How To Clean An Oven Quickly? (Read This First)

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Whether as a homeowner or a housekeeper, you must keep your oven and the kitchen in its entirety clean. Doing this will help beautify your kitchen and increase your overall hygiene.

As a housekeeper, knowing how to clean the oven without wasting tons of time gives you an advantage when exploring private housekeeper opportunities from different homeowners.

These specialists are usually required to be remarkably competent and may be subjected to a background check before hiring.

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In this article, we’ll be reviewing handy tips for cleaning your oven without wasting any time. Let’s get started!

Materials needed to clean an oven

How To Clean An Oven Quickly

Have you ever tried to clean a dirty oven without wasting your time? This household appliance can become quite filthy because of the spills, crumbs, and various debris left behind almost after every cooking.

When stubborn kitchen messes meet high temperatures, it seems that you will never remove a solidified, caked-on grease from the oven’s surface.

Before you start cleaning an oven, having the correct materials can make the job easier and quicker.

#1. Cleaning gloves

Having a pair of cleaning gloves is imperative when cleaning. These gloves can help to protect the hands from harsh chemicals and dirt.

#2. Microfibre sponge

These sponges are great for cleaning stubborn dirt and stains from ovens. They are also strong, so they won’t tear under pressure.

Microfibre sponges are also affordable and, as a result, won’t make a dent in your budget.

#3. Garbage bags

Having garbage bags helps when throwing away old materials such as gloves and sponges and collecting any dirt. This stops the rest of the kitchen from becoming dirty.

#4. Cleaner

Many cleaners are on the market, from foaming varieties to degreasers and sprays.

The best way to choose an oven cleaner is by considering the needs, how dirty the oven is, and how long the oven has been dirty.

Cleaners usually break down dirt, making it easier to scrub off with a microfibre sponge or cloth.

Using cleaners that can instantly be wiped off rather than those that need to sit and soak up dirt is another way to save time.

#5. Cloth rags

Cloth rags are a cheap but useful option. After using cleaners and microfibre sponges, a wet cloth rag can help to wipe off excess dirt and product.

In addition to this, a dry cloth can help to dry the oven before finishing.

#6. Spatula or scraper

These items can help to remove stubborn dirt and food from the oven door. 

How to clean an oven?

You should clean it immediately after cooking or baking. It seems to be the top tip. Don’t forget to clean the oven as soon as you’ve turned off the power or the gas after use.

Before that, it is a good idea to put a bowl or cup of plain water in the oven. Then, allow it to boil at a high temperature for half an hour. Doing this helps to loosen the grease and dirt.

After the surface has cooled, it would be enough to wipe leftover grime from the interior surfaces.

The inside surfaces of the oven 

The inside of the oven, including the shelves, will probably be the dirtiest and will take the bulk of the cleaning time.

  • Before starting, put on the cleaning gloves and open the windows to ensure the kitchen is well-ventilated and chemicals do not linger.
  • Soak the shelves in a sink of hot water for up to an hour. This time may increase or decrease depending on how dirty the frames are.
  • While the shelves are soaking, use the chosen oven cleaner to scrub any dirt from inside the oven. Make sure to follow the instructions stated on the cleaner, as some cleaners cannot be used in certain household appliances.

The oven door 

The door is easy to clean, but by no means should it be ignored as food residue can build up on the glass.

  • Using the metal spatula or hob scraper, remove any food residue. Then wipe away the product using a wet cloth, and dry with a dry cloth.
  • If stubborn leftovers are still persistent, create a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water and leave it on the glass. After 20 minutes, this should be able to be washed off with a wet cloth.

The Hob

Cleaning the hob is also important as it can get filthy from spills.

  • Before starting, make sure the oven is turned off and cooled from the last use to avoid burns.
  • Use a dry cloth to brush off loose pieces of food and place these into the garbage bag.
  • Pour a hob cleaner onto the dirty areas, and leave for 10-15 minutes. This breaks down the residue.
  • Use a wet cloth or sponge to wipe away the cleaner and residue. This should leave the hob clean, but repeat the process if any residue remains.
  • Dry the hob with a dry cloth to finish.

Following these steps should be the quickest and easiest way to clean an oven. However, consider that more stubborn dirt will take longer to clean.

How often should an oven be cleaned?

One way to save time is knowing how often an oven needs to be cleaned.

  • Every 3 months– As a general rule, ovens should be deep cleaned every 3 months. This includes removing shelves as well.
  • After every use – Every time the oven is used, it should be given a quick clean, brushing food from the hob and wiping down grease from the inside. This can make deep cleaning a lot easier. Most modern ovens also have a self-cleaning feature. It significantly heats the stove, turning any residue into ash, which is easy to brush up.

How to keep the oven clean?

Regular cleaning the oven is a great way to save time but advising on keeping the oven clean can save even more time.

  • Oven liners – Lining the oven with either a piece of foil or oven sheets reduces the number of times the oven floor needs cleaning. The lining catches any residue, stopping it from sticking to the bottom.
  • Roasting bags – Such appliances are great for cooking meat, veg, or fish. This stops spills and splatters.
  • Do a quick clean after use – Once the oven is turned off, give it a quick clean. Ensure that surfaces are not too hot to touch before wiping.

So, how do you maximize time and clean ovens quickly?

When cleaning an oven, time can be maximized by using specialized materials correctly, keeping ovens clean after using, and setting a general cleaning from time to time.

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