Kenmore Washer Model 110 Size: Size Mystery Solved!

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The size of your washing machine matters a lot. It needs to fit in your laundry room and handle your clothes.

The Kenmore Washer Model 110 is a great choice. It’s designed to fit well and work hard. Let’s check out how big it is and if its size is perfect for your laundry needs.

Key Takeaways: Kenmore Washer Model 110 Size

  • Model Overview: The Kenmore Washer Model 110 has a standard size, fitting well in most laundry rooms. Its capacity of 3.2 cubic feet allows washing up to 8 pounds of clothes per load.
  • Dimensions: The washer is typically 27 inches wide and varies in height from 38 to 48 inches.
  • Capacity Calculation: To determine the exact capacity of your Kenmore washer, measure the tub’s depth and diameter, calculate the radius and its square, and then multiply by the depth and pi (approximately 3.14). This calculation gives you the washer’s capacity in cubic feet.
  • Longevity: Expect a Kenmore washer to last at least 14 years, assuming one load of laundry per day. Kenmore washers are known for their durability and reliability.

What Size Is Kenmore Washer Model 110?

Kenmore washer model 110 has a standard size with a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. This size allows you to wash up to 8 pounds of clothes in a single load.

The tub is designed to accommodate a significant amount of laundry, considering the average household’s needs.

The machine’s diameter, combined with the agitator, determines how many clothes can be cleaned effectively.

The width of this model is typically 27 inches, while the height varies between 38 and 48 inches.

Here is a quick overview of what to expect from the Kenmore 110 series washing machine:

  • Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Height: 38-48 inches
  • Load: Can wash up to 8 pounds of clothes

Remember, washing machines, including your Kenmore 110 series washer, come in different types. Most are either front-load or top-load washers.

Kenmore Washer Model 110 Size

Your user guide is an excellent resource for detailed information about your specific model.

If you have it, make sure to read through the booklet for the precise description and size of your machine.

How Do I Tell What Size My Kenmore Washer Is?

Determining the size of your Kenmore washing machine is a simple process. You’ll need a measuring tape and the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Measure the depth of the washer tub.
    • For top loaders, go from the tub’s bottom to the top.
    • For front loaders, measure from the back to the front.

Your measurements might read, for example, 1.75 feet for depth.

  1. Next, find the diameter of the tub.
    • This is the distance straight across the tub.

Suppose the diameter is 1.5 feet.

Now, calculate the radius by dividing the diameter by two, then square this number.

  • Diameter / 2 = Radius
  • Radius squared = ( Radius^2 )

With a 1.5-foot diameter, you get 0.75 feet for the radius. When you square 0.75, you get 0.5625.

Then, multiply this value by the depth you measured:

  • ( Radius^2 \times Depth = Volume )

Using the measurements from above, 0.5625 multiplied by 1.75 equals 0.98.

Finally, to find the capacity, multiply the volume by pi (approximately 3.14).

  • ( Volume \times Pi = Capacity )

So, 0.98 times 3.14 equals approximately 3.1 cubic feet. This number represents the capacity of your washer in cubic feet.

Now, you can accurately tell your Kenmore washer’s size without any specialized tools or expertise.

How Old Is My Kenmore Washer Model 110?

To determine the age of your Kenmore washer, you need the serial number. It’s not just about the model number; the serial number reveals the essential details.

Your washer’s lifespan and efficiency might decline over time. Knowing its age is crucial, especially before purchasing a used one.

Here’s how to decode the serial number:

  • The first letter indicates the month it was made.
  • The second letter shows the year of manufacture.

Here’s a quick reference:

  • First letter: A = January, B = February, … , L = December
  • Second letter: L = 2001, M = 2002, …, Y = 2009

Remember, the model number, such as 110, signifies that it’s manufactured by Whirlpool. This detail is helpful in understanding who built your appliance.

How Long Do Kenmore Washers Last?

How Long Do Kenmore Washers Last?

When you choose a Kenmore washer, you’re choosing durability. Expect your Kenmore washer to last at least 14 years.

This lifespan applies if you wash one load daily, adding up to seven loads a week. Kenmore washers are praised for their performance.

Many users have found them reliable over the years. Compared to front-load models, Kenmore top-load washers usually last longer.

Additionally, these top-load machines offer greater convenience. That’s why you might prefer a top-loader in your home.

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