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If you’ve ever owned a Kenwood dishwasher, you’ve likely seen the various symbols on the display. 

These symbols can be confusing and don’t allow you to maximize your dishwasher use, as you don’t understand the symbols.

These symbols provide helpful information about the current status of your dishwasher, and it’s important to know what they mean.

So what does Kenwood display symbols mean?

There are several display symbols buttons on the control panel of your Kenwood dishwasher. Some most important symbols are the start/pause button to indicate the cycle status; the on/off button to put on and off the machine. Some other symbols include; a rinse aid indicator, child lock, salt refill light, half load button, delay start button, etc.

In this article, I will explain the meaning of the symbols on your Kenwood dishwasher so you know its function and how to operate it.

By the end, these symbols will no longer be confusing to you. You can maximize the use of your dishwasher since you understand the display symbols.

What Are the Meanings of the Kenwood Dishwasher Display Symbols?

Kenwood Dishwasher Display Symbols Meaning

The display symbols on a Kenwood dishwasher can be confusing, especially if you’re using it for the first time. 

Here are the most common symbols and their meanings:

#1. Power symbol

You can also call this button the on/off button. This symbol looks like a circle with a vertical line at the top. It indicates when you turn on or off the dishwasher.

You press this button once to turn on the dishwasher, and you see the indicator light on this button come on. 

You press this same button to turn it off, and the light goes off when the dishwasher goes off.

#2. Display Window

You will find the display window of your Kenwood dishwasher in the center of the display panel. It is in a rectangular window with a code of some sort. 

You can see your dishwasher’s current program time (remaining time), the delay start time, and even error codes in the display window. 

This symbol is very important as it helps you track what you’re doing in your dishwasher. 

In the case of an error code that’s displayed, it gives you an idea of what’s wrong with your Kenwood dishwasher.

The table below shows possible Kenwood dishwasher error codes and their meaning.

Error CodesMeaning
E1The water tap is off. It can be a damaged flow meter.
E3 / E6 / E7 (depending on the model).Error caused by faulty temperature control or heating element.
E4This error occurs when one area of the machine floods.
F1This error is a result of flooding. You have to check to know the cause.
F2The error is because of a pipe block or a filter problem.

There are different error codes you can get. The key is understanding the code so you can fix it.

#3. 1/2 Half Load Button

When you press the 1/2 button on your Kenwood dishwasher, you select the washing cycle as half load. 

You use this button when you have a smaller dish load so the machine knows and the indicator light turns on. The indicator light is above a 1/2, different from the 1/2 button.

You can save energy and water by pressing the button. 

#4. Rinse Aid Refill Indicator

The rinse aid refill symbol is like a dotted circle with a star shape, like a water droplet. You see the indicator light above this shape come up when you need to refill the rinse aid refiller.

Without the rinse aid, the dish drying performance will reduce. The rinse aid indicator location may vary depending on your Kenwood dishwasher model. 

However, you find most of the indicator lights together.

#5. Salt Refill Indicator

The indicator light is close to the rinse aid and 1/2 half load indicator lights. This indicator shape is like a container with an S in the container.

This indicator is a warning when the salt refill reservoir is low. The salt helps soften the water, so you know what to do when this indicator light comes up in this area.

#6. Delay Start Button

When you see a clock or timer on your Kenwood dishwasher, you should know that this symbol indicates the delay start button.

This symbol allows you to delay the start of the dishwasher by a few hours up to a day. This feature is useful if you want to run the dishwasher during off-peak hours to save on energy costs.

You press this button to delay your start time by one hour. You press it the number of times you want to delay the start time.

#7. Program Button

To recognize the program button, you’ll see a P on the display of your Kenwood dishwasher. 

You press this button to switch between the available cycles and see the selected program light on to show which wash program is active.

There are seven wash programs on your Kenwood dishwasher, and they are:

#1. 3 in 1 / P1

When you see a 3 in 1 written on your dishwasher display, know it is a program button. 

When you set your dishwasher to this program, you should place plates, glasses, and pots with a light stain. This cycle uses less water and energy compared to some other wash cycles.

#2. Intensive / P2

The intensive wash symbol looks like a pot with a cover. You set your dishwasher to intensive when you want to wash heavily soiled dishes, pots, and pans. 

Setting your dishwasher on P2 will consume more water and energy.

#3. Normal/ P3

The normal wash display symbol on your Kenwood dishwasher is dishes stacked on each other. 

You use this washing program for plates, pans, pots, and glasses that are stained normally. This wash cycle consumes normal energy and water.

#4. Economy / P4

The display symbol for the P4 is eco on the dishwasher. You use this wash cycle for lightly soiled dishes, pans, etc. 

Although this cycle consumes less water and energy than the other wash programs, it takes longer to complete the cycle.

#5. Rinse / P5

The display symbol for this wash cycle is a plate with three droplets of water about to drop on the plate. You use this program for dishes that you need to rinse or dry.

You also use this wash cycle for dishes that are soiled lightly and don’t require excellent drying efficiency.

#6. Glass / P6

This wash program display symbol is a glass icon. You use the P6 to wash lightly soiled glasses, crystals, and china without scratching them.

#7. Soak / P7

The soak icon is a plate with two water droplets about to drop. You use this wash cycle to pre-wash your pans, pots, and dishes while waiting for the full load to be ready.

With these programs, you can select how you want to do your dishes and the washing you want to apply. 

You can get more details about the wash program in the Kenwood dishwasher user manual.

#8. Start / Pause Button

You use this button to start or pause and confirm whatever wash program you select on your Kenwood dishwasher. This symbol icon is the same start or pause icon we’re familiar with.

#9. Water Tap Indicator

The water tap display icon is a faucet icon. You see the indicator light flashing when there is a problem with the water supply or water level sensor. 

You see the light on when the water isn’t on.

#10. Child Lock Symbol

The icon used to represent the child lock symbol is a lock sign. You hold down this button for three seconds to activate it, and your children won’t be able to open the dishwasher.

You hold down the button to deactivate this lock. You can prevent potential hazards that way. The indicator light comes up when activated. 

Understanding the display symbols on your Kenwood dishwasher can make using it easier and more efficient. 

Take time to familiarize yourself with the symbols, and refer to the user manual if you’re unsure about anything.

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