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Are you having trouble with your Kenmore Dishwasher 665? You may be unable to use it due to a minor glitch or keep getting error codes, which frustrate you.

You then think of a way to fix it: resetting it, but you don’t know how. Resetting it can restore it to its original factory settings and solve many of your dishwasher’s issues. 

Fortunately, resetting the Kenmore Dishwasher 665 is a relatively straightforward process that requires a few simple steps.

You can reset your Kenmore dishwasher 665 by ensuring it isn’t running any cycle, then unplugging it from the power cable. Next, leave it unplugged for 2 – 3 minutes for the current to leave the machine. Finally, the machine resets itself during this period and restores default settings. This is just one method of resetting it; there are others.

In this article, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process for resetting your Kenmore 665 dishwasher. 

We’ll also examine whether this model has a reset button and if a hard reset is possible.

How Do You Reset a Kenmore Dishwasher 665?

How To Reset Kenmore Dishwasher 665

If you’re having issues with the Kenmore dishwasher 665, one of the first things you can try is resetting the appliance. 

That can help fix common issues like clogs, leaks, or malfunctioning sensors. 

There are several methods of doing this, and I’ll take you through the step-by-step guide on resetting your Kenmore dishwasher 665.

Ways to reset your Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665.

#1. Select Cycle Reset Method

You often use this method when the general reset doesn’t work. Here’s a step-by-step guide using this way to reset your Kenmore dishwasher

  • You are to press three buttons consecutively. First is the select cycle button and the options, and the third is the heated dry button.
  • Next, you repeat the previous step two times.
  • Next, all the lights on your Kenmore dishwasher turn on.
  • After the lights come on, press the cancel/drain button.
  • Finally, a short test cycle will begin to ensure the machine works well. 

Ensure there are no errors while pressing the buttons; follow the right order. If you pause for a while or don’t do it properly. The test cycle won’t begin.

#2. Heated Dry Reset Method

You also use the heated dey reset method when you can’t get the desired result from a general reset. 

Here’s a step-by-step heated dry reset method.

  • Press the heated dry button, then the normal wash button. Don’t interchange them; follow the order. Don’t stop while pressing the buttons past a second.
  • Repeat the previous step, and press those buttons again. Let go of the buttons and ensure you properly latch the dishwasher’s door.
  • A short test cycle will start to reset the machine; if not, start the process and ensure you properly latch the door and button order.

#3. Pots and Pans Reset Method

You use this reset method because the previous reset method didn’t do the trick. 

Here’s how to do a step-by-step pot and oan reset.

  • First, press and hold the pots and pans button, then the normal wash button, and finally, a one-hour wash.
  • Next, repeat the previous step two more times. Ensure you follow the order while pressing the buttons, and don’t stop for more than a second.
  • Let go of the buttons and close your dishwasher door properly.
  • You will see the lights in your dishwasher if you get the process right.
  • Finally, a short test cycle will start to reset the machine.

Resetting your Kenmore dishwasher 665 can be an easy and effective way to troubleshoot problems with your appliance. 

If the methods above don’t work, you may need to contact a professional for further assistance. Remember always to prioritize your safety when handling electrical appliances.

Can You Hard Reset a Kenmore Dishwasher 665?

Yes, you can hard reset your Kenmore Dishwasher 665. A hard reset involves completely cutting off the power supply to the dishwasher and resetting all the components to their original settings.

It can help fix issues like error codes or malfunctioning buttons.

To hard reset your Kenmore dishwasher 665, turn off the power supply by unplugging it from the wall outlet. You can also shut off the circuit breaker that powers the dishwasher. 

Leave the power off for about 5-10 minutes to ensure all the dishwasher’s capacitors discharge. After the wait, turn the power back on by plugging it back in or turning on the circuit breaker.

That will initiate the hard reset process, and you should hear a series of beeps to indicate that the dishwasher is resetting. 

The dishwasher will then revert to its default settings, and you will need to reset the clock and any other personalized settings you may have had.

The table below shows the pros and cons of doing a hard reset for your Kenmore dishwasher 665.

It is easy to perform without tools.You lose your customized settings.
It helps resolve many issues like error codes, cycle issues, etc. It might not resolve complex issues requiring the aid of a professional.
You can restore the original settings with it, taking back unintended changes.

You should only perform a hard reset if you are experiencing serious issues with your dishwasher that cannot be resolved by simply restarting the cycle. 

If the issue persists after a hard reset, contacting a professional appliance repair service is best.

It’s worth noting that hard resetting your Kenmore dishwasher 665 will not fix any mechanical issues or broken parts. 

It simply resets the system and may clear any error codes causing issues. If your dishwasher is leaking, not draining, or making strange noises, a hard reset will not fix the problem.

However, a hard reset can be a simple solution for dealing with a minor issue like a stuck button or an error code. 

Just remember to disconnect the power supply completely to ensure a complete reset.

In addition to performing a hard reset, you can take other troubleshooting steps to address common issues with the Kenmore dishwasher 665. 

For example, if your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, you can try cleaning the filter, checking the drain hose for clogs, and ensuring the dishwasher is level. 

Similarly, if your dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes properly, you can check the spray arm for clogs or damage. Adjust the detergent amount, and ensure you’re loading the dishes properly.

Following these troubleshooting steps and performing a hard reset if necessary, you can keep your Kenmore dishwasher 665 runnings smoothly and efficiently. 

If you’re still experiencing issues after attempting these solutions, don’t hesitate to contact a professional repair service for help. 

With the right tools and expertise, they can help you identify and resolve any issues with your dishwasher and get it back to working like new.

Is There a Reset Button on the Kenmore Dishwasher 665?

No, there is no specific button on this model labeled as reset. However, because there is no assigned reset button on this model, it doesn’t mean it’s less, or you can’t do the reset.

You have to press some buttons to reset your Kenmore dishwasher 665 or do a hard reset.

A hard reset is a simple process requiring you to turn off the dishwasher’s power and turn it back on after a few minutes. 

However, in this case, where we want to press a reset button and voila, the error is gone; it doesn’t work that way with this model. 

With the hard reset, you don’t need to press any button, you need to unplug it for about five minutes, and your dishwasher is good.

Then plug it back into a power source, the dishwasher resets itself, and the error disappears. You should be able to proceed with your daily tasks with your Kenmore dishwasher 665.

Likewise, it’s fine if you go with pressing the buttons and following the different methods to reset it. Remember that there is no dedicated reset button for your Kenmore dishwasher 665.

By being familiar with the reset procedure, you can effectively troubleshoot and improve the functionality of your dishwasher. 

Always refer to the user manual and contact customer support if you need help.

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