Sherwin Williams Vs. Kelly Moore (In-Depth Comparison)

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When selecting paints, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the grade of the paint itself.

What questions should you ask about the paint’s durability, application ease, and resistance to deterioration over time?

Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams paint are the two brands that stand out as the most formidable competitors in this respect.

Sherwin Williams and Kelly Moore are two brands synonymous with quality and distinction in painting. Each has a collection of high paints with varying degrees of durability and adaptability. And this brand has something to offer depending on your preferences for longevity, aesthetics, or simplicity of use.

Sherwin Willams Vs. Kelly Moore; Features and Differences

Sherwin Williams Vs. Kelly Moore

When painting your property, there are a few features that you’ll need to pay attention to decide which of these two types of paint is best for you to use.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects.

#1. Preservation Against Stains

The level of stain resistance that paint has can be by several factors. Both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams adopt specially designed paints that include resins and binders that contribute to the creation of a finish that is long-lasting.

The resistance that paint has to stains depends not only on the kind of paint used but also on the primer applied beforehand.

On the other hand, Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams provide stain-resistant paints that should withstand most stains inside the home.

#2. Splash Resistance

The size, texture, and thickness of the particles that make up the paint all have a role in determining how resistant the paint is to spatter.

Less splattering occurs when the particles are larger, heavier, and more asymmetrical in form than when the particles are smaller, light, and more symmetrical.

When it comes to splatter-resistant paints that feature bigger, heavier and less symmetrical particles, the greater the particle size, the more resistant it is to spatter.

Both Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams are manufacturers of paints of superior quality and excellent splatter resistance.

On the other hand, Sherwin-Williams is well-known for manufacturing paint resistant to spattering, such as the HGTV Home ceiling paint.

This indicates that the paint sticks effectively to surfaces to which it is applied, making it easier to retain paint on your paintbrush and rollers rather than on the floor.

Consequently, reducing the amount of cleanup required after a painting.

#3. Application Simplicity

When deciding between the two types of paint, one of the most crucial considerations is which one is easier to apply.

The consistency of the paint plays a role in this since it is more challenging to apply thick paints than to use paints with a thinner texture.

In this sense, Kelly Moore often has a more dense consistency, making it more challenging to apply in certain circumstances.

At the same time, Sherