Reset GE Front Load Washer For Error Codes E2/E23/E31/E54!

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Resetting a washing machine can be tricky as it varies depending on the particular washer model. 

Different reasons can cause specific error codes to get highlighted by a washer; however, not all may represent the same meaning or stem from similar causes. 

Hence, E2 or E23 error codes may have separate meanings for different washer models. 

This article explains comprehensively all you need to know about resetting a GE front load washer for error codes E2/E23/E31 and E54. 

To reset a GE front load washer for error codes, turn off the washer’s circuit breaker or fuse, then unplug the washing machine and wait for 2-3 minutes. In more precise terms: press and hold down the power off button in your washer, then unplug the washer from its power source and plug it back on again. 

In this article, I will explain in detail what E2, E23, E31, and E54 error codes mean on a GE front load washer. 

I will also answer how and when to reset your GE front loader. By the end, you will also discover other GE front-loader error codes and their fixes. 

What Do Error Codes E2/E23/E31/E54 Mean on a GE Front Load Washer?

Reset GE Front Load Washer for Error Codes E2/E23/E31/E54

Error codes can have separate meanings in different washer models and brands. 

However, the meaning of error codes E2, E23, E31, and E54 on a GE front load washer are explained below.

#1. E2

The E2 error code means your main control board is defective. The main control board is what controls all the washer’s functions. 

All the knobs, dials, and switches connect directly to the main control board. If the main control board in your washer shorts or gets damaged, it will likely stop functioning entirely. 

Usually, in a case where resetting your washing machine does not resolve the issue, you have to replace the main control board completely. 

#2. E23

The E23 error code means the flood protection drain mode has been activated. 

The washing machine, through the sensors, detects an overflow or improper load from the water level control input. The problem can stem from a bad water valve or poor water level control. 

To verify if it is due to a bad water valve, check for leakages on the valve or if you can see water dripping into the washing machine. 

If you suspect it could be the water level control causing the issue, then perform the water level control test on the washer to confirm. 

#3. E31

E31 error code means “Draining timed out.” The E31 error code points out that the washing machine is draining slowly. This issue is usually due to debris or coils blocking the drain pump of the washer.

The error code will subsequently flag when the washer cannot drain out water due to the blockages restricting water flow

Often, the solution to this is cleaning out the debris and blockages from the drain pump. 

But if you do this, switch the pump back on, and it doesn’t work, then it means the fault is from the drain pump itself. 

The drain pump would require repairs or complete replacement to function again. 

#4. E54

E54/E42/E48/E49, and E46 are all motor-related error codes. It means that the cause of these errors stems from the motor or poor inverter of the washing machine. 

To resolve them, clear out the codes by removing the washer from “service mode” and disconnecting it from its power source for at least 1 minute. 

Ensure to disconnect the washer from its power source when you remove it from service mode. 

Does Resetting Clear All Error Codes on a GE Front Load Washer?

No, resetting does not resolve all error codes, especially If an error code is highlighted due to a faulty or damaged part within the washer

In this case, resetting would do nothing to resolve the problem. It is why users sometimes reset the washing machine, but the error codes are still there, and the problem persists. 

Faults that can trigger error codes but can’t be cleared by resetting include:

  • Faulty latches
  • Damaged door switch
  • Bad timer

In cases like these, you must replace or repair the faulty part or parts immediately because resetting alone will not clear the code. 

It is important to note that resetting features differ for various washer models and brands. 

Some washers have the reset function programmed already in them, while others require turning a knob to reset. 

Some washer models have a “cancel” button that, when pressed, clears the error codes. Those washing machines have a “Pause” or “Stop” button that resets the washer.

How Do You Reset a GE Front Load Washer?

Resetting a GE front loader is very easy. However, the process depends on the model and specifications of the particular washer. 

Below is the step-by-step procedure to reset a GE front load washer:

  • First, press the power button to switch the washing machine off. 
  • Disconnect the washer from its power source by pulling out the plug connected to the electric outlet.
  • Switch off the washer’s circuit breaker.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes before plugging the washer back into its power source.
  • Plug the front load washer back into its power source. 
  • Restart the washing machine by pressing and holding on to the “Start or Pause” button.
  • Hold until the washer powers back on.

However, if your front load washer uses a timer knob, follow the steps below to reset it.

