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Whirlpool duet dryers are modern front-load dryers with a control lock feature. It is mainly for homeowners who have children.

This feature helps to stop them from being able to operate the start button on the control board. It also prevents an unintentional operation of the machine if someone brushes by it.

So, how do you unlock this control lock on your Whirlpool duet dryer?

Whirlpool duet dryers have a lockable control panel which disables the function of all other buttons on the dryer. When activated, long-press the control lock key for three seconds to unlock the control lock feature. The control lock works regardless of whether the dryer is running or not. 

How Do I Fix Locked Dryer Control Feature on Whirlpool Duet Dryer?

Before you use the dryer again after activating the control lock, you will need to unlock the dryer to start a dry cycle. Press the Cancel button to end the dryer cycle if the dryer is on a cycle. 

The next thing to do is find the control lock button, which is mainly on the right side of the Whirlpool duet dryer.

After seeing it, press and hold it in for three seconds. This action will deactivate the control key and give you complete control over the other buttons on the dryer. 

How To Reset Whirlpool Duet Dryer Lock Control?

After activating the lock control button, deactivating it could become challenging in rare situations. You don’t have to worry or panic as though your dryer is in bad shape.

Here is what you should do instead:

#1. Reset the Control Lock Button

Resetting the control lock on the Whirlpool duet dryer is very straightforward.

Normally, the control lock is unlocked by pressing the correct buttons, such as the dedicated control key option and the cancel button, for three seconds.

Then, the control lock is released and turns off the bright LED display light. 

However, to reset the Whirlpool duet dryer control lock, turn off the dryer as a whole by disconnecting it from the power supply.

Then, please wait for a few minutes and turn it on. After that, the control lock issue should be fixed, including minor errors and problems. 

#2. Factory Reset The Dryer

You could also factory reset your Whirlpool duet dryer if a simple on and off does not deactivate the control lock.

First, disconnect the dryer from the power source by unplugging your dryer or turning off the circuit breaker.

Since it has two breakers, ensure that both circuit breakers are turned off from the power source if you decide to turn off the breakers. 

The next step is to test the dryer to ensure it is completely disconnected from the circuit breaker or power and has no electricity running through it.

Then, gently push some buttons randomly on the dryer to check if it will let out a sound, blink or show light. 

After this, wait for at least 10 minutes to allow the dryer to cool down and reset entirely on its own. You could also let the dryer go unplugged for a few hours or the whole night.

When you are ready to turn the dryer back on, plug the dryer into an electrical outlet or turn on the two circuit breakers.

The light on the dryer should come up, and the LED light shows the control lock padlock symbol unlocked. 

However, you have to wait a few more minutes to allow the memory and system reset. Once this is done, the factory reset process should be complete and unlock your control lock.

Why Is My Whirlpool Duet Dryer Stuck On Control Lock?

A whirlpool duet dryer could get stuck on the control lock feature if other parts or buttons on the dryer are faulty, and this is quite common.

For instance, the main control board, a small computer that controls the duet dryer, could get stuck, defective, or run into an operating error.

 This action requires you to reset the control board before using the dryer again. Here’s how to fix the main control board:

Unplug the dryer from the power source and wait for 30 minutes. This period is the minimum amount of time needed for the reset.

The next thing to do is plug the dryer back in and look out for the control lock feature to see if it has been reset.

If resetting the main control board does not clear the control lock feature, you should replace it. 

For the replacement, you will need a set of screwdrivers to open the main control board. When you get the screwdrivers, unlock the dryer, and unscrew the screws on the dryer’s top panel.

Next, remove the dryer panel, then unplug the main control board and cable harnesses being connected to it. 

Unthread the screws on the main control board and slide in a new control board while you slide out the old control body using a knife to pop it out.

After this, cover back the top panel and drive in all the screws. Again, your owner’s manual should give you a more detailed step-by-step guide on doing this.

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Whirlpool duet dryers are modern front-load dryers with a control lock function to limit usage and access to the dryer. However, the dryer may get stuck on the control lock.

Turn off the dedicated control lock button or turn the dryer off by pressing the control button for 3 seconds to unlock this feature. 

You can reset the whirlpool duet dryer. However, you may replace the control board to disable the control lock on the dryer. 

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