the relay.
  • Install the board back and try the dryer.

#4. Unplug The Washer

The electronic control board might be faulty, hence error code F01. You can solve this by unplugging the dryer for 10 minutes.

Rerun the dryer. If the code appears, you’ll have to replace the electronic machine board. 

You can replace the electronic board by following these steps:

  • Unplug the dryer
  • Get access to the back of the dryer and use a screwdriver to remove the screws.
  • Remove the top panel and take a picture of the wiring connections as a guide while installing the new board.
  • Get a slot screwdriver and use it to release the wires holding the control board. Remove the wire harness plug from the electronic board to release it.
  • You’ll see another screw, loosen it with your screwdriver and safely remove the board for disposal.
  • Place the new board on the support bracket and mount it using the mounting screw. Tighten it safely and use the picture as a guide to connecting the wires. 
  • Connect the wire harness plug to lock its snaps together. Never force the plugs and make sure they fit.
  • Replace the top panel and place it away from the tabs behind the control panel. Engage the tabs, and replace the mounting screws at the back of the dryer.
  • Plug the dryer back and test it.

#5. Access, Test and Replace Your Thermistor

The thermistor is the part of your Kenmore elite dryer responsible for regulating the internal temperature of the dryer.

It can be why your dryer is displaying error code F01. Thus you need to check it out. 

  • Firstly, get access to the thermistor.
  • Unplug the dryer or turn it off if it’s  a gas dryer
  • You’ll find the thermistor above the blower housing. 
  • Use a putty knife to remove the service panel and the lint screen and unscrew the lint duct.
  • Remove the wires connecting the thermistor to the dryer and clean any dust that can interfere with the temperature. 
  • After, use a wrench to remove the screws that attach the thermistor to the machine.

#6. Test The Thermistor

  • Get a multimeter and set it to ohms setting. Next, place a one-meter probe on each thermistor’s end and check the reading. 
  • It should read 10,000 ohms, so the thermistor is faulty if it’s ridiculously high or lower.

For a faulty thermistor, you can replace it by checking the warranty first, in case it can cover the expense. If not, you should buy the thermistor from the manufacturer.

#7. Replace The Thermistor

After getting the thermistor, screw it into the housing and reconnect the wires, lint duct, and service panel. Plug the dryer, and it should start working.


Kenmore elite dryers display error codes as troubleshooting tips. There are several error codes your dryer can display, and error F1/F01 is one of them.

Various faulty parts of the dryer can cause error code F01. The article highlights most of the causes and how to fix them. Endeavor to read and get the answers to your concerns.

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