Liebherr Fridge Troubleshooting! (4 Common Issues)

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It’s one thing to own a famously-luxurious Liebherr refrigerator and another to ensure that it maintains its level of functionality.

Hence, it’s ideal that you learn how to troubleshoot your Liebherr fridge when the needs arise; however, before we proceed further, here’s what I think about Liebherr.

Liebherr produces a wide variety of sophisticated refrigerators that ensure quality at its peak to give you optimal functionality. However, it comes with specific arrays of problems affecting its functionality. That’s where the issue of troubleshooting comes into play because it explores reasons for the problems affecting the fridge and solutions to them.

In this article, you’ll learn the significant problems you can encounter with the Liebherr fridge and how to troubleshoot every one of them.

Liebherr Fridge No Longer Defrosting

Liebherr Fridge Troubleshooting

Your fridge functions well if it strikes a balance between freezing and defrosting. However, you should worry if you find a lapse in the latter.

If your Liebherr fridge isn’t defrosting, your best option is to troubleshoot it. That means finding out reasons why it’s refusing to defrost and probable solutions.

How To Troubleshoot?

It’s possible to reason out several reasons that can cause your refrigerator to have a faulty defrost cycle. However, this section will explain the most common cause of a defrosting delay.

Faulty Defrost Timer

A faulty defrost timer will cause your fridge to either delay in defrosting or, worse, totally stop defrosting.

The work of the defrost timer is to send signals to the defrost heater in the evaporator coils. 

When a breach develops in that transmission, there will be an accumulation of ice on the evaporator coil.

You can check if the defrost timer is malfunctioning by slowly moving the dial into the defrost cycle. 

When you do that, the normal response will be that the heater turns on while the compressor goes off. If that doesn’t happen, the defrost timer isn’t sending electricity to the evaporator coils. 

To have the defrost timer return to its functioning state, get a professional for proper fixing or replacement.

Liebherr Refrigerator Stops Making Ice

When your Liebherr refrigerator stops making ice, it’s bound to worry you; what good is a refrigerator that doesn’t make ice? 

That’s why it’s essential to know why the fridge isn’t making ice and solutions to it. So now, let’s get your Liebherr refrigerator to make ice again.

How to Troubleshoot?

Two main factors can cause your Liebherr fridge to stop making ice. I’ll discuss them and show you how to troubleshoot the fridge to make ice again. 

#1. Faulty Components

If your fridge stops making ice, it could be due to damage to the components making ice. However, the damage can be on a part or all of the components. 

The solution to this problem is to get a replacement of the whole components because the components don’t come singly.

Additionally, you can check the water line and intake valves for damages before concluding the compressor is at fault.

#2. Inlet Valve Blockage

The inlet valve is a significant part of the ice-making component because it conducts water into the fridge that helps in ice production. 

Hence, a blockage in the inlet valve will hamper ice production in your fridge.

To determine that the inlet valve is at fault, turn off the mains water to the inlet valve, remove the tubing in the valve, and check for blockage of all sorts.

If there is a blockage, clean it off properly and see that water gets through again.

Loud or Noisy Liebherr Fridge

One of the specifications of the Liebherr fridge is that it works all day without making a single sound. So, it’s okay to worry when you find out your fridge is making funny noises.

How to Troubleshoot?

First, you’ll need to know the factors that can make your refrigerator noisy. That way, you’ll know how to fix it to its default mode without noise.

The two most important reasons your Liebherr fridge makes that sound are the presence of a filthy or faulty compressor.  

#1. Filthy Compressor

If dirt accumulates in the compressor of your Liebherr fridge, it’ll result in the generation of humming sounds. 

However, how loud the sound can get will depend on the degree of the compressor dirt.

The mechanism that results in the generation of sounds is because the compressor has to work harder and louder to dissipate heat. 

Without dirt in the compressor, it’ll ensure that it works in the absence of sounds. 

Hence, ensure to inspect the compressor for the presence of dirt and clean it off; that remedies the situation most times. If there isn’t dirt, the next option below will come in handy.

