6 Reasons Your Gree AC Keeps Turning Off!

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Have you noticed that your Gree air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air as it should? You turn it on, and after some minutes, you still can’t feel its coolness. 

And even worse, it randomly turns off after you switch it on after 15 minutes or less of running. Of course, you’ll get worried and begin wondering what the issue is. 

This problem is recognized as short cycling, but what causes it?

The primary cause might be a faulty thermostat, as it controls the temperature feature in the air conditioner. It could result from poor wiring connections or even dirty air filters, which have restricted airflow because it’s clogged. Additionally, it could be low refrigerant levels. Whichever problem it is, fix it immediately to prevent further complications.

Suppose you’ve experienced short cycling in your Gree air conditioner. In that case, you’ll find sufficient information on why this is happening, its potential dangers, solutions, and more.

Six Common Reasons Why My Gree AC Keeps Turning Off

Six Reasons Gree AC Keeps Turning Off 

Your Gree AC doesn’t randomly start Acting up all of a sudden. There may have been patterns leading up to this. 

And there are also several likely reasons why your Gree AC keeps turning off; we’ll explain them below.

#1. A Faulty Thermostat 

Your AC’s thermostat regulates its temperature, enabling you to switch from hot to cool air. But when it begins to malfunction, your air conditioner will stop. 

And its coiling cycle ends before time. This malfunction usually occurs due to complicated wiring or an electrical problem. 

Additionally, a thermostat in the wrong place can cause your Gree AC to turn off. 

For example, when it’s placed next to airy regions in a building, it’ll think the house is cool enough and shut down.

#2. Evaporator Coil Problems

Evaporator coils eliminate heat from your home’s atmosphere, enabling the blower to circulate again. 

But when this freezes or becomes clogged with dirt, it becomes impossible for the heat in your home to dissipate. 

Therefore, this causes the AC system to put extra effort into melting it. And in turn, it results in premature shutoff due to overheating. 

#3. Refrigerant Problems

Low refrigerants usually cause frozen evaporation coils, making your AC turn off due to overheating. 

It’s associated with the heat exchange feature in your AC. And it’ll be challenging for proper heat exchange to happen when it leaks. 

When left unattended, it affects the cooling system, resulting in short cycling which is why your Gree AC keeps turning off.

#4. Inappropriately-sized Air Conditioner

Air conditioners work According to their output, meaning that big ones require a large space and small ones do. 

So if you use an improperly sized air conditioner for a room smaller or bigger than it, your home cools quicker or much slower than it should. 

But unfortunately, your atmosphere also heats up rapidly, causing random turn-offs after some minutes.

#5. Dirty Air Filter

It’s normal for your AC vent filters to get clogged with dust. When this happens, it often causes frozen evaporator coils and short cycling.

 So it’s advised to change your filters when you notice they are the problem. However, have a professional confirm this first if it’s not something you’re familiar with. 

#6. Electrical Issues

Air conditioners require appropriate electrical connections to work efficiently, but when this doesn’t happen, problems arise. 

Poor electrical wirings make it impossible for signals to pass to circuit boards and other important systems in your AC, causing it to turn off. 

Further, a bad capacitor, compressor, or condenser not getting adequate power running through it will cause short cycling. 

This issue is much more complicated and requires an expert diagnosis and repair.

How To Make My Gree AC Stop Turning Off Automatically?

The only way to automatically stop your Gree AC from turning off is to discover the problem. Knowing the problem makes finding a solution easier. 

 According to the many causes we explained below, one may be why your Gree AC turns off automatically. And we’ll list their solutions in a tabular form.

Causes/ProblemsHow to Fix it
A faulty thermostatAdjust the thermostat’s temperature and fan setting to a temperature lower than the room’s.
Evaporator Coil problemsAllow it to thaw using hot water. Clean the coil, and check for damage; if there’s none, refix it.
Refrigerant IssuesSuch issues occur due to refrigerant line leaks, so call a licensed HVAC contractor to fix them.
Improperly sized air conditionerReplace the air conditioner unit with the appropriate size for your room or home.
Dirty air filtersClean the clogged AC vent filters or purchase a new one for your Gree AC.
Electrical IssuesHave a professional HVAC repair man confirm and fix the issue.

Signs will point to the likely cause of your Gree AC turning off randomly. Sometimes you can discern the issue through the signs you see. 

Some of them, like temperature and cooling problems, will point to the thermostat. And when you notice poor cooling or some odd hissing or bubbling sounds, it’s a refrigerant leak.

 Therefore, be cautious and attentive to the symptoms to know what your GRee AC’s problem could be. 

In conclusion, always call a professional regardless of the signs and problems you’ve noticed and what you feel the solutions may be. 

There might be other underlying problems you don’t know, and an expert technician will tell you all about them.

Should I Be Worried If My Gree AC Keeps Turning Off? 

Experiencing continuous short cycling in your Gree AC is a cause for concern as it can cause complications. 

We’ve explained some negative effects it’ll have on your air conditioner and home and why you should endeavor to prevent and fix it immediately.

#1. Increased Humidity in the Atmosphere

Air conditioners cool a room through heat exchange, removing humidity from your home and circulating cool air. 

But when it experiences continuous short cycling, humidity remains trapped in your home. 

Also, you may notice an uneven temperature as one part of the room may be cooler or hotter, making it unconducive for you.

#2. Damage to Your Gree Air Conditioner

The abrupt short cycling your Gree AC experiences often is bad for the AC unit as it overworks some components, especially during overheating. 

The compressor is the part that suffers most during this start-and-stop-cycling as it. The compressor accrues more damage resulting in burnout. 

And repair costs don’t come cheap. And this, in turn, can progress to a full breakdown requiring a new Gree AC purchase. 

It doesn’t matter that your air conditioner has 15 to 20 years life expectancy. Frequent issues like this will cause wear, tear, and costly repairs. 

And in most cases, a new AC replacement is the best choice which may not align with your current budget.

#3. Increased Energy Bills

After turning off automatically, the air conditioner restarts to begin cooling using energy. 

And when this constantly happens within a short span, it maximizes your power usage without producing the required comfort. 

Moreover, electricity bills are very costly in some locations, which will be a huge problem for such homeowners. ACs with this short cycling issue consume more energy than normal.

How to Reset Gree AC to Stop Turning Off Automatically?

Most short cycling issues in your Gree air conditioner occur due to thermostat problems. And if this is the case, a reset may be helpful. 

So if you’re experiencing automatic short cycling in your AC, try resetting it before calling for professional assistance. 

But it returns to the default setting, deleting all saved data. Below is how to do this in your Gree AC with two methods. So you can pick which works you find most suitable.

#1. Method 1 

Step 1: Disconnect the batteries from the air conditioner’s AC remote. 

Step 2: Be patient for a few seconds while waiting for the AC remote screen to go blank. 

Step 3: Reattach the batteries to the Gree air conditioner remote 

Step 4: Input your new data, such as HVAC arrangement, timers, temperature setup, etc.

As mentioned above, resetting your Gree AC returns it to how it was when you recently purchased it. So you need to begin afresh now and add all information that was wiped out.

#2. Method 2

This second method will only apply to a select few remotes. That is, ones with a reset button hole.

Step 1: Locate a small keyhole in the control sector for reset. You may see it behind the remote. 

Step 2: They usually have a rest symbol or the word reset written on it.

Step 3: Thrust a small pointed object like a toothpick or pin into it. 

Step 4: Click on once to reset it and restore it to default. Once you’re done, add some new data to it and save it.

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