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It may sound strange to some people that cleaning your washing machine is actually a very important activity. Making use of a machine cleaner keeps it hygienic.

This article will highlight the benefits of two excellent washing machine cleaners you can always count on.

Affresh and Tide are both well-known washing machine cleaners. They have various ways to efficiently clean your washing machine by killing odor-causing bacteria and removing grime and scum. Although they function in similar ways, most people would pick one over another due to their varying characteristics.

Is Tide Washing Machine Cleaner The Same As Affresh?

Affresh Vs. Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

Your tide washing machine cleaner is different from the Affresh cleaner tablets. Although they are excellent washing machine cleaning agents, each has its advantages.

They are both produced by different companies and work in different ways to clean your machine.

 The tide washing machine cleaner is powder-ish, whereas Affresh comes in tablets. While the tide has a shelf life of approximately 18 months, Affresh has for two years.

Also, you can use tide only when trying to clean your top or front-loading machines, not for others.

However, Affresh serves for the top and front-loader washers and also washers of high efficiency. Affresh gives out a pleasant smell while tide, on the other hand, has a very strong smell.

In addition, Affresh is a slow dissolving cleaner, effectively cleaning out detergents and other residues.

 Tide, on the other hand, works faster, although it also cleans up your machine properly.

Affresh Vs. Tide Comparison Chart

FeaturesAffresh Washing Machine CleanerTide Washing Machine Cleaner
Nature/StateTablet formA powdered or liquid form 
Shelf-lifeTwo yearsOne year six months
Washing machines compatible withTop-loader, front-loader, and other high-efficiency and conventional machinesTop-loader and front-loader
Number per packSixFive

What Is Better, Affresh Vs. Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

Your washing machine can and will serve you for a long time if it is well maintained. Build up of residue leads to the growth of bacteria.

This action will get your washing machine dirty, less efficient, and prone to causing health problems.

Questions on how to prevent or curtail this have people looking for the best agent to keep their washers clean.

Affresh and tide are excellent machine cleaners but are products of different brands. They may work well as cleaning agents, but they are made of different things and work differently.

If you are looking for a cleaning agent to clean your machine entirely, then Affresh is the one for you. It has proven excellent results according to customers’ machine cleaner reviews.

It doesn’t just clean out mold and mildew, and it breaks down residue in your machine. Not forgetting the wonderful citrus smell it gives out. 

The ingredients used in making the Affresh washing machine tablets are environmentally safe, and it doesn’t have harsh chlorine bleach.

An added benefit is that Affresh can be used in cleaning your septic tank also. It is safe to be used in any compartment of your washer. 

Each package of Affresh contains six tablets with a shelf life of two years. It is also quite cheap and easy to find.

Affresh is very versatile and can be used in every type of washing machine. To use your Affresh tablet is relatively easy; all you have to do is;

  • Take out any piece of clothing from the machine.
  • Put the Affresh tablet in your washer tub. The tablet goes in the detergent dispenser drawer if it’s a front or top-loader washer.
  • Select the clean tub option to run the normal cycle. You’ll be left with your sparkling washing machine when this is done.
  • Run one more cycle to be extra sure there’s no residue left.

Affresh has been made so that it has the cleaning power to get into the valve, washer pump, filter, drain hose, basket, and wash tub.

It will efficiently clean out these places without causing damage to any of them.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also certified it as safe for your septic system, water supplies, pipes, and machine. 

Tide washing machine cleaner contains biodegradable surfactants, sodium carbonate, percarbonate, perfume, and sodium sulfate.

The ingredients it contains are effective for fighting and killing the bacteria-causing odor.

The surfactants work in releasing grime, the enzyme-based ingredients remove stains, and its overall composition makes it an excellent cleaner.

It can be trusted to clean out nooks and crannies you didn’t think possible to reach. It gets into the tiniest crevices and cleans them out completely.

It clears out stains and odor when used in your top or front-loading washing machine. Tide will leave your machine fresh scenting and, in turn, prevent bad odor from getting to your laundry.

Your tide washing machine cleaner comes in powder-ish or liquid form and has a shelf life of one year, six months maximum. 

Tide is usually used just for the front and top-loading machines. Be careful to ensure the tide doesn’t get on your clothes or in your eyes or mouth.

To use tide isn’t tasking either you have to;

  • First, you unload the washer and ensure there are no clothing items left inside.
  • Next, you turn the tide cleaner into the washer tub. Pour it in the detergent dispenser drawer if it’s a front loader.
  • Run it as usual on the normal cycle using the hot water option.
  • Tide usually has a very strong smell that isn’t usually pleasant. Your machine has to be rinsed a lot to erase the harsh smell to become better.

Before choosing any of these cleaners, you must confirm if it is compatible with your machine type.

You can check this using your washing machine instructions manual. It will detail the best way to get your machine cleaned and not damaged.

Another important thing to remember is that these cleaners work inside the machine. You will have to clean the house, the seal, and other parts of it the cleaners don’t touch to keep it completely clean.

Can You Use Tide Washing Machine Cleaner Instead Of Affresh?

Tide Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap, High Efficiency (HE), Original Scent, 64 Loads

There are situations where you don’t find an Affresh tablet at your local shop, and you want to get your washer cleaned.

Although Affresh is acclaimed as the best washing machine cleaner, what do you turn to when you don’t get it?

Other alternative washing machine cleaning agents include Tide, OxiClean odor blasters, and Glisten washer magic.

Tide is also a well-trusted washing machine cleaner. You can substitute with the tide if you can’t get the Affresh tablet.

Tide has been designed to remove residue and grime that your laundry has left behind. It also effectively freshens your machine by eliminating washing machine odor.

All you have to do is run your machine on a hot cycle with this cleaning agent for some time. The result of this will be a fresh-smelling and sparkling machine. 


An unclean washing machine makes it less effective and will be bad for your clothes. Affresh and tide are cleaning products that have been made available for you to prevent this.

They both effectively clean your washing machine and leave it shiny and scenting nice.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your Affresh or Tide washing machine cleaner today and keep your machine in good condition.

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