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Everyone loves eating pizza because pizza is a superb meal. What’s more, you can use it for a sumptuous breakfast, have it in the afternoon for lunch, eat it as a perfect dinner, and not forget the satisfaction it gives as a late-night treat.

However, even though you can easily order a pizza online, some folks prefer to make it from scratch at home as they relish the baking process.

That said, if you own a Samsung Convection Microwave and are wondering what setting is ideal for pizza baking, you have made it to the right spot. So, without any further ado, let the good stuff begin.

The Samsung Microwave oven in the convection setting or mode has features adequate for grilling, cooking, and baking pizza. However, you cannot use the traditional microwave for baking purposes. Therefore the Samsung Microwave Convection setting is the ideal way of baking that pizza you badly crave. 

How to Bake Pizza in Convection Samsung Microwave

Samsung Convection Microwave Pizza Setting

Before diving neck-deep into baking pizza with the convection setting, it’s pertinent to start from the first principles and know the basics.

It would help if you had a convection microwave oven to bake a pizza with a microwave. There are two types of microwaves.

They include the standard traditional microwave and the microwave oven. The traditional microwave is the standard gadget that primarily functions to heat food.

It uses microwaves to heat foodstuffs rapidly and you cannot use it for baking.

On the other hand, a microwave oven is an upgrade to the routine microwave. This upgrade is the microwave convection mode that makes microwave ovens baking-friendly.

It would help if you had a microwave oven to bake pizza, cake, and cookies. You cannot bake with the regular simple microwave. 

A convection microwave oven combines the characteristics of an oven and a traditional microwave. It can heat foodstuffs to a temperature higher than a traditional microwave oven.

Consequently, you can heat your food, roast it, and bake it.

However, you’ll need more physical space than a standard microwave because the internal cooking surface is bigger than that of a standard microwave.

Additionally, a convection microwave oven will cook the outside of your pizza and the inside, making it crisp and brown.

However, this is not the case with a regular microwave that cooks only outside.

The main advantages of the Samsung convection microwave include:

  • Good distribution of heat and even cooking/baking
  • Preheating is faster
  • You can use it to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously
  • Saves you time when cooking 
  • Food is crispier
  • You can place food in multiple positions
  • Saves fuel
  • It opens downward, so you are less likely to get burnt.

Baking In the Convection Mode Properly

For you to bake pizza in your Samsung Microwave Oven, it must be in microwave convection mode.

When you put the microwave oven in the convection setting, you can bake pizza and other things like cookies, cakes, bread, and so on. 

The Samsung Convection Microwave can perform all the functions of a microwave – microwaving, grilling, and baking.

It has knobs indicating the following features:

  • Microwave
  • Grill
  • Convection 
  • Temperature
  • Timer
  • Settings button 
  • Power settings button – exclusively for microwave mode

It comes with a glass turntable, a motorized rotisserie which you use to recook meat, a circular low metal rack for baking functions, and a higher rack for grilling food.

When in convection mode, you can bake your pizza using the low circular metal rack upon which you keep the baking tray.

In this setting, your microwave will work just like an OTG oven. Therefore, you can use aluminum baking pans and tins, silicon glassware, ceramic ware such as ramekins, and other oven-safe bakeware.

Convection Mode Setting

This setting permits you to bake your pizza and anything else bakeable, unlike the traditional oven.

It would be best if you endeavored not to use microwave mode for baking your pizza as the inner part of the pizza won’t cook thoroughly.

#1. Preheating

This procedure involves taking your microwave wave to the desired temperature before keeping the cake pan and the batter or cooking sheet in it.

It would help if you preheated your convection microwave oven to 200 degrees Celsius, which should take about five minutes when in convection mode.

You can even preheat when just 5 minutes from completing your pizza dough. Always use oven gloves whenever you want to retrieve contents from the microwave oven because they are usually very hot.

Additionally, for better baking and browning, you can use the lower rack for baking. Always look out for the heating element and ensure it is in a horizontal position.

Then open the microwave oven door and position the low rack inside the microwave oven and on the turntable, ensuring that it is in the center and stable.

When you’re through the above step, close the oven door and then hit the convection button. By default, you’ll see a display showing “convection mode” 180 degrees Celsius (temperature).

After that, increase the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius by pressing the up button till you reach that figure on display.

The temperature range for the Samsung Microwave Oven is usually 40 to 200 degrees Celsius, and you can increase or decrease the temperature at an interval of 10 degrees Celsius.

You should input the temperature quickly, usually within five seconds, or it changes automatically to the cooking time setting.

#2. Baking

After you are done, proceed to press the ‘Start’ button. The turntable will begin to rotate, and the microwave oven will begin to heat. 

As soon as the oven gets to 200 degrees Celsius, the microwave oven will make a beep sound and display 200 degrees Celsius.

You should not press “Stop”; open the microwave oven door, keep the pizza dough inside and close the door.

Then, input the time you want, say 20 to 25 minutes, and press the “Start” button, which begins the baking process. 

The pizza will bake for between 20 to 25 minutes at 180 degrees. Celsius until the crust turns brown and the cheese melts.

When the pizza is ready, or when the time has elapsed, your microwave oven will flash and beep “End” four times. After that, the microwave oven will beep once a minute.

Don’t forget to take the pizza out of the convection microwave oven as soon as you finish baking. It would be best if you did not leave it in the oven.

Even though the microwave oven shuts down by itself, the heat is still inside. Your pizza may get over-baked and burnt.

As soon as the pizza is cooked, it would help if you took it out of the microwave oven and put it on a serving plate.

Then leave it for about four to five minutes to cool down. After that, you can slice your sumptuous pizza for incredible chewing activities.


The Samsung Microwave Oven has three different functional modes. The microwave mode is the most basic model, and all traditional microwave ovens can perform this function of heating foodstuffs.

It also has the grilling mode for meat, vegetables, cottage cheese, and so on. Finally, it has the convection mode, the only setting where you should bake your pizza.

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