Solved: Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water!

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When your Kenmore Elite refrigerator stops giving water, it’s confusing and annoying. But there’s a reason behind it.

We’re going to explore why this happens and how to make the water flow again. Let’s solve this thirsty mystery!

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Dispenser Fixes

  • Faulty Dispenser Switch: Test with a multimeter and replace if there’s no continuity.
  • Frozen Water Tube: Adjust freezer temperature and thaw the tube to restore water flow.
  • Clogged Filter: Replace the filter every six months to ensure clean water and proper flow.
  • Low Water Pressure: Ensure home water pressure is at least 20 psi and the supply valve is fully open.
  • Dispenser Control Board Issues: Inspect and repair or replace the board if malfunctioning.
  • Water Inlet Valve Problems: Check for adequate water pressure and valve functionality, repair or replace as needed.

Why is my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water?

#1. Faulty Dispenser Switch

The switch manages your dispenser’s function. If it stops working, the water dispenser won’t operate.

Test the switch for continuity with a multimeter. Replace it if you don’t detect continuity to restore your dispenser’s performance.

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#2. Frozen Water Tube

If your refrigerator’s water supply tube has frozen, water can’t reach the dispenser. This is common when the freezer temperature is set too low.

Adjust the temperature to prevent freezing and thaw the tube if necessary to get water flowing again.

#3. Clogged Filter

Your dispenser’s filter should be replaced every six months. A clogged filter can restrict water flow and lower water quality. Regularly replacing the filter ensures a functional dispenser and clean drinking water.

#4. Water Pressure (low)

The inlet valve requires at least 20 psi to function. If your home suffers from low water pressure due to issues like substandard plumbing, the dispenser might not work.

Ensure your home’s water supply valve is fully open to maintain the appropriate pressure.

#5. Dispenser Control Board

The dispenser control board oversees the dispenser’s actions. A malfunction in the board could disrupt dispenser operation.

You might fix a small part of the board or, occasionally, need to replace the entire board.

#6. Water Inlet Valve

The water reaches your dispenser through the water inlet valve. Two common causes for valve issues are low water pressure and a fault in the valve itself.

Ensure your water pressure is adequate, and inspect the valve for needed repairs or replacement.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Dispenser, not Cold

If your Kenmore Elite refrigerator water dispenser is providing water that’s not cold, this might be due to the temperature settings in your fridge.

Adjust the temperature using the control pad. Turn it down by a couple of units, then give it 24 hours to see if there’s an improvement.

Another reason could be the water tube in the door is frequently used, not allowing water to rest and chill in the reservoir. Initially, the dispensed water might not be cold because it’s from the water line.

For Kenmore models with a reservoir, the water should eventually become chilled after dispensing for a while. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re on the right track:

checklist to ensure

  • Adjust Temperature:
    • Locate the temperature control-knob.
    • Lower the setting by one or two units.
    • Wait 24 hours for changes.
  • Dispensing Process:
    • Initial water may not be cold.
    • Continue dispensing for chilled water.

If you don’t notice any change, consider checking for possible issues with the water tube being frozen or other components.

How Do You Unlock a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser?

To unlock your Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser, initially ensure the control lock light is off.

You’ll accomplish this by pressing and holding the ‘Alarm’ button. Hold it for 3-4 seconds. Watch for the control lock light to extinguish.

Next, confirm the refrigerator doors are firmly shut. Doors must be closed completely for the dispenser to operate. Ensure no items inside are obstructing the doors.

Finally, the water dispenser switch might need cleaning, especially if a child lock isn’t the issue. After disabling the lock, inspect the dispenser.

Carefully wipe the switch and nozzle. Remove any residue that could hinder functionality. This simple cleaning can reactivate a stuck dispenser.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and unlock your Kenmore refrigerator’s water dispenser effectively.

How Often Do Refrigerator Water Filters Need to be Changed?

Changing your refrigerator water filter is crucial for maintaining the quality and taste of the water you drink.

Typically, you should replace the filter every six months. However, this schedule can vary based on certain conditions.

For example, if the water in your area is very hard, it may shorten the life of your filter. You should also consider how often you use your water dispenser.

A higher frequency of use may necessitate changing the filter more often. It’s easy to know when it’s time to replace your filter.

Here are some clear signs:

  • A bad taste or odor from your dispenser indicates a filter change is needed.
  • Low water pressure from the dispenser suggests that the filter may be clogged.
  • Reduced ice production can also be a hint that your filter is no longer effective.

Remember, keeping your water filter fresh ensures you enjoy clean and healthy drinking water from your refrigerator. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s probably time to get a new filter.

Will a Refrigerator Dispense Water Without a Filter?

Your refrigerator needs a bypass plug to dispense water without a filter. The plug takes the place of the filter in your Kenmore refrigerator.

When you install it, water flows directly to the dispenser instead of through the filter location. Without a water filter or a bypass plug, your fridge won’t give out water.

Steps to Replace a Water Filter or Install a Bypass Plug:

  1. Locate your water filter housing using your Kenmore user manual.
  2. For removal, twist the filter a quarter turn anticlockwise.

Remember, having no filter means water bypassing any sort of purification. This often leads to water that might taste or smell less than pleasant.

So, to ensure you have a well-functioning water dispenser, replace the water filter regularly. A new filter needs only a quarter turn clockwise to lock into place.

This simple routine is essential to keep your water clean and your dispenser operational.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter

#1. A Faulty New Filter

If you’re experiencing abnormal flow with a new filter, it might be defective. Try reinserting the old filter to inspect the water flow. If it returns to normal, your new filter could be the issue.

#2. Purchasing a Cheap Filter

Your Kenmore refrigerator requires filters from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). While they may cost more, they ensure proper functionality. Cheap, non-approved filters could cause dispensing problems.

#3. Blockage on the Water Filter

Check the new filter’s threaded area to make sure it’s clean. Also, look out for any wrappings blocking the holes, as this might impede water flow from the dispenser.

#4. Poorly Installed Filter

Ensure the water filter is fully tightened in the housing. If the flow is low, remove the filter and properly reinstall it, avoiding it being too tight or too loose, which could cause issues.

Remember to check for an accidentally removed gasket or air in the lines, as these could also affect dispenser function.

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