Rheem Water Heater Vs. Bradford White (In-Depth Comparison)

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Are you searching the market for the best water heaters on sale? Understandably, you won’t be able to decide because several brands produce good products. 

Rheem Water Heater and Bradford White always make it to America’s short list of top water heater brands. 

They may be top brands, but are they suitable for your house? Hence, which brand produces the best water heating units?

Rheem and Bradford White are the best water heaters on the market. Additionally, they are the leading manufacturers of quality water heaters in the US. These two brands are popular because they produce long-lasting water heaters you can enjoy for years. They may be neck in neck, but Bradford White water heating units are more exclusive than Rheem water heaters.

Do you want to install water heaters in your home but don’t know which brand to go for? While purchasing a water heater is necessary, you must get the best one for your house.

A water heater is more than a purchase; it’s also an investment. A quality water heater can serve you for a decade or more.  

Hence, this article will help you understand which brand is superior in quality. 

Who Makes Bradford White Water Heaters?

Rheem Water Heater Vs. Bradford White

If you’re making comparisons of water heater brands, you must know who produces them. Bradford White has been producing water heaters since 1880. 

The company is centuries old; it’s little wonder their water heating units are so popular. 

Bradford White has spent years developing and improving the designs and technology in their water heaters. 

The American company has spent a lot of time building and engineering cutting-edge water heaters. 

Additionally, Bradford White is employee-owned and takes pride in all the units it produces. 

It is one of those companies that believe in quality over quantity. They ensure they infuse these beliefs into their production process. 

Hence, it is a master at producing safe, energy-efficient water heaters. Furthermore, their water heaters are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. 

Hence, Bradford White will always have a water heater suitable to your needs. 

Bradford White trains their professionals personally in their state-of-the-art training facilities. 

The company always wants what’s best for its customers. Thus, you should only expect quality from this brand. 

Who Makes Rheem Water Heaters?

Rheem is one of the largest manufacturers of water heaters in the States. Although it is an American company, they don’t make some units in the US. 

Rheem moved its water heater production plant to Mexico. But they remain one of the top water heater producers in America. 

Rheem units are more accessible than Bradford White water heating units. You can find Rheem water heating units in big retail stores nationwide. 

Additionally, Rheem is bent on creating water heater technologies that reduce carbon emissions. 

They are aiming to reduce greenhouse emissions from their products to zero by 2025

Are Bradford White Heaters Better than Rheem?

It’s not easy picking Bradford White over Rheem because Bradford White water heaters are better at some aspects, same as Rheem. 

Both brands offer a wide variety of home water heaters, putting them at almost the same level. 

However, we’re sure you have your specifications and what you want in the right water heater. 

Hence, this section will compare Bradford White and Rheem water heaters to help you choose the best option. 

You can go through the following sections to better understand what is good for your household:

#1. Features (Bradford White)

Bradford White produces some of the most sophisticated water heaters. Their water heaters have advanced systems to help you operate your water heater seamlessly. 

One of the primary systems that help you regulate your water heater is the ICON system

The ICON system is an exclusive control system that provides accurate water temperatures to users. 

It makes temperature regulation easier for the homeowner. It also has an electric valve that doesn’t need external electricity. 

The ICON system in Bradford White water heaters uses the company’s millivolt technology. This technology allows the water heater valve to convert the pilot flame to electrical energy. 

Hence, it sources energy and doesn’t add a dime to your power bill. The ICON system is exclusive to only Bradford White water heating units.  

Additionally, Bradford White water heaters come with Defender Safety System Screenlok. This feature prevents flammable vapors from entering the tank. 

This feature might seem insignificant, but it keeps your water heater safe in explosive environments. 

Considering people always store water heaters next to paint cans in garages, the ScreenLok will prevent anything from contaminating your heater’s tank. 

Also, Bradford White water heating units come with a Hydrojet Total Performance System. The system prevents sediments from accumulating in the tank. 

Bradford White heating units do this by a dip tube with jet ports. These jet ports create turbulence in the tank of the water heater. 

Hence, this makes it impossible for sediments to settle and clog your water heater. 

In simpler terms, Bradford water heating units come with self-cleaning technology. You can strike cleaning your water heater off your list. 

Finally, Bradford White lines their water heaters with Vitraglas. Vitraglas is an enamel lining that protects your water heater from corrosion due to hot water. 

It also allows water to contrast and expand in the tank without compromising the integrity of your water tank. 

If you’re considering buying a Bradford White water heater, you should know what you’re getting. 

Thus, below is a table that highlights the pros and cons of Bradford White water heating units:

Excellent customer serviceYou can only get a unit from an authorized dealer
Long life spanExpensive

#2. Features (Rheem)

Rheem doesn’t have the Bradford White level of exclusivity. But they make up for it by producing environmentally friendly water heating units. 

Additionally, their water heating units are economical and energy efficient. Also, they offer intelligent technology options which you can leverage. 

Furthermore, Rheem water heaters are highly durable and have EcoNet wifi connectivity. 

This feature lets you connect your cell phone or tablet to your water heater. Hence, you can monitor the status and health of your water heater. 

You can also repair it swiftly because your water heater will tell you exactly what’s wrong. For instance, your water heater will notify you if your tank isn’t good. 

Asides from that, your water heater also comes with advanced circuitry, which prevents your water heater from getting melted from the heat. 

Additionally, Rheem insulates its water heaters with polyurethane, reducing heat loss. This insulation makes their water heaters more energy efficient.

Furthermore, the quality of Rheem water heaters is top-notch. They use plastic inner tanks that protect the rest of the tank from rust and corrosion. 

They also coat the outer tank with multiple layers of fiberglass to give the tank its uncharacteristic strength. 

If you want a Rheem water heating unit for your house, you should know the advantages and disadvantages.

Hence, below is a table that highlights the pros and cons of Rheem units:

Wide variety of heating unitsSome models aren’t made in the US

Differences Between Rheem and Bradford White Water Heaters

Asides from price, installation is another factor that significantly differentiates these two water heaters. Rheem water heaters are very easy to install compared to Bradford White. 

If you want to use a Bradford White water heater, it’s almost impossible for you to install the water heater by yourself.

Their mechanics are so advanced that you’ll have to call a professional to install it. 

But you can install Rheem water heaters seamlessly on your own. However, this only applies if you replace your old water heater with a new one. 

Additionally, Bradford White provides exclusive treatment when you purchase their water heaters. 

In case of a breakdown, they will provide you with a team of professionals who will come to your house and fix the water heater for you. But this is only applicable if you have a warranty. 

Which Is More Expensive, the Rheem or Bradford White Water Heater?

Bradford White water heaters are more expensive than Rheem water heaters. 

Bradford White water heaters are so expensive and exclusive that you can only get a unit from an authorized dealer. 

On the other hand, Rheem water heaters are available at most wholesale stores because they’re cheaper and more accessible. 

If you’re opting for a Bradford White water heater, it will cost you a small fortune. 

Additionally, their water heaters vary significantly in price. Since these water heaters are the best quality money can buy, we suggest you prepare a steep budget. 

Is Rheem More Energy Efficient than Bradford White?

Yes. Rheem uses cutting-edge technology, allowing its heating units to regulate energy consumption. 

Additionally, they also produce off-grid solar options, which you can use. 

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