How Old Is My Kenmore Refrigerator? (This is How To Know)

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When you consider the age of some of your household appliances, you’d realize that they have stayed for some time. However, you can never be accurate with your guess, even if you’re sure.

When purchasing a new home with a refrigerator or a refrigerator from a shop, it’s quite likely that you’d be interested in gathering information regarding your appliance.

This process could be a bit demanding, but it’s good you know the date it is produced. 

You can know the Kenmore refrigerator manufacturing date by decoding the serial number in it or your refrigerator manual. And also, you can get to know how old your Kenmore refrigerator is by contacting the manufacturer.

How Can I Tell the Age of My Kenmore Refrigerator?

How Old Is My Kenmore Refrigerator

Telling how old your Kenmore refrigerator is by just seeing it can never be possible, even if you guess.

Below are ways you can use to know the manufacturing date of that refrigerator even if you didn’t purchase it:

#1. Serial Number

This process is the most frequent and accurate approach for determining the age of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Manufacturers of this brand have their coding system put in each refrigerator to identify it and built-in-date.

Although this procedure is time-consuming, it remains the best alternative. Every manufacturing organization has codes and interpretations, some of which are simple to understand.

#2. Internet Search Sites

This alternative solves the problem of the significant amount of time required to decode the serial codes.

You can avoid the issue of decoding, for which there is no guarantee that the result will be accurate.

Enter the product’s model and serial number into a website, where you will see the date when you enter the information about the refrigerator on a site that searches for codes online.

#3. Age of the House

It usually doesn’t work out to be accurate, but it can still be a method. Your refrigerator will be estimated based on the age of the building. But this method is not always accurate, as stated in most places.

#4. Refrigerator Manual

Some information about your refrigerator will be in the manuals with your devices. For example, the manufacturing date is usually in your refrigerator manual.

If you cannot locate the manual, you can meet the previous owners, who may have the manual. It’s most likely that they have information about the manual’s location or date of publication.

However, luck might not be on your side in getting the right answer. If the date is missing from the manual, there is a link to the manufacturer’s website to check.

#5. Contact the Manufacturer

If all other methods have failed you, you should only use this as a final resort. The only thing you need to do is get the serial and model number of your refrigerator.

If you provide the manufacturers with this data, they will respond with the information you require. 

If you cannot obtain your serial or model number, you can explain or even provide a picture of your refrigerator. There is a good chance they will recognize your product.

According to industry experts and sales representatives, the average lifespan of a refrigerator is ten years.

However, as new technologies emerge and manufacturers enhance the quality of their products, this is changing. As a result,  a refrigerator can stay up to 25 years if properly maintained.

How Old Is My Kenmore Refrigerator By Serial Number?

Knowing your Kenmore refrigerator manufacturing date through serial number can be confusing.

Below are a step-by-step process to getting to understand your serial number and decode it to know your production date:

#1. Search For the Model and Serial Number

Find the serial number and model number for the Kenmore refrigerator you consider purchasing or exchanging.

There are a few other places that it could be, such as on the front of the refrigerator base.

You can search through the top of your refrigerator or near the control panel. But serial numbers often may also be located on the door frame or inside the door itself.

#2. Know the Manufacturer 

Examining the refrigerator model number will allow you to identify the company that produced the device.

The term Kenmore is a brand that Sears uses; however, Whirlpool and Frigidaire are the companies that manufacture refrigerators.

The model numbers of the Kenmore refrigerator built by Whirlpool start with 106. And the model numbers of Kenmore washing machines built by Frigidaire start with 417.

#3. Decode Serial Number

To know the exact date it’s manufactured, your serial number has codes to show the month and year produced.

While the first and second digits indicate the week of manufacturing, the second Alpha indicates the year.

The first few digits of the serial number represent the manufacturer’s location and the year the product came.

The age of your Whirlpool or Frigidaire refrigerator can be determined by recognizing the serial number and deciphering the codes.

Whirlpool serial numbers are broken down into date codes if you understand how to decipher a Whirlpool serial number.

The following table below lists the Whirlpool date codes from 1990 and 2029. 


How Old Is My Kenmore Elite Refrigerator?

Knowing how old a Kenmore elite refrigerator is can help you predict how much further it will stay.

If the refrigerator needs repair, you’ll need to know its exact age to see if it’s still under warranty.

To know how old your Kenmore elite refrigerator is, you’d need to Decipher a code from the serial number.

To understand that better, check the procedure below.

#1. Locate Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Serial Number

To locate it, check your refrigerator side wall, door, or beneath the crisper. However, the serial number can be found on the bottom or inner door or door well of your refrigerator.

Kenmore Elite refrigerators have serial numbers that begin with two letters, followed by numbers.

#2. Decoding Your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Serial Number 

A Kenmore elite refrigerator serial number begins with its manufacturer’s name. The type of refrigerator is indicated by the second letter.

When a piece of equipment is made, it has a serial number that begins with the year and week. 

For example, the AB320 indicates that the appliance was built in April 2003. It’s not always easy to decipher. The 9 in an AB920 serial number could denote either 1999 or 2009. 

How Old Is My Kenmore Freezer?

Knowing your Kenmore freezer’s age is vital when purchasing a new or used one. Below are steps you can use to know how old your Kenmore freezer has stayed:

#1. Step 1

Locate the Kenmore freezer serial number. Regarding Kenmore,  the serial number can be in various locations.

Serial numbers are typically found on the interior wall of upright freezers, on the freezer body’s face frame. It could also be hidden below the toe kick plate of the freezer. 

#2. Step 2

The serial number should be noted down To ensure accuracy. Both numbers and the alphabet should be noted because it’s important.

A combination of numbers and alphabets on your serial number is useful for the next step.

#3. Step 3

Appliance411 can be used to check through your serial numbers. On the left-hand side, you’ll see “Appliance Age.”

Then, enter the brand, appliance type (freezer), model number, and serial number. “Find the age of your appliance by brand” and “All Appliances.” 

Then select the brand of freezer you have and look at the chart or key to see how old it is. If you still can’t find anything, double-check your letters and digits and try again.


The longevity of a refrigerator is dependable on the longer it stays. Most often, you should know how old your freezer is to help tell if it needs to be changed.

This article details the Kenmore refrigerator’s specific way of checking its manufacturing date. Kenmore refrigerators last up to 15 years if properly managed.

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