#2. Faulty Compressor

If you inspect the compressor and don’t find dirt, it’s almost certain that it is bad. In that case, you’ll have to fix it or seek a replacement.

If you’ve used the fridge for more than six years, plan for a replacement instead of a repair.

Liebherr Fridge Door Not Closing Properly

The cold inside must remain inside for your Liebherr refrigerator to function correctly.

It becomes a challenge when your fridge refuses to close as the cooling effect inside it drops, risking the containing foods to subsequent spoilage.

How to Troubleshoot?

Before we go further, let’s quickly look at common causes why your refrigerator door won’t close properly.

The causes include:

  • Worn seals
  • Hinge tilt
  • Out-sticking crisper drawers
  • Shelf misalignment 

Besides allowing cold air to escape from the fridge, warm air can get in and worsen the whole cascade leading to improper freezing of foods.

However, to avoid that, I’ll show you some troubleshooting steps to ensure your fridge door closes properly. 

Here are the steps below;

  • Open the fridge and confirm that the crisper drawers aren’t sticking out.
  • Ensure that the shelves are in their proper alignment.
  • If cartons or containers are sticking out from the fridge, the door won’t close. Hence, ensure that isn’t the case.
  • Check that the rubber door seal (gasket) is in proper alignment. If it’s loose, you’ll have to replace it.
  • Lastly, properly align the fridge and ensure it’s on leveled ground. The ideal practice is to keep the fridge’s back slightly lower than the front.

You’ll also find those steps in your user manual for a successful DIY approach. If you doubt you won’t do it properly, get a professional to do the job to ensure the warranty is maintained.

However, at this point, you might be wondering if a Liebherr fridge is worth giving the stress of troubleshooting.

Here are a few unique features why you wouldn’t want to give up on the refrigerator so quickly.

  • Liebherr works under the principle of BioFresh Technology to ensure that whatever you put inside stays fresh all the time.
  • The Liebherr fridge also comes with a revolutionary Soft System Technology that gives you the privilege of intentional spillage without worries.
  • It also has an energy-efficient system that conserves power and, in turn, saves your wallet from the excess expenditure. 

However, you already know that nothing comes without its pros and cons. 

This table illustrates the pros and cons of the Liebherr refrigerator. 

Liebherr has luxurious designs.The Liebherr fridge is expensive.
It’s tranquil.
Liebherr has a soft door capability.
A Liebherr fridge is energy-efficient.
The designs of a Liebherr fridge are of high capacities.
Liebherr comes with great functionality.
Owning a Liebherr fridge will give you high-tech designs and functionality.

From that table, you won’t be wrong getting yourself a Liebherr fridge or sticking with the one you already have.

Liebherr Fridge Repair

A Liebherr appliance professional is the best hand to handle your Liebherr fridge when it malfunctions.  

In London, once you make your bookings on the Liebherr website, you’ll get the appropriate help you need.

Hence, after trying the troubleshooting methods, get an expert to do the job if the fridge persists with the problems. 

Also, while there’s no doubt that getting professional help is the best option, it has pros and cons.

The table below discusses the pros and cons of getting an expert to fix your fridge.

An expert will do a perfect job in less time than a DIY approach.You’ll take advantage of the opportunity to learn through a DIY approach. 
There’s a lesser risk of more damage when an expert handles the problem.You may have to wait a long time for a response after booking an expert.
Your fridge will be in the best hands.You may have to pay more than you hoped you would. 


What Is the Life Expectancy of a Liebherr Fridge?

The average lifespan of a Liebherr fridge is 10-15 years, and that depends on how well you maintain the refrigerator. 

Is Liebherr Fridge a Good Brand for a Refrigerator?

The Liebherr fridge is one of the best choices you can make out there when it comes to buying high-quality refrigerators. Besides providing high quality, it also gives creative cooling solutions. 

What Do the Reviews Say about Liebherr Fridge?

Most of the reviews I’ve seen from users of Liebherr Fridge indicate that it stands out in delivery quality and top-notch aesthetics.

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