LG Dryer Flowsense Bypass (Beginners Guide)

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Having a dryer in your home reduces your workload during laundry as it helps you automatically dry clothes without taking them outside.

However, this appliance might develop a few faults that you can fix quickly over time. For example, one of the significant problems with LG dryers is Flow sense error codes.

These codes are in place to indicate when there is a problem with the dryer’s vents, and it would be best if you fix it quickly.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fix a vent problem. This article contains essential information on what you should know about LG dryer Flow sense and how to bypass them.

You can avoid an LG dryer showing the Flowsense lights by checking your dryer’s vent for lint accumulation. Lint is a common culprit that obstructs the vent’s airways, slowing the dryer’s performance. If left unattended, the dryer will malfunction, and the output will be less effective and, in severe cases, lead to a fire outbreak.

Why does my LG Dryer Say Flowsense?

LG Dryer Flowsense Bypass

There are various reasons why your LG dryer will say Flow sense. However, it should not be a cause for alarm. If you take the following measures, you and your household will be safe.

Here are some reasons why your LG dryer will say Flow sense.

#1. Clogged Dryer Vent

When the dryer vent is clogged, air cannot flow properly. For clothes to dry in the dryer, air must come from the vent systems and the fans to generate enough heat to dry wet clothes.

Hence, there is a problem when the air entering the dryer cannot leave through the exhaust. 

Lint buildup in the vents is the most likely culprit for a clogged dryer vent. Once you notice that your LG dryer indicates Flow sense, get ready to clean some lint deposits.

Consequently, you must also check the lint filter and tend to it before placing it back in the dryer.

#2. Damaged Duct Hood

The duct hood must be in good shape for air to flow correctly. Therefore, it must not be bent or restrict proper airflow out of the dryer.

So, your LG dryer will most likely say Flow sense if an unusual amount of heat is in the dryer leading to a prolonged cycle.  

Undoubtedly, once your external vent is in a way that does not allow sufficient air to leave the dryer, an error code must appear.

The dent might result from an external force directly on the vent, accidentally or on purpose.

#3. Improper Ventilation of the Dryers Exhaust System

Proper ventilation is crucial to LG dryers as much as any other without over-emphasizing it.

The distinguishing feature of LG dryers is their ability to display Flow sense error codes once there is a problem. 

Once you notice that the dryer is taking too long to dry a batch of clothes, check the Flow sense lights if it is on. This error will probably be the one causing all the trouble.

Step By Step Process on How To Bypass LG Dryer Flowsense?

Tackling the problems arising from restrictions in the dryer’s duct might appear daunting, but it is not so tedious. You are on the right track as long as you know what to do and when.

Here are the steps on how you can bypass LG dryer Flowsense.

#1. Turn off Your Dryer

Before you begin working on any electrical appliance, you must disconnect it from the power to reduce the risk of electrocution.

So, it’s best to turn off the dryer, remove whatever piece of clothing from it, and ensure it is not running.

#2. Unplug From the Power Source

After you turn off the socket’s dryer, it would help if you disconnect the dryer from the power source to be safe.

This action is a precaution that you must take before you go further. Now, if there is a power surge during this process, your dryer has a lower chance of getting damaged.

#3. Connect Back to the Power

Next, you can reconnect the dryer back to the power source after waiting a few minutes.

Then, you can turn it back on and check the control panel to see if the Flow sense indicator is still present. 

If the Flow sense indicator is still on, you will have to remove whatever obstructs the heat exhaust manually. The manual removal is more demanding than the reset option.

Therefore, it would be best to prepare a table showing the differences between the two methods.

Reset MethodManual Method
This method requires that you disconnect the power source and reconnect it again.Contrarily, you must move the dryer from the wall to access the vent exhaust.
Once you connect the power back and the error is no longer displayed, you can resume regular duties.When you have access to the vent, remove the exhaust pipe from the wall leading to the vent outside to check for obstruction.
You can run your dryer with the assurance that cycles will not be prolonged.If you are lucky, it might be a little lint deposit that would not take long to remove. If you are not, then you have a lot of work.

How do I Turn Off the Flow sensor on My LG Dryer?

The only sure way to turn off the Flow sensor on your LG dryer is to take one of the following actions.

#1. Troubleshoot

Once you troubleshoot the dryer, error codes will pop up on the control panel. These codes could either be d80, d90, or d95. Each of these error codes indicates the severity of the air blockage.

#2. Clean the Dryer Vent Exhaust from Lint deposits

If the Flow sense indicator is on because of Lint buildup, once you manually clean the vents, problem solved.

Automatically, the error codes will disappear after you finish the cleaning process unless you do not clean the air vent dryer correctly.

#3. Confirm Proper Vent Installation

Improper vent installation may be why your dryer is not ventilating correctly. So, if you just got a new dryer and notice the Flow sensor indicator, it is unlikely that lint deposits are the culprit.

The reason is that lint takes a long time before it begins to form in the exhaust pipes.

Repair LG Dryer (DLEX4207V) Flowsense Error D80

The d80 error code is not a danger to the dryer. Instead, it is an indication that you need to check your vents.

On the other hand, the d90 or d95 error codes require that you turn off your dryer immediately and call a professional.

These errors will lead to a fire outbreak, damaging your properties and home if left unchecked. One good thing is that the dryer does not just overheat and go up in flames; it gives an indication.

As a homeowner, you must be wary of these error indications to be safe from a fire outbreak shortly.


Finally, it is safe to say that you can fix the LG Flow sensor indicator by either troubleshooting, cleaning the ducts, or the reset method.

In addition, when you tend your dryer air vent at least three times a year, you have less chance of Flow sense errors.

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