This May Happen If You Put Furniture On A Wet Carpet!

Whether you have carpeting throughout your home or even a rug, it would be essential if you knew how to maintain them.

In addition, you should choose the right color to suit your home condition if you have pets or kids. But can you immediately place your wet furniture on your carpet after cleaning? 

Placing your furniture on a wet carpet would be a horrible idea. It would likely leave rust lines and decay your wood faster, especially if you have a light carpet. If you must place it immediately, ensure that you install Styrofoam blocks underneath the legs of your furniture. 

What Happens If I Put Furniture on a Wet Carpet?

Can You Put Furniture on a Wet Carpet

It is a good thing for you to professionally clean your carpet once in a while because it would not only give your carpet a new look and be hygienic.

Get all the furniture out of the way before you clean so you can get to extreme areas and ensure that the whole room is spotless. 

The most confusing part of it all is that you should place your furniture back in its place immediately after cleaning. What happens if you place your furniture back immediately after cleaning it?

The answer to these questions depends on many factors that we will discuss, but the bottom line is that you should ensure that your carpet is completely dry before putting your furniture back. 

If you are going to be cleaning your carpet all by yourself, it should take about 8 hours before it dries out completely, and, in most cases, this isn’t the case for many professional drying companies.

Instead, these companies usually work with large fans that blow heavy air over your carpet so it can dry out faster. 

Some factors that affect the rate at which your carpet dries include; 

  • The weather conditions. If it’s the summertime where the whole place is hot, there is a high tendency that your carpet might dry out faster to speed up the process further; open the doors and windows; your carpet should dry in about 5 hours. 
  • The method of cleaning you made use of also. For example, if you used the dry cleaning or the hot water process, your carpet should dry out faster than usual. 
  •  This rule states that you shouldn’t move furniture from here to here until your carpet is dry, and you shouldn’t walk on it with dirty feet. Even if you must walk on the carpet, you should do so carefully and ensure your legs are clean. 

It would help if you let your carpet dry before replacing the furniture, and you should also ensure that your carpet dries before 24 hours is out to prevent molds and mildews from growing on them. 

Putting wet furniture on your carpet is not advisable at all. Placing your furniture on a wet carpet can serve as a breeding ground for mildews, mold, and rust.

In addition, the metal materials of furniture and dampened wood can stain your carpet.

For these reasons, it would be better to let your carpet completely dry before placing the furniture back on it. 

How Long Should I Wait Before Fitting Furniture After Cleaning My Carpet?

The ideal time for your carpet to dry after cleaning is about 8 to 24 hours, and then you can fit the furniture back. Although this time frame is not constant due to certain factors.

Some of these factors that determine the rate at which your carpet dries include; 

#1. Dirt 

How dirty were your carpets before you cleaned them? It would help to consider this when determining how fast your carpet dries after cleaning it.

If your carpets were filthy, they would have put in more effort and a lot of water which is most likely to slow down the drying process. 

#2. Airflow That Gets into the Home 

The air entering your house is a significant factor in how fast your carpets dry. For example, houses with more doors and windows would dry faster than those with smaller numbers of doors and windows.

So, the more air gets into your home, the faster the rate your carpets dry. 

#3. Amount of Humidity Inside and Outside Your Home

The humidity level is another deciding factor on how fast your carpets dry. If the humidity inside or outside your home is high, there is a very high possibility that the home will take more time to dry.

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air; you do not need humidity when you need to dry out. If you have dehumidifiers installed in your home, it will reduce your home’s humidity level.

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How Can I Dry My Carpets Faster?

There are many ways you can dry your carpet out faster immediately after you clean them. If you live in areas where the weather is not sunny, not to worry, we got you covered.

There are several ways you can get your carpets dried faster than they usually would; some of these methods include; 

#1. Create a Steady Air Flow 

Apart from the regular old fashion opening of windows and doors, you can create more airflow. You can do this by opening the doors, turning on the fan, and turning on the dehumidifiers.

 A pro tip is that if you have two windows facing each other, you should open one fully and the other.

Doing this would create a strong cross wind to ensure that your carpet dries out faster. 

#2. Making Use of a Fan

If you have a lot of fans in your living room, turning them all on would make your carpets dry faster. 

A ceiling fan would do the job better than a standing fan because the pressure is directly underneath the carpets.

You should place two standing fans opposite each other to provide adequate circulation. 

#3. Making Use of a Shop Vac 

This method is advisable when you want to dry a large area covered with carpet. Shop vacs have powerful suction and can remove large amounts of water.

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In addition, there are wet and dry vacuums with large filters.

#4. Air And Heat 

This method involves airing the room to ensure that it is dry and then heating it further to dry the room. You can achieve this by using a fan and a dehumidifier interchangeably. 

#5. Making Use of Air Conditioners 

This option should be your last resort because it is not as effective as other methods and does not circulate enough air down to the carpets.

Also, while using this method, you should remember that the air conditioners emit cold air that can react with your damp fabric, so it would be difficult to detect if the carpets are dry or merely reacting to the cold weather.

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You can also dry your wet carpets fast with baking soda, although this method is not as easy as the others mentioned.

What you would need for this method is; 

  • Baking soda. 
  • Towels. 
  • Shop vac. 
  • Fans. 
  • Vacuum. 

Here is how to do it:

  • Before using the baking soda, ensure that you use any of the above methods to dry out as much water as possible from your carpets. 
  • After using your shop vac or fans to dry out the area, you can now sprinkle your carpets with baking soda. You would need more than just one can of it; the baking soda would eliminate any moisture or smell from your carpets. 
  • After leaving your baking soda to suck out all the moisture and smell, you can now use your trusty vacuum to finish it all off. 
  • After that, your carpet should be as good as new, but if you detect some minor dampness, you can rerun your fan and get it all dried out. 

Can You Walk on Wet Carpets?

You shouldn’t be walking on your wet carpets; even if you must walk on them, you should be able to take a few precautions and do it carefully. After cleaning your wet carpet, it looks fluffy and beautiful. 

However, it may get the damp carpet flattened back on that particular area, and in some cases, it may dry that way, causing an uneven look on your carpets. 

Apart from the looks, walking on your carpets with dirty and wet legs would stain your carpet, especially if it is light and has a fluffy nature.

So, walk on your carpets with clean feet and ensure that you wear socks; walk carefully on the carpets without much pressure. 

Pros And Cons of Putting Furniture on Wet Carpet

It could save your furniture from thieves since it will be inside.It could damage that part of the carpet.
It reduces the cost of purchasing other furniture if it gets stolen.You are at risk of growing mold under your carpet.

Final Thoughts 

If you have been considering placing your furniture directly on your wet carpet after washing it, this article is your cue to not.

Waiting for your carpet to dry before placing your furniture on it would ensure that your carpet does not get stained and that specific metal components of your furniture don’t rust. It’s a win-win for you!

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