Are LG TV Power Cords Universal? (Read This First)

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LG is a company known for manufacturing electrical home appliances such as dishwashers, cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, radios, TVs, etc.

LG TVs are one of the best in the market with good picture quality. LG TVs also provide organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), making them impossible to beat amongst a host of other features.

Power cords are electrical cables that connect an appliance to the primary source of electricity through an extension cord or a wall socket.

Lg TV power cords are universally agreeable. They sit well with TVs that use the IEC connector cables; these are cables that meet the International Electrotechnical Commission standards). You can use it for three-pin devices as well.

Are All LG TV Power Cords The Same?

Saying all LG TV power cords are the same can be likened to saying all phone chargers are the same, which is impossible.

All LG TVs do not have the same power cable cord.

Older versions of LG TVs use an IEC C13 cable, which is what you may see on an electric kettle. Newer ones use an IEC C7 cable as they consume less power.

Specifically, there are four kinds of power cords that you can easily differentiate. In addition, some LG TVs have cables that are not removable.

These power cords possess different electric currents or voltages, of which some may be higher than others.

They can be used synonymously if the pattern of the connector at the end of the cable fits the TV, and if the line provides accurate current and voltage.

What Power Cable Does An LG TV Use?

Various trademarks use standard power cords for their different electronic products. However, each varies in shape, current rating, size, volt, connector type, etc.

Globally, there are about 15 types of power cords capable of transferring electric current from the power source to an electric device. 

The power cable cord used by LG TVs is the AC power cable. It is also called the C5 cloverleaf connector, which has a three-pin plug because of its shape.

Certain things are to be considered when selecting AC power cords, such as the current rating, which is the amount of current that the cable can carry without overheating.

However, this is dependent on conditions like electrical resistance, current frequency, etc.

You should also consider the rated voltage; this is a requirement to note when choosing AC  power cords.

Voltage is the difference in electrostatic potential between two points, measured in volts.

The rated voltage tells how much voltage a cable can use to run safely. The voltage rating of a power cord affects the pattern of the cable.

Therefore, AC  power cords are best used for most electronic devices because they remove electronic noise, protect the device from specific hazardous voltages, and reduce heat(heat reduces the service life of electronic devices). 

Does It Matter What Power Cord I Use?

Generally speaking, any power cable that fits your TV outlet can be used, but the current rate differs. All power cords do not have the same current.

Their rating is according to the maximum amperage they are capable of carrying.

It doesn’t matter what power cord you use as long as it has the correct polarity and the voltage and current are equal to that of the TV.

As long as there are sufficient amps, the TV would be OK, but special care has to be taken to ensure the wrong cord isn’t used to prevent damaging your TV.

Always check that the cable you’re about to use can carry the right amount of current drawn by the TV.

You can see this in the owner’s manual and compare it with the cable’s specifications. 

Can I Use A Different Power Cable?

You can use power cables synonymously in the same regions. Countries where LG TVs are manufactured usually have distinct voltages.

If your TV was gotten from another country, checking your cable to see if it is compatible with the country’s voltage is necessary.

Using a power cable cord with a lower voltage could cause a reduction in the service life of your TV, or it could cause it to malfunction.

Certain TVs require a power adapter. These power adapters convert alternating current(AC) to direct current (DC) required by your TV.

Using the wrong power cord causes damage to your TV, especially if there is a power adapter between the TV and its outlet.

You can use a different power cable for your TV as long as it has the same connector. Also, you can check the label on the back of your TV to know if the voltage is the same.

Unfortunately, some power cable cords have certain specifications that make them impossible to be used for other TVs.

What Do I Do If I Lose My TV Power Cord?

Your TV can’t function without the power cord. Therefore, you should pay the following factors due attention before replacing your power cord:

  • Volt: This is the electric pressure.
  • Amp: This is the amount of electrical current the cable draws.
  • Watts: The amount of electrical power drawn by the cable.
  • Classification code of the cord
  • The plug end.

If it gets lost, you should replace it without hesitation. I will enumerate a few steps you can take to get a replacement.

#1. Contact Your Customer Service

Your customer service number is in the user’s manual, or you can check the website online. In addition, you can reach out to the manufacturer through the service number.

If your TV is under warranty, you can replace your power cord for free. If your TV isn’t under warranty, it will be sold to you.

However, it is always more expensive if purchased from your manufacturer.

#2. Search The Internet

On the internet, you can find many electrical parts dealers that have a large variety of power cords. I’ll recommend your manufacturer’s website or amazon.

You can get it at a cheaper rate online. Make sure you know the make and model of your TV to avoid purchasing the wrong power cable cord.

#3. Look Out For An Electronics Store In Your Locality

You must know the model of your TV to purchase the correct power cable from the electronics store.

If you do not see the model of your TV, take a picture of the port behind your TV to enable easy identification of the pattern of the power cable.

Also, check if the power cord has the same voltage as your TV.

Do not try to open your TV in a bid to replace your power cord on your own because if you do, you’re exposing yourself to the risk of electric shock.

Instead, you should take it to a repairman who is qualified.


Power cords can either be fixed or removable from your TV.

A TV set cannot function without a power cord. It’s responsible for transmitting electricity from a power supply source to the TV.

It’s best to use the power cable that comes with your TV. Do not try using a thin power cord for your TV.

Power cords are not considered universal because they all have different voltage ratings that vary between various regions.

This is because the manufacturing companies at different locations produce TVs with different power cable types. For instance, Europe and America use different voltages.

As a result of this, power cables are not considered universal.

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