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Undoubtedly, engaging in a compressor replacement is no child’s play financially and otherwise, especially for an LG refrigerator.

I know how frustrating it can be to move from one website to the other in an attempt to understand the accurate cost of replacing the compressor of your LG.

But I can assure you that this is your last stop in your search for the actual cost of replacing your compressor with a new or refurbished one.

When you put together the cost of obtaining the compressor and the labor cost, a replacement should cost you between $250 to $650. Also, depending on the age of the refrigerator, you may choose not to replace the fridge but instead purchase a new one since a replacement will cost half the price of a new refrigerator.

As we proceed, you will see the cost of replacing an LG compressor and how long it can last. We will examine whether LG has a compressor problem and if it’s worth fixing.

What Does It Cost to Replace a Compressor on an LG Refrigerator?

LG Refrigerator Compressor Replacement Cost

Depending on the type of LG refrigerator you have, a compressor replacement will cause you a total of about $250 to $650. And this cost will include both the part and labor.

Still, depending on the type, a refurbished compressor will cost you between $35 to $100. Meanwhile, purchasing a new compressor should also fall between the range of $100 to $500.

In the aspect of the cost usually charged for labor while replacing the compressor of your LG refrigerator, it will be around $150. 

To get your LG compressor, you can visit Amazon, where you can find various compressors of various models.

How Long Do LG Refrigerator Compressors Last?

You can be sure that your LG refrigerator builds one of the best compressors you can find around so that it can last for many years.

How you use and manage the fridge will determine the length of years that your refrigerator will serve.

So, for you not to wear out your compressor, you must give your refrigerator rest from time to time.

And this means you should set up a schedule that will allow you to use it sparingly. However, even if your compressor should die, you can still replace it.

Although, this may most likely not happen since LG compressors are supposed to serve as long as the refrigerator.

For most refrigerators, the first thing to go is usually the compressor, which you will not easily see with an LG compressor. 

The table below shows the average lifespan of different LG refrigerators and their compressors;

Refrigerator Number of Years
French door refrigerators 6 to 8
Counter depth refrigerators7
Top-mount refrigerators8 to 10
Side-by-side refrigerators10
Bottom-freezer refrigerators10 to 12

Following the class-action lawsuit that LG faced in 2020 concerning making defective compressors, a plaintiff complained about compressors not lasting up to 10 years.

The plaintiff says that most repair persons say a compressor should last at least ten years before requiring a repair or replacement.

The information from the class-action lawsuit shows that compressor failures do not originate from the compressor itself. Instead, it stems from a faulty fan and or ice maker.

To ensure that your LG refrigerator compressor lasts a long time, you should endeavor to carry out the following activities;

  1. Proper usage and maintenance
  2. Troubleshoot refrigerator
  3. Reset refrigerator

#1. Proper Usage and Maintenance

There is no doubt that purchasing an LG refrigerator is not a small time investment. So to extend the lifespan of the LG compressor, you need to follow these tips;

  • Ensure you always close the refrigerator door when you are not using it. Doing this will keep cold air within the refrigerator and prevent unnecessarily stressing the fridge.
  • Do not overstock your refrigerator. Overstocking your refrigerator not only prevents you from being able to find things but also results in stressing the compressor beyond its limit. And this will end up reducing the compressor and refrigerator’s lifespan.
  • Ensure you carry out regular defrosting of the refrigerator. It will allow for proper functioning and prevent the buildup of ice that usually ends up causing damage.

#2. Troubleshoot Refrigerator

If you are facing some troubles, you can also troubleshoot the appliance. Although it may appear tricky, it is possible.

 Below are some pointers to solve the most common issues with LG compressors.

  • When you face the challenge of the refrigerator not cooling correctly, ensure that you clean the condenser coil with a vacuum cleaner or a brush.
  • If you are experiencing challenges concerning opening and closing refrigerator doors, ensure that you do it correctly each time you close the door.

 And make sure the gasket is in good condition.

  • When the refrigerator becomes too noisy, check and ensure that the fan is functioning correctly and that there is no interruption of airflow.

#3. Reset Refrigerator Compressor

If you feel that your refrigerator is giving some issues and no longer performing as it is supposed to, the following steps will guide you toward resetting your refrigerator;

  • Pull your LG refrigerator away from the wall.
  • Then make sure that you unplug the refrigerator’s electricity
  • Turn off the control panel
  • Then plug in the fridge again
  • Make sure you reset the temperature setting
  • Push your refrigerator back to its usual position
  • Then finally, allow your refrigerator for 24 hours.

