Do Kenmore Refrigerators Have Fuses? (Explained)

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Sears Kenmore is well-known for its quality refrigerators. Their refrigerators come in various sizes and models.

Refrigerators consist of parts that differ from model to model. It is only regular for you to assume they are all the same because they perform the function of cooling and preserving food items. 

A lot of new-model refrigerators do not possess electrical fuses. Kenmore refrigerators are among the few refrigerator models made with in-built fuses. Kenmore refrigerator thermal fuse performs the essential function of a safety device, and it protects the fridge from overheating by disconnecting the heating element from the electric power.

What Does a Thermal Fuse Do in a Fridge?

A thermal fuse, also called a thermal cutoff, performs the function of opening circuits to prevent overheating.

It can detect heat during a short circuit or component breakdown caused by over-current.

Although, a refrigerator thermal fuse is quite different from a circuit breaker, as it does not reset itself when the temperature drops.

The parts of a thermal fuse are a composition of a sliding contact (can also be called moving contact), a spring, and a fusible body of an electrically non-conductive thermal pellet.

You can only activate the refrigerator thermal fuse after the current flows to the moving contact from the left lead and flows to the right lead through its metal shell.

Kenmore Refrigerator Fuse Location?

The fuse can be located in either the rear bottom, beside the compressor, or inside the fridge, right behind the paneling in a Kenmore refrigerator.

Suppose you have any trouble discovering where these places are.

In that case, you should check your operator’s manual for diagrams or surf the web for images leading to the precise location of the Kenmore refrigerator fuse. 

Kenmore refrigerators also possess water filters. The water filter in Kenmore helps remove dirt particles and chlorine taste that may be present in your water and ice cubes, leaving a healthy and refreshing taste.

The Kenmore water filter requires replacement every six months. This is to prove its efficiency, and it is easy to replace without the help of a plumber. Also, it is compatible with Kenmore elite freezers.

How do You Change a Fuse in a Refrigerator?

There’s a probability that you have checked all that needs checking when your refrigerator is malfunctioning.

You may have observed the thermostat and the gasket and even read the manual booklet for any suggestions on the problem.

How do You Change a Fuse in a Refrigerator?

But there’s one last check and probable fix you need to do. If you check your refrigerator thermal fuse and it’s terrible, you should fix it yourself or employ the services of an expert.

How to know when the fuse is bad?

The typical way to check if the fuse has blown is when the evaporator freezes over.

It is pretty simple to fix a refrigerator thermal fuse. All you need is the use of simple electrical tools which you might have in your home.

Zip ties, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and wire cutters are needed.

After which, you should follow these simple guidelines.

Before carrying out the first step, you should be very familiar with the thermal fuse location and remember to unplug your refrigerator power cord to avoid electrocution.

  1. Using the Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screws holding the main control board or paneling. 
  2. Pry the paneling open using the flathead screwdriver. After doing this, the thermal fuse becomes exposed. Then, it is connected on both ends with plastic clips.
  3. In some refrigerator models, the manufacturers may secure the wiring on the fuse with zip ties. If this is the case, carefully cut through it with a wire cutter to avoid cutting the zip ties.
  4. After that, the next step is to unclip the fuse and replace it with a new one. 
  5. Finally, apply zip ties; however, this is not compulsory but always advisable. Then reassemble the paneling.

Furthermore, in replacing your refrigerator fuse, be careful not to tamper with the main control board.

The main control board can either be on the left or the right side of your refrigerator compartment, under the panels and stands in place with three screws.

The Kenmore refrigerator has a power cord that requires constant maintenance. As its name implies, the power cord provides power to the fridge.

Sometimes, the cable can occur, whereby the refrigerator intermittently turns itself on and off.

You must check the power cord for any visible damage, including fraying. Replace the line in earnest if it shows any signs of wear.

Do Fridge Lights Have Fuse?

Yes, fridge lights have a fuse. However, there can be cases whereby your fridge works in perfect condition, but the light doesn’t come on when you open the door.

It may mean that the light is terrible and needs replacement. Other times, it may be a problem that replacing the bulb cannot solve.

And all you need to do is locate and check the fuse box.

Other likely issues may affect the functioning of the fridge lights, such as a faulty refrigerator door switch.

The door switch allows the voltage to reach the light bulbs once the refrigerator door opens. Check the door switch if the bulb needs no replacement and if the refrigerator socket is in good condition.

The location of your refrigerator door switch depends on the model. But usually, you can find it on the edge of the fridge’s interior.

Carefully remove it and check for continuity with the use of a meter.

Electricians call it a “normally closed” switch because it is spring-loaded and would have no continuity when pressed.

Another issue could be the light bulb socket. This is what connects the light bulb to the fridge. Any discoloration, bent terminals, or damaged wires can affect the fridge light and stop it from coming on.

You can visually check for any of the listed signs. Also, do not forget to unplug your refrigerator before inspecting the light socket, as it still carries voltage even when it malfunctions.

Do Refrigerator Lights Burn Out?

Yes, refrigerator lights can burn out. And if this happens, it can prevent the light from coming on.

The right way to check if the fuse is in good condition is to check the fuse box that controls how power flows to the refrigerator.

If the fuse is impaired or damaged, replace it with a new one.

Replacing your refrigerator light after it burns out is pretty simple. To be sure you’re getting the correct bulb, you should unscrew the bad one and take it to the store to get a new one.

Do Refrigerator Lights Burn Out?

Be careful while unscrewing the bulb, as most refrigerators come with a plastic covering that would have to be removed first before unscrewing the bulb.

 Afterward, screw in the replacement bulb and place the cover back on your refrigerator light.

It is essential to put the lid back on the bulb because it helps to keep food items away from getting on the bulb and diffusing the bulb.

How Long do Refrigerator Light Bulbs Last?

The period your refrigerator bulb lasts depends on how often you open the refrigerator. Usually, the life expectancy of an A15 bulb is estimated at 1750 hours.

An A15 bulb lasts more than the average A19 bulb by 750 hours.

Sometimes, the refrigerator light bulb may fail, and this happens only when there is a general power outage in the home, affecting all appliances and light fixtures.

You may be curious cubic-foot if the refrigerator light remains on even when the door closes.

This is very easy to figure out as all you need to do: is place a thermometer on the bulb and close the door.

After 10 mins, check the thermometer. The bulb will turn off when the refrigerator door is closed if it is cold.


The Kenmore refrigerator comes with in-built thermal fuses that help to cut off voltage during overheating.

If the fuse gets blown out, it can affect the overall functioning of your refrigerator. The good thing is that it is easy to replace without the help of an expert.

Sometimes, the fuse may not be the problem affecting your fridge’s performance.

When an issue occurs, do a thorough check on the refrigerator door switch, the fridge light bulb, the gasket, the power cord, and the thermostat.

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