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Within a few minutes, your breakfast is ready! The feeling of toasting and eating your sandwich pieces of bread or bagels from your toasting machine is exhilarating.

Of course, you love toasting when your appliance is in good condition. But what happens when your KitchenAid toaster is not staying down? 

You may be worried about a meal that should take less time. The problem with your toaster may lead to asking why your KitchenAid’s toaster will not stay down.

KitchenAid toasters won’t stay down when there’s an issue with the lever. Toasters are simple appliances and are not expensive. However, when the toaster refuses to stay down, it can be out of power, the power cord is wet, or you didn’t clean the crumbs completely. Also, a fault may come from the fuse and switches when the element burns. 

Toaster Lever Not Staying Down?

KitchenAid Toaster Not Staying Down

A toaster lever won’t stay down if one side of your toaster won’t go down. In addition, your appliance’s lever will develop faults when you use one part rather than the other.

Also, the presence of assembled latching crumbs along the way of the magnet will not permit the lever to go down.

And lastly, your toaster may not be connected to power in the first place. So, check the plug to confirm if your toaster is in power.

Why Won’t My Toaster Stay Down?

Your toaster won’t stay down when there’s an issue with the lever. Also, If the toaster is functioning and one of the bread carriers will not stay down, it may affect the bread.

Checking the heating coils, if it does not turn on when the handle is down, the springy electrical connections may be housing debris and unable to send electrical current to the electromagnet and the elements.

Also, the toaster could be out of alignment if the latching mechanism is absent.

Depending on your toaster, it could come with a mechanical or bi-metallic controlled latch or detent. Unplug it from alignment jammed with debris if this happens.

A bi-metallic controlled latch contains two pieces of dissimilar metal, one of which expands quicker than the other when heated.

This causes its movement and bends it, and it runs the thermostat mechanism on that type of toaster this way.

What Stops A Toaster From Staying Down?

When the toaster’s lever is not going down, perhaps you use one side of a toaster more frequently than the other; it may affect your toaster.

Other things are stopping your toaster from going down like a wet cord. Not cleaning toaster after frequent usage and rough handling.

The crumbs will hinder the magnet from holding down.

Ways To Prevent A Toaster From Not Staying Down.

#1. Hygiene

Clean the toaster’s crumbs regularly. Avoid breadcrumbs from piling up due to frequent use. Assembly of latching crumbs can hinder the magnet from holding down.

And when the crumbs are in the way of the electromagnet, it stops the lever from staying down.

#2. Delicate Handling

Take caution when handling your toaster. When the lever does not stay down, avoid forcing it. Instead, handle it with care by gargling slightly or a simple flip.

#3. Power Cord Protection

Make sure the cord of your appliance shouldn’t sit in water or get wet. To prevent corrosion, ensure the power cord is always dry.

#4. Owner’s Manual

Always check your owner’s guide when an issue comes up. There are so many problems with solutions in the manual.

#5. Avoid Worn Out Toaster

Toaster remains a common appliance and is well affordable. Rather than managing a worn-out toaster, try to get a new one. Getting a new one will reduce your stress.

How Do You Fix a Toaster Lever That Won’t Stay Down?

Toasters are used among other appliances. Unfortunately, there are some days you use it more than once. So, when the lever of your toaster fails to go down and pops back up, it can be frustrating. 

However, you don’t need to fret. Fixing a toaster can be very simple since the problem is not from the electrical system.

Also, if the toaster is not in any power unit, it will not go down. Nonetheless, if the issue is not from the power, you need to get your screwdriver and piece of cloth to look for further reasons.

Let’s look at the steps to fix a lever that won’t go down.

#1. Step One

Check if your toaster connects to a power source. Often, we think we have plugged in an appliance, only to find out the switch is off later on.

And other times, there may be issues with the wiring system.

Also, if you are a heavy sleeper, you may need to have your eyes cleared from sleep before plugging your machine. The latter may sound funny. But it’s the truth.

#2. Step Two

The cord examination step. The cord may be rusted due to staying in the water. In addition, try to examine the relationship between your appliance and the power cord.

Also, check the wires to ascertain that they are not exposed. If the problem is from the cord, you may need to buy another toaster.

#3. Step Three 

Discard the clump of crumbs in your toaster. You will observe there’s a magnet in your machine. If your toaster is full of debris, the magnet will hold down the lever.

Unfortunately, latching crumbs assemble due to frequent usage. To fix this, shake your machine delicately or flip it upside down. 

#4. Step Four

After applying the first three steps, try to move down the lever again easily. If the issue persists, open it to the air blower.

The crumbs should be loose by now and easily discarded with the aid of a blower. 

#5. Step Five

Try to connect it to the power outlet. Your toaster should be free from debris by now. But what if it doesn’t? You will need to inspect the magnet.

The electromagnet may be exhausted if your appliance is an old one. You can fix this problem by removing the electromagnet and replacing it with a new one. 

And if you don’t know the position of the magnet, get your owner’s guide to finding the position. Next, it’s time to unscrew the carriage lever to see the electromagnet.

Finally, the moment you replace the electromagnet, assemble your toaster.

#6. Step Six

With the aid of the screwdriver, unscrew the front cover of your toaster to see the inside. This time, you should look out for the spring. 

The spring is responsible for making the lever lock in position when functioning. When the spring releases, your bread will pop backward.

Check your owner’s guide to see the type of spring that comes with your toaster. If the spring has faded, you need to replace it. After changing the old one, assemble your toaster and plug it. 

Nevertheless, if your appliance refuses to work after trying all these steps, you may need to call a professional to examine it.

But then, you may need to buy a new one if you compare the charges with the amount of purchasing a new toaster.


Toasters are appliances that produce our toast bread. It’s interesting to use when it’s in good condition.

However, if it’s not staying down, remove the carriage lever, check the magnet, discard the crumbs and always ensure it’s plugged in power. 

Always go through your owner’s guide to check the location of the parts. Lastly, adequate maintenance will increase the lifespan.

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