If you do all of these activities, I am sure that your compressor will no doubt revert to its normal functioning. And you will once again derive the maximum benefits from it.

Do LG Refrigerators Have a Compressor Problem?

The LG refrigerator compressor on its own has no problem at all. But, when there is a wear failure, it often as a result of three particular reasons which are;

  • A blocked compressor
  • Faulty fan motor and
  • A dirty condenser coil

Because of these three issues, some people tend to point accusing fingers at the compressor of the LG refrigerator. These complaints forced LG into the class-action lawsuit of September 2020

The customers accused LG of making defective compressors, and even after the case ended with the ice maker and fan being the cause of it, consumers kept complaining about the compressors.

All of these led to LG bringing out a more improved and advanced compressor called the “Linear Compressor.” And this is quieter, more efficient, and easy to repair.

The linear compressor is what LG is always working on upgrading, and it is now available in some models. It is energy efficient and functions when needed by the refrigerator.

But if your linear compressor is not working, there is a good chance that the problem is related to a faulty seal, which is the most common problem that stops a compressor from functioning.

However, if the compressor is running but failing to cool, then the compressor is definitely at fault. The best thing would be to call a professional to handle the repair.

Is It Worth Replacing an LG Refrigerator Compressor?

The answer to the question posed in this subheading highly depends on the refrigerator’s age. For instance, it is not worth replacing the compressor of an old LG refrigerator.

A lot of people have their ideas concerning replacing refrigerators. Most people believe you should buy a new refrigerator once a compressor breaks down.

The idea behind such a decision is that subsequent repairs only make the refrigerator liable for more damage. But I do not subscribe to such an idea.

If your refrigerator still needs to be that old (5 to 7 years) and has all other areas functioning well, it is worth replacing the compressor if it becomes broken.

Whereas, if your refrigerator is 10 to 15 years old, I see no sense in paying half the price of a new refrigerator to replace a compressor when you can buy a new refrigerator for double the amount. 

Furthermore, if you must buy a new refrigerator, it will be worth your while if you go for one with an LG linear compressor. 

The following are a few reasons;

  1. It saves energy
  2. It is durable
  3. It operates quietly 
  4. It is environmentally friendly

#1. Energy Saving

If you calculate the energy consumption of each part of your refrigerator, you will discover that your compressor consumes the most. 

But you can save more energy with an LG linear compressor with a streamlined design. It is also helping to lower your energy bills.

The linear compressor can more efficiently keep your refrigerator’s interior at a constant temperature than the other compressors. It is also helping your groceries to last even longer.

#2. Durability 

LG linear compressor has improved durability because a reduction in friction points means fewer moving points will eventually wear out.

Most wear and tear occurs when the compressors start up, which is typical for regular compressors. But the linear compressor starts slowly and slows down before stopping. 

#3. Quiet Operation

With the LG linear compressor’s streamlined design and reduced friction points, your refrigerator can function without producing noise.

The noise you will likely hear will be the start of the fan after you open the refrigerator door.

But you may never hear noise from your fridge kicking into gear at random during the day. If you have an open floor plan, you know that a quiet refrigerator is the best option.

#4. Environmentally Friendly

Since the LG linear compressor saves energy, there is no doubt that it will lower the monthly energy bill you receive and has a lower impact on the earth’s environment.

It has fewer CO2 emissions and uses eco-friendly gas gasses like R600A rather than R134A used by other compressors. And this is why refrigerators using this gas are called “green refrigerators.”


#1. How Do I Know My LG Compressor Is Bad?

You will know that your compressor is bad when the refrigerator produces abnormal noises, overheats, not providing proper cooling, and when the compressor comes on and off frequently.

#2. What Does the LG Compressor Do in My Refrigerator?

LG compressor receives the vapor of refrigerants, increases pressure, and forces coils outside. And then, when hot gas in coils reaches the cooler air temperature, it liquefies.

#3. What is the Average Lifespan of LG Compressors?

An LG compressor’s average lifespan is ten years, depending on your model.


By combining the cost for both the compressor part and labor, you should have a total cost ranging between $250 to $650 as the cost for replacing a compressor.

A compressor has an average lifespan of 10 years but can further serve the type of refrigerator. And it is worth replacing a compressor less than eight years old.

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