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LG washing machines are durable and come in luxurious designs. The front-load washing machines have varying designs ranging from different wash cycles to safety features.

However, when your LG washer detects something wrong, like a power surge, it displays error codes to warn you of irregularities in the washer. 

This article will discover how one of these LG washer error codes, the red lock symbol, works. It is also known as the red washer key.

First, what is the red lock symbol in LG front-load washing machines?

They usually display when you turn on the child lock button. Its symbol is a red key on the display screen. Other reasons that may cause your washer’s red key to display are when your washer is in motion. For example, if the water level is too high or there is a power surge.

What Does the LG Washing Machine Red Lock Symbol Mean?

LG washing machine red lock symbol

The LG washing machine red lock symbol is a crucial symbol that displays when the washer door is locked.

The washing machine door lock secures the clothes inside the washer during a wash cycle.

It activates once you press the child lock button. It also protects you from harm, especially if the water in the washer is of high temperature. 

It also signifies that you activated your washing machine’s child lock button.

Why Does My LG Washing Machine Display Red Lock Symbol?

Washing Machine Red Lock Symbol

Though there are different reasons your washing machine displays a red lock symbol, the main reason is the child lock button.

Here are some of the reasons your LG washer displays the red washer key:

#1. The Child Lock 

Holding your washer child lock button for three to five minutes will activate the red lock symbol.

The lock keeps you or your kids from danger or accessing the washing machine during use. According to LG, the lock feature comes on to keep harm from its user.

#2. Laundry Too Hot

If the washing machine’s content is still hot, it may cause blisters on your skin if you try to access it. Eventually, the washer’s red key displays to keep the door locked until it is safe to access it. 

#3. Broken Latch

A broken latch in the washer can trigger the red washer key to display. A jammed latch can keep you from opening the door.

Therefore, it is a result of a loose or broken door latch. Please turn off the washer, slightly raise the door handle, and pull it to open the door.

Keep repeating this process until your washer door opens. 

#4. Stuck Door 

A cloth can also get stuck in the door latch, which can jam the door and trigger the red lock symbol. Again, you must move the door handle to get the clothes unstuck.

#5. Water Still Draining Out

In this case, the child lock function will activate due to the water still draining from the washer. The draining is usually not a problem for washing machines as it is a procedure in a washer.

Once all the water in the washer is gone, you can proceed to open the washer.

Once you engage the child lock feature, you will not be able to use any functionality in the washing machine apart from the power button.

How Do I Fix the LG Red Lock Display?

According to LG, the red lock display is easy to resolve. Though this may be true, the easy fix might not work for you.

Below are different ways to fix your washer’s red key display. You do not need expertise or many tools for the repairs.

Tools you will need are:

#1. The Simple Fix

This solution works for the newer front-load washing machines. To turn off the child lock function: 

  • Press the child lock button and hold it for three to five seconds. 
  • This action will disable the child lock function and give you access to the door and other button functions. 
  • However, if the child lock button is unavailable in your appliance, press the temp and spin buttons.
  • Hold both buttons till the child lock feature goes off and the latch clicks. It indicates that the door is unlocked.
  • If this does not work, disconnect the washer from its power source for five to ten minutes.
  • Turn the appliance on and retry the process again.

#2. Running a Drain Cycle 

The child lock function keeps you from operating other buttons and opening the door. Therefore you will be unable to turn off the child lock function until the wash cycle is complete.

To try this solution, ensure the wash cycle is complete: 

  • Then, turn on the washing machine if you turn it off.
  • Press the Spin speed dial to set the Drain cycle. However, this does not force the washer to drain. If this is unavailable in your LG model, press and hold the Cancel/Drain button.
  • Press the start button to start the drain cycle in the appliance. After the cycle is complete and you have drained the water, the door will unlock.

#3. Drain the Washer Manually

  • Disconnect the appliance from the power source so the energy dissipates. Ensure there is no source of electricity connected to the washer. The sensors in the machine will turn off as soon as you disconnect them.
  • Since you may be forcing the door open, place towels and short buckets near the washing machine. Washers hold from ten to 45 gallons of water, therefore, opening the door may release a large amount of water. The water will likely pour out of your machine, so you should be ready to clean up the water as it comes out. 
  • After some time, open the door. Once you disconnect the machine from the power source, you can open the door. As you open the door, you might hear a click. The latch’s sound unlocks, so you can also hear the click when turning off the washer. 
  • Drain the water in the tub of the washer. Also, check the latch for any default. Next, empty the water into the buckets and towels until there is no water in the tub. Use extra towels to dry up the moisture in the appliance. Also, check the water lines for any clogs. 
  • After cleaning up, close the washing machine door. Plug the washer into the power source and turn on the washer. Run a new cycle and test the child lock feature to check if the issue persists. 
  • You successfully resolve the issue if you can disable the child lock function. If not, check other parts of the washer or contact an expert.


The red lock symbol in your washing machine means the washer is in the child lock function.

It is a safety feature in LG machines to protect you or your children from opening the door when the machine is running a cycle.

You can wait for the cycle to complete or run a drain cycle to unlock the door.

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