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Bissell products have become the most sought-after mop-vacuum cleaner, and everybody thinks it is effective and easy to use.

It is pricey and mostly uses the recommended Bissell solution formula, which is not very affordable for many individuals.

But the good news is you can reduce costs by using other alternative cleaning solutions.

Although Bissell recommends using solutions like Bissell multi-surface cleaning formula, spot cleaning formula, and carpet cleaning formula, they don’t restrict the use of any other solutions. You can use alternative solutions like bleach, vinegar, carpet shampoo, alcohol rub, etc. But if used within the warranty date, it will void the warranty.

What Else Can I Use in my Bissell Crosswave?

Bissell Crosswave Solution Alternative

Bissell solutions are sometimes inaccessible and costly. There are plenty of solutions to choose from if you want to opt for an alternative.

You can use vinegar, alcohol rub, bleach, generic floor cleaners like zoflora, or even effective homemade cleaning solutions.

All these products are affordable cleaning products you can choose. 

#1. Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a good alternative because of its disinfecting ability. It has an appealing scent and can be used on almost any surface if diluted well.

Studies show that vinegar can kill germs and, most especially, has small or no effect on surfaces.

#2. Castile Soap

Sometimes people have said Castile soap is not very effective; the truth is it is a good alternative.

Castile soap was produced primarily for the skin and not for floors. But Castile soap is effective for cleaning oily or greasy floors, especially if mixed with baking soda.

#3. Other Cleaning Solutions

Numerous cleaning solutions can serve as alternatives for Bissell solutions. Other solutions like Lysol, Mr-clean,.pini-sol, etc.

But ensure to read the instructions and know the surface it is meant for before you buy them.

Can you Use Any Solution in my Bissell Crosswave?

Bissell recommends using their many cleaning solutions, which come with different effective formulas made solely for Bissell cleaner.

But you can use other solutions on your Crosswave if you find it hard to pay for these recommended cleaners.

You can use solutions like bleach, vinegar, essential oil, etc. But ensure to wash the machine thoroughly after use.

The Bissell Crosswave comes with a warranty ranging from 90days to over five years, eligible for all customers.

Some terms and conditions make it eligible. To ensure the continuity of your warranty, you need to use the Bissell cleaner with just the Bissel cleaning solutions.

If you use other cleaning products, you will void the warranty. You need to consider the surface you intend on cleaning.

It will help if you remember that you can only use the solutions on certain surfaces.

When certain chemicals are used on dyed materials, no matter how you vacuum, you will notice Color change with time.

But if you don’t mind losing your warranty, using alternatives is a good choice.

Bleach is a good alternative. If you decide to use bleach, you must dilute it to reduce its concentration and effect.

If not diluted properly can cause discoloration on surfaces. Don’t forget that bleach will not be good for every surface.

You can use other solutions on a Crosswave, but you need to choose carefully (check table 1 for the pros and cons of using other solutions on a Crosswave).

Make sure you dilute them properly before use and rinse the Crosswave cleaner.

It is less expensive You will void your warranty 
It is very accessible It can affect specific solutions if not diluted properly 
You can use one solution for multiple surfaces without any problem.It can affect the cleaner if not rinsed well.
pros and cons of using alternative solutions on a Crosswave.

Can I Use Fabuloso in my Crosswave?

You can use Fabuloso in a Crosswave. But be mindful of the type of surface you use it on. Using Fabuloso on carpets is not advisable, as it’s best for use on hard floors.

If you want to clean your carpet, you can use the Bissell 78H63 deep cleaning concentrated carpet shampoo or other carpet shampoos.

Can you use  Bissell Crosswave with Just Water?

Water is the best option on a Bissel if you don’t want to void your warranty. You can use just water when there is not much dirt on the surface you are cleaning.

But using just water would be effective in cleaning and cannot give the sparkle you need after cleaning.

The Bissell Crosswave is best to use a cleaning solution and then water to rinse. Using just water is just rinsing and not cleaning.

But if you want water, don’t use it for a long time, as you might miss the best cleaning experience.

Using only water is cost-effective. Bissell solutions will cost well over $12-$42 per one. Since it comes with different formulas, you will buy more than one for each surface and pay more.

Bissell Cleaning Solution Formula Price
Bissell professional spot + oxy formula$14
Bissell Febreze with gain oxy full-size machine formula eliminator with oxy$19
Bissell professional pet urine eliminator with oxy and Febreze carpet cleaner$42
Bissell 78H63 deep clean pro 2× deep cleaner$45
Bissell household floor cleaner formula $26
Prices of some Bissell cleaning solutions

How do I Get the Most Out of my Bissell Crosswave?

To get the best out of a Bissell Crosswave, you must know the type of solution, how to operate the Bissell Crosswave and what to do after use. 

#1. Bissell Solutions

Bissell produced a lot of cleaning formulas that are useful for different surfaces. It would be best if you did not use a solution meant for hard floors for carpet or your car interior. Check instructions before you buy.

#2. How to Use Bissell Crosswave

  • You start by filling the water tank. Use warm water for the best cleaning experience. There are lines at the back of the tank regarding how much water to clean solutions to use. It depends on the area you want to clean.
  • After filling the tank, put it back into the machine and ensure it fits in to avoid leaks.
  • Turn the machine on and select the floor type you intend to clean. Press HARD FLOOR for hard floors and RUG for rugs, carpet, etc. 
  • Check if the solution is flowing. Before using the machine, press the trigger button for at least 10 seconds and check if the LED light is one. If it is, you will notice bubbles on the brush roll window.
  • The Crosswave can help you control how much water reaches the door. To clean the floor, press the trigger as you go over and release while you go back. So if you notice a lot of water on the floor, you need to press the trigger slightly and vice versa.
  • After cleaning for some time, you notice a high-pitched sound from the machine, check the dirty water tank, and throw it away.

#3. How to Maintain my Bissell Crosswave

You must maintain the machine to get the best out of your Bissell Crosswave. You can maintain the Crosswave by cleaning the Crosswave after use and storing it properly.

Let’s go through a few steps.

  • When you finish cleaning, always remember to use the self-cleaning cycle to clean the machine. Ensure to plug in the charger if you are using a cordless machine. If there is not enough solution in the clean water tank, then fill it to the level of the self-clean graphics, preferably with warm water.
  • Press the self-clean button on the machine and allow it to clean for 30 seconds. If the dirty water tank gets filled up during the cleaning process, empty it, remove the pet hair, rinse it, and reinsert it. Then press the self-clean button to continue cleaning.
  • When the cycle is over, empty the dirty water and rinse it alongside the filter. After washing and rinsing all components, allow it to dry and reassemble.
  • Store it in a protected dry area.

#4. Tips and Tricks

  • There is no need to vacuum before using a Crosswave. It washes and cleans at the same time.
  • Activate RUG mode for challenging grime surfaces.
  • To dry the floor faster, run the machine on the floor without pressing the trigger.
  • Ensure to clean mud on the rug before using Crosswave. Rinse brush from time to time when cleaning dirty muddy, hard floors.
  • To clean the brush roll, put the Crosswave on a storage tray after filling the tank with clean water and press the trigger until it’s clean.
  • Change the brush roll every six months.
  • Rinse the dirty water tank, brush, roll, and brush chamber after use for best results. Allow the components t ok dry before you assemble. 

Final Thoughts

Bissell cleaning solutions are effective cleaning solutions that give the best cleaning experience.

But it can be inaccessible or even cost more; hence, you settle for other products as alternatives. But be mindful of the alternative you choose, as it can affect the surface you clean and the machine.

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