  • First, turn off the washing machine.
  • Unplug the washer from its power source.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Turn the timer knob around in one full rotation.
  • Go to settings and change the mode to any option aside from the final spin.
  • Replug the washer back into its power source.
  • Turn on the washer.
  • Enable water supply.
  • Your washer is now completely reset.

If you have trouble resetting your front loader after following all the steps listed above, try requesting assistance from GE customer support service through this link.

When Should You Reset Your Ge Front Load Washer?

You should reset your GE front load washer when it highlights an error code or if a power surge interrupts the machine’s work cycle. 

Sometimes you might experience your washer being unable to start or not being able to stop. 

Cases like these may also require resetting to correct. Before resetting, confirm if there is still power from the outlet. 

To do this, you can use a tester screwdriver. You can also check the circuit box for any shorts. Error codes can only flag after activation of the service mode.

If you do not enable the service mode, your washer will be unable to display error codes. And this will, in turn, limit your ability to find out when an error may require resetting.

Below are steps to activate service mode on a GE front load washer.

  • Close the door of the washer.
  • Press the power button to clear out current cycles. 
  • Confirm that the screen is blank before entering service mode.
  • Unplug the washer from its power source for at least 30 seconds.
  • Replug the washer.
  • Press “signal-delay start-signal-delay start.

Other Ge Front Load Washer Error Codes and Their Fixes

Below is a list of a few other error codes the GE front load washer is prone to.

#1. E22

The E22 error code means the washer cannot fill or is filling too slowly. This error code may differ for separate washer brands and models. 

Fix For E22

  • Leave the water supply on and confirm it is activated.
  • Confirm the water valves connect to the inlet hoses.
  • Please turn off the water supply, then turn it back in again. 
  • See and confirm that the water lines are not broken.
  • Inspect the hoses for leakages.

If, after following this procedure, the machine is still displaying the E22 error code, you’ll have to replace the hose entirely. 

#2. E38 or E39

E38 or E39 error codes indicate faulty detergent dispensers. 

Fix for E38/E39

To fix this issue in your GE front load washer, detach the washing machine from its power source and inspect the link in the dispenser drawer. 

The issue might be a mechanical fault within the dispenser. Perhaps the opening and closing tips need to be fixed, or the dispenser needs to be better aligned. 

Either way, repair or replace the damaged parts before starting the washer back up again.

#3. E46/E47/E48

This error code in a GE front load washer means the drive motor is overheating. The fault might be loose or damaged wiring within the drive motor.

Fix for E46/E47/E48

To clear out this error code, exit service mode and unplug the machine from its power source for at least 1 minute. 

If the code is still there after doing this, inspect the wiring of the drive motor. Do this only while the washer is off. 

If there is nothing wrong with the wiring, the problem most likely stems from the drive motor. To fix the issue, replace the drive motor entirely. 

If you take it to a technician and they deem it salvageable, then you could opt for repairs instead. 

You may also need to replace the inverter controller board as well. 

However, replace the drive motor first and see if it solves the problem. Only if the issue persists should you then replace the inverter controller board. 

Again, it’s best to contact a certified GE technician to carry out these repairs and replacements. 

Below is a chart that lists more error codes, their meanings, the possibly defective part, and how to fix them.

Error CodeMeaningFixPart
E30No drainClear out excess suds, and wash out blockages clogging the drain pump. Drain pump
E65Water level sensor failureReplace the damaged sensor entirely or reconnect the loose wiring on the water level sensor.Water level sensor or wiring harness.
E66 or E67The water temperature sensor is defective.Replace the damaged water temperature sensor or reconnect loose wiring connections on the water level sensor.Water temperature sensor or wiring harness.
E70 Stuck key on the control panelUnplug the washer from its power source for 3 minutes to reset the control board or replace the part entirely.Control panel
E71A defective main control boardDetach the washer from its power source for at least 3 minutes to reset the board or replace the part completely. Main control board
E60/E61/E63/E64Door lock assembly failure.Check for damaged or loose wiring connections. If none, then replace the assembly altogether. Door lock assembly


How Do You Clear Error Codes on a GE Front-load Washer?

To clear error codes on a GE front load washer, press and hold “start/pause” until you see E00 displayed.

How Do I Find the Error Code on My GE Washer?

To find the error code: unplug and replug your washer from its outlet, open and close the lid six times within 12 seconds, now press” signal” and then “delay start” twice. 

How Do I Reset the Control Panel on My GE Front-Load Washer?

To reset the control panel, switch off the circuit breaker or detach the washer from its power source and wait for at least 2 minutes before replugging.

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