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Kenmore Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location!

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Last updated on November 12th, 2022 at 06:35 am

Now imagine a scenario where you walk into your kitchen only to discover water almost everywhere on your kitchen floor.

Of course, your first thought would be to check your sink and dishwasher, but these are not the only places water can leak since your Kenmore refrigerator can also leak water through the defrost drain tube.

Yet you may wonder, where is my Kenmore refrigerator defrost drain located? And how do I address this issue?

The defrost drain is found at the bottom of the freezer behind the refrigerator. However, for a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator, you can find it behind the back panel of your refrigerator freezer. Additionally, it is essential to know the location of the defrost drain in your Kenmore refrigerator because it is where spillage occurs.

Where is the Defrost Drain on a Kenmore Refrigerator Located?


The defrost drain hole or tube of your Kenmore refrigerator is located at the back wall and bottom of your freezer compartment.

The tube or hole is usually covered by a plastic panel held to its position by a screw; if opened, the hole will become visible to your eyes.

This short tube also has a pan beneath the refrigerator that collects the water from the melted ice and frost, and this water collected tends to evaporate over time.

The position of the defrost drain in your Kenmore refrigerator is the reason why it is not always easy to know at first where water leakage in your kitchen is coming from and also why you may not notice the faults developing in the defrost drain or drain tube until it becomes a serious menace in the house.

However, one good advantage of its position beneath the refrigerator is that it makes it easy for water to fall without affecting the body or electrical features of the fridge.

How Do You Clean the Defrost Drain of a Kenmore Refrigerator?

With over a century’s impeccable history of appliance manufacturing, Kenmore’s appliances always work the same way.

Moreover, It is one of the most trustworthy brands in the market.

For instance, no matter which refrigerator Kenmore is most recently released, it still works with a similar principle.

For instance, the evaporator coil is still responsible for cooling the edibles in your refrigerator and actively fights humidity.

Once the air chills in the fridge, the moisture is directed through the Kenmore refrigerator drain tube.

Unfortunately, as this is occasionally done, the tube tends to become clogged with mold or debris.

Stressing the need for cleaning your Kenmore refrigerator drain tube should be carried out at least once a year for the efficient performance of the refrigerator.

The following are the six (6) vital steps you will need to take to clean the defrost drain of your refrigerator effectively:

#1. Turn off the electricity by locating the circuit breaker in the house or unplug the refrigerator from the electricity.

So you should be able to turn off electricity for the kitchen once you get to your circuit breaker, as it would indicate each room on a circuit map or the circuit breaker itself.

When done, you will be safe from being electrocuted while cleaning.

#2. These drain tubes can sometimes be located inside the refrigerator or the false appearing doors beneath the Kenmore refrigerator.

So, therefore, it calls for wisdom on your part to first look inside the fridge before acting.

#3. In locating the drain tube inside the refrigerator, you will have to note that the location is based on the specific Kenmore model you are dealing with.

For example, most Elite models have their drain positioned beneath the false floor compartment of the refrigerator. So to clean, you will need to remove the false floor first.

#4. You will have to insert a screwdriver or, better still, a length of stiff wire (about one foot long) into the defrost drain.

Using this wire, you can carefully investigate or explore your defrost drain and remove anything blocking the drain hole or tube.

#5. Utilizing a mixture of water and bicarbonate of soda to flush the drain hole will push the food or liquid, which will all fall to the pan or drip tray beneath and then be disposed of while the pan will be wiped clean and brought back to its original position.

#6. You could also mix a teaspoon of bleach in a small-sized container, and by using a turkey baster and cooking syringe, you can pour the mixture into the drain as it exits into the drain pan.

This step is repeated several times until it becomes inevitable that the water in the drain is clear.

Furthermore, you will need to properly dispose of the drain pan and return it to its position. And ensure to place back the false door or floor if you have removed any.

Then finally, you can restore power to your Kenmore refrigerator.

Following all the steps above will ensure that you get an efficient and well-functioning refrigerator and a long-lasting one that will serve you for at least 12 to 15 years.

Why Does My Kenmore Refrigerator Leak Water Inside?

Kenmore Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location

The major causes of the Kenmore refrigerator leaking water in the kitchen usually include a clogged or broken element in the waterline.

So a clogged waterline, a cracked drain pan, or a malfunctioning water filter can result in a refrigerator leak.

Therefore, a carefully carried out analysis will help repair the system and help stop the leakage from going on.

Before leaking starts in your Kenmore refrigerator, something must be blocking your waterline or defrost drain, which could be frost or ice.

And a part of your refrigerator may be broken, or it could even be because of the presence of a completely foreign object.

So making a clear passageway is of utmost importance in addressing the leakage issues you are experiencing with your Kenmore refrigerator.

Furthermore, apart from a clogged or frozen water supply line that causes water to puddle beneath the refrigerator, the Kenmore refrigerator water leak could also result from food particles that clog the drain hose.

This will someday lead to the building up of ice and then water leakage from your refrigerator.

Another way you can handle water leaks in your Kenmore refrigerator is to inspect the water filter head and housing; if any crack is noticed, you should immediately replace them.

At the same time, the water inlet valve should be inspected for cracks and to see if it has a loose fitting or is tightly secured because this can also result in leakage.

Finally, in the same vein, you should also inspect cracks and leakage for the water tank assembly, drain pan, and water filter, respectively.


The Kenmore refrigerator defrost drain is located at the back wall and bottom of your freezer compartment.

Additionally, by carrying out the six vital steps, you can effectively clean the defrost drain of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Finally, you have also come to know that the leaking of your refrigerator is mainly because of the frozen water supply line and the clogging up of food particles and debris.

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