Can You Run A Dryer On Solar Power? (Must Know This)

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Harnessing and utilizing solar power is gradually becoming the order of the day, with most people becoming more aware of the importance of using solar panels and the solar power system at large.

With the power grid, electricity supply cost is high, and the quest to be independent and save money on electricity is gradually becoming the order of the day.

Regardless of your basis for having a solar power system, the satisfaction of having a constant and reliable electricity supply will beat any feeling.

Note that an electric dryer uses heating coils to supply heat to dry clothes. Consequently, can you run a dryer on solar power?

Yes, you can run a dryer on solar power. While this is possible, it ultimately depends on whether the solar power system can meet the energy requirements of the dryer you are using. The model, size, and duration of usage are also things to consider.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Run a Dryer?

Can You Run a Dryer On Solar Power

When running a dryer, the number of needed solar panels depends on some factors, the model, the size, and the design of the dryer.

Therefore decide on how many hours you plan on using your dryer daily and the power consumption of the dryer to enable you to know the number of solar panels that will serve this purpose.

 Solar panels come in different sizes, and the watts of each differ. The size of the solar power system, the amount of sun you receive daily in your environment, and the load are other factors you must consider. 

The number of panels will be less if you run a small Solar power system. When running a more extensive system, you can be guaranteed to run your dryer full-time.

Solar panels are an excellent way to offset the cost of running your appliance. With technology getting better, we are fortunate to have power-efficient appliances.

As such, the power consumption rate of most modern appliances is minimal. Typically, it takes four to six solar panels to generate sufficient power to run a dryer.

And this is mainly dependent on the size and power consumption rate of your dryer. Therefore we need to know that a smaller number of solar panels can power some dryers.

Although solar panels are costly to install, they can last a long time, implying you have enough time to get a return on your installation. For your panels to last long, you must maintain them properly. 

Solar panels don’t need a heavy maintenance routine, just regular cleaning of dirt and debris that pile up over time.

Also, an annual inspection by a professional to be sure your panels are still in good condition.

Should I Get An Electric Dryer With Solar?

Making the right choice of a dryer should be your top priority. Unfortunately, dryers are not cheap, but they consume a lot of energy, increasing your electricity bills.

A solar-powered dryer will solve the problem of high energy consumption, helping you save costs on electric bills and keep your environment clean by reducing your carbon footprint.

Most people don’t have enough space in their environment to sun dry their clothes, and utilizing the solar power system is an excellent option because it offers considerable benefits over most of the other power systems available. 

The solar-powered dryers quicken the drying of your clothes while consuming the energy generated by the sun through an improved heating method.

You need to know some brands have both dryer and a washing machine in one device and use solar panels.

It would be best to consider things before choosing to run your electric dryer with solar.

Such as your power consumption rate, the intended purpose, and of course, your budget. Installation of solar panels can get quite expensive.

 So you must consider how often you plan on using your dryer, as the more you use your dryer, the more panels you must install. A more extensive solar power system will be more effective.

The electric dryer must be agreeable with your solar panels because you don’t want to end up causing damage to your dryer while trying to save cost.

Also, the cost must agree with the performance you expect from your dryer.

Knowing the watts of your solar panels will go a long way in setting your dryers. Solar-powered dryers are a good innovation and are also reliable.

Gas Or Electric Dryer With Solar Panels?

There are two dryers, a gas and an electric dryer. Choosing a dryer can be tasking, especially when you don’t know what will serve you better.

However, gas and electric dryers are a good option, you can not neglect the fact they have different efficiencies, and of course, their prices vary too. 

Gas and electric dryers utilize the same method of operation, with both having similar internal parts, although they differ in power and how hot they get.

Although there are called gas dryers, they still utilize electricity in running some of their components, even though it is in a lesser amount.

Parts such as the lights, drum, controls, and the fan, while the heating element requires gas to run. 

Electric dryers are the favorite option if you use solar panels as the source of electricity.

The solar power system is renewable and more readily accessible, and at the same helps in the reduction of carbon footprint. 

Even though using electric dryers with solar panels is more environmentally friendly, gas is a more yielding heat generating source than electricity.

Therefore if you are operating your electric dry on power grids, it is always best to go with gas, as it is cheaper.

Here are the pros and cons of the gas dryer:

Pros Cons
Lower operation costHigher upfront cost
Highly energy efficientModel options are limited.
Minor wear and tear on clothesInstallation is more complex

On the other hand, Here are the pros and cons of the electric dryer:

Pros Cons
Lower upfront costCost more to operate
More models to choose fromLess energy efficiency
Easy to installMore wear and tear on clothes 

How Much Does It Cost To Run a Dryer On Solar Power?

The cost of running a dryer on solar power depends on many factors, the size of your dryer and the quantity of sunlight reaching your panels each day.

Dryers require a lot of heat to dry clothes and are one of the most energy-demanding appliances in a home.

On average, dryers use an estimated 1500 to 5000 watts of electricity, which is wholly dependent on your dryer model, load, and duration of usage.

These watts of electricity translate to about 1.5 to 5 kilowatts per hour. The cost will be dependent on the rate charge per kilowatt-hour.

Installing solar panels to run your appliances is the best way to save on electricity.

The duration of your dryer usage has the most significant effect on how much electricity it will use over time. 

When you are not too busy, you should switch between using the direct sun drying method. For business owners, running your dryer on solar is the best decision.

However, you must first remember that the sun does not shine every day, and during rainy seasons you must also consider an alternative power source.

 Apart from this factor, owning a solar panel gives you energy independence. You no longer rely on power grids and sudden price spikes avoidance.

In the long run, you get to save costs. Other importance of solar panels includes:

  • It is suitable for the environment, as solar power is low emission.
  • It is a reliable energy source.
  • Creates jobs and spurs economic growth.
  • The raw material is unlimited.

What Are The Best Solar Panels For Running a Dryer?

The best solar panels for running a dryer are the panels that produce the most power per square foot.

High-watt solar panels are more efficient and produce enough power to run your dryers for hours daily.

With high-watt solar panels, there will be no need to install many panels, as a lesser figure will be sufficient to power your dryer effectively.

 Solar panels with 300 watts and above will be most potent in running a dryer.

When choosing a solar panel, you must look for efficiency and the quantity of trapped sunlight that the solar panel can convert to valuable energy.

Also, it would be best to look for the durability, temperature coefficient, and cost.

Some of the top best brands of panels include

  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Canadian Solar
  • Trina Solar
  • SunPower
  • Q Cells
  • REC Solar
  • Siffab

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking at cutting down your electricity cost, then getting solar-powered dryers is the best option.

Installation of solar panels is expensive, but you will get value for your expenditures over time and, in the long run, save cost.

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