Citristrip Paste Vs. Gel: All You Need To Know!

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Regarding home management and decor, every homeowner wants to get the best out of the products they have invested in.

One such product is the Citristrip paste, which homeowners use to remove dry scapes of latex, wood, and metals on the wall.

Even though it seems the most efficient, the Citristrip gel is another good option. If you are stuck deciding which Citristrip is best, read on to find out.

Citristrip paste and gel are both highly efficient paint removers. However, the Citristrip paste ranks higher than the gel due to its high efficiency, working time of 24- 48 hours, and suitability for application on multiple layers. The Citristrip paste is also affordable and accessible. Nevertheless, the Citristrip gel is also a good option with outstanding features.

This article makes a detailed comparison of these two Citristrip brands to help you make an informed choice. I will cover their features and prices and help you choose the best.

Is Citristrip Paste Better than Gel?

Citristrip Paste Vs. Gel

While Citristrip paste is a highly efficient removal of oil-based paints and dried latex, you can also use it to remove newly painted metals and wooden equipment.

To this effect, consumers have not been able to determine if it is better than the gel, which has racked up debate over time.

One of the major differences between Citristrip paste and gel is the price range. While Citristrip paste costs $26, the gel usually costs around $30 per pack.

However, based on consumer reviews and reports, the Citristrip paste is much more efficient than the gel, especially because it gives a fine finish after use.

Another interesting thing about the Citristrip paste is the ability to effectively create a perfect form for old buildings, especially because the gel is less effective.

Using the Citristrip gel involves applying it over the surface and allowing it to stay overnight or for 18 hours.

On the other hand, the paste requires a more rigorous process where you have to apply it and wrap it in a saran for a night while ensuring it is wet to avoid having to do it again.

Yet another difference between the airstrip paste and gel is that the paste is suitable for use on multiple layers of finishing or painting, while the gel is not suitable.

The gel is less messy because it is thicker and not prone to dripping, splattering, or splashing.

The paste, however, is difficult to work with, especially because it is prone to dripping and splashing as you work with it.

Another downside of using the Citristrip paste is that it takes longer to soften or penetrate the paint it gets applied on, usually a maximum of 24 – 48 hours.

Interestingly, the Citristrip gel is a more prompt actor because it takes 15 – 30 minutes to penetrate and soften the finish.

Also, the gel is hard to clean when it splashes or drips, resulting in the use of solvent-based paint removal to remove its stain on surfaces and tools.

However, the paste is easy to clean and requires only a citrus-based stain remover to clean out all the stains.

So many factors contribute to why people generally prefer a particular product over another. One such factor is individual preferences and choices.

Below are some of the things you should consider when choosing a Citristrip that is more suitable for your personal use;

#1. Clean-up Time

As mentioned earlier, the Citristrip gel is a better choice to avoid making a mess during application.

They are more suitable because they are less prone to dripping and splattering, unlike the gel that drips and splashes frequently.

Unfortunately, due to the materials the gel is made of, it is difficult to clean and remove from surfaces.

However, the Citristrip paste, on the other hand, is quite easy to clean off tools and surfaces. So here is the catch. 

While the clean-up process for the gel is shorter, the clean-up time is longer and more tedious to perform.

Whichever Citristrip you choose to go with, ensure that you have carefully weighed the clean-up time.

#2. Working Time

If time is a constraint, you should consider using the gel as it penetrates and softens surfaces within 15 – 30 minutes.

On the other hand, the paste takes a longer working time of at least 24 hours minimum.

Nevertheless, if you are not in a hurry to finish your work, the Citristrip paste should be your choice.

#3. Surface Type

Citristrip gel suits vertical surfaces and intricate edges, while the Citristrip paste is best on flat and horizontal surfaces.

In this case, whenever you use a Citristrip, always ensure you know the type of surfaces you work on.

#4. Number of Layers

The Citristrip paste is the best choice when working on multiple layers because it does the job simultaneously. It can penetrate multiple layers if you choose to apply it that way.

On the other hand, if you are working on a single layer, the Citristrip gel is the best option.

Citristrip Paste Vs. Gel: Which Is Cheaper?

Cost and affordability are key factors consumers usually measure if they purchase a particular product.

For the Citristrip, the paste is a preferable choice as it costs less than the Citristrip gel. However, the prices often depend on the size and where you purchase them.

Notwithstanding, let’s look at an overview of these two types of Citristrip brands.

#1. Citristrip Paste Price

You can get a Citristrip paste for $26.17. However, it depends on the size because each comes in different sizes, and so does the price.

For example, you can purchase a medium Citristrip for $30, and that is perfect because it is ideal for any size of the surface you are applying it on.

You can purchase a Citristrip paste from a nearby store or order it on the Citristrip website for quality and assurance.

#2. Citristrip Gel Price

You can purchase a Citristrip gel for $30. For this, you must understand that the price varies according to the sizes of each gel.

In other words, the bigger the size, the higher the price. Nevertheless, you can always get a discount as a regular customer.

Is Citristrip Gel Easier to Use than Paste?

A Citristrip gel and paste are two different products with the same purposes. While this may be true, the Citristrip gel is easier to use than the paste.

Interestingly, the Citristrip gel is more prompt because it takes 15 – 30 minutes to penetrate and soften the finish.

Using the Citristrip gel involves applying it over the surface and allowing it to stay overnight or for 18 hours, while the paste takes at least 24 – 48 hours.

Citristrip gel suits vertical surfaces and intricate edges, while the Citristrip paste is best on flat and horizontal surfaces.

 They are more suitable because they are less prone to dripping and splattering, unlike the gel that drips and splashes frequently.

Below is a table showing the features of each of the Citistrip brands 

Citristrip PasteCitristrip Gel
Has a woworking time of 24- 48 hoursIt has a working time of 18 hours
Has a working time of 24- 48 hoursIt is less prone to splattering and dripping
Suitable for use on horizontal surfacesSuitable for use on flat surfaces with intricate edges
Suitable for use on multiple layersSuitable for use on single layers

Does Citristrip Paste Have a Stronger Smell than the Gel?

Of course not. The Citristrip brand has a pleasant citrus smell. It is also suitable to use for indoor purposes.

They are manufactured from volatile chemicals capable of causing skin irritations, dizziness, and even headaches.

By now, you must have understood why most people assume it has a strong offensive odor. In this case, avoid using it in enclosed places where you may get choked by the chemicals in them.

On the other hand, Citristrip paste is void of chemicals such as methylene chloride and N-Methylpyrrolidone, which are usually responsible for irritation.

Citristrip Paste and Gel Reviews

Generally, Citristrip paste and gel are highly reliable and authentic products. Most consumers have rated them to be highly effective and efficient surface primers.

As expected, though, consumers are more likely to give reviews and reports on a particular product’s downsides than when the product is reliable.

Typically, most consumers say that the Citistrip paste is much more reliable than the gel, especially because it is perfect for old buildings and walls.

Also, it is affordable, easy to use, and has outstanding working and clean-up time. Nevertheless, this does not mean the Citistrip gel is a poor-quality product.

It has tons of advantages over the Citristrip gel with its amazing features. One such feature is its quick action ability of 15 – 30 minutes.

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