What Does Acceler Ice Mean On Fridge? (Answered)

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When it comes to refrigerators, it is imperative to take note of specific features that increase the production of ice.

Elements such as the Acceler ice serve a particular function and come with different models of refrigerators. On that note, what does Acceler ice mean? 

The Acceler ice decreases the freezer’s temperature, thereby allowing the frequent production of ice. For example, it produces about ten cubes of ice within 90 minutes. Acceler ice comes with refrigerators such as Kenmore, Kenmore Elite, and Whirlpool. 

What Does Acceler Ice Mean on Kenmore Refrigerator?

acceler ice mean on fridge

The Acceler ice on a Kenmore refrigerator means that your refrigerator can manufacture ice cubes instantly. This feature is present on every model and brand of Kenmore refrigerator. 

The Kenmore refrigerator comes in two forms which are the Elite and non-Elite. They both have all the features which perform the same function.

However, they differ by a few parameters, such as speed of ice production, quality, and aesthetic value. 

The Acceler ice feature on the Elite Kenmore works faster and produces more ice than the non-Elite Kenmore. Well, I’ll briefly highlight these parameters and their importance. 

#1. Speed of Ice Production 

Generally, the Elite Kenmore refrigerator contains features that boost ice production within a few minutes.

On the other hand, this is not the case for non-Elite Kenmore refrigerators. The process consumes a lot of time, and the speed might be slow. 

Furthermore, the Elite Kenmore usually contains an ice chest that stores all the ice cubes after production.

Conversely, it would help to use plastic bags to keep the ice cubes in the non-Elite Kenmore.

#2. Quality 

Admittedly, the quality of the Elite Kenmore refrigerator is higher than the non-Elite Kenmore. This is because aluminum and other vital materials form the bare exterior and interior of the Elite Kenmore.

Contrarily, plastic and other average materials create significant parts of the non-Elite Kenmore. 

#3. Aesthetic Value 

The Elite Kenmore refrigerator is more appealing than the non-Elite refrigerator. Plus, the Elite Kenmore complements and adds beauty to the home. 

How to Use Kenmore Acceler Ice?

Ice tray

You can efficiently use the Kenmore Acceler ice by activating the Acceler ice feature. You have to press the Acceler ice button to start the feature to do this.

You can find the Acceler ice button in the fridge section, which is second to the temperature controls for both angles. 

As soon as you activate the Acceler ice feature, the temperature of your freezer will decrease. Thus, it enables Kenmore Acceler ice to manufacture enough ice cubes.

However, this feature only lasts 24 hours and shuts off automatically after the first cycle. 

Nevertheless, your refrigerator ice maker can produce the amount of ice you need. The ice maker cycle can run 15 times or more daily, especially when lowering the freezing temperature. 

The ice maker assembly is solely responsible for the production of ice. The process begins when the water inlet valve releases water into the back of the freezer.

Next, the water moves into the tray thermostat, which undergoes freezing. Afterward, it releases ice cubes on the ice cube tray. 

Furthermore, you can have as many as 120 ice cubes and more when the tray thermostat freezes water quickly. In addition, you can always reset your ice maker by activating the ice maker reset feature. 

Acceler Ice Maker Not Working

When the Acceler ice maker fails to produce ice, the fault could come from the control arm of the refrigerator. This happens when you mistakenly push the control arm to the off position.

As a result, the Acceler ice maker stops functioning and abruptly halts ice production. 

You can quickly fix this by locating the control arm and adjusting it back to the down position. On the other hand, the problem could also arise when the water supply line freezes.

Acceler Ice Maker Not Working 

This situation will help to unplug the refrigerator cable from the socket. 

Locate the water supply line and thaw the ice using a hair dryer until it melts completely. Then, you can plug the cable back into the socket and observe it for some time.

Nevertheless, if you fail to thaw the ice, you can consult an expert to assist you. 

Lastly, the ice cubes might be too big or too small during production. The fault might come from your ice maker, and you need to adjust it to produce the right size of ice cubes.

Nonetheless, if you encounter any difficulty in the process, you have to seek help. Otherwise, you might damage your ice maker ultimately.


The Acceler ice enables your Kenmore refrigerator to lower the freezing temperature, maximizing ice production.

However, your Kenmore ice maker can also produce enough ice when it runs its cycle for some time.

Nonetheless, you can always adopt simple measures to get your Acceler ice maker up and running when you encounter specific problems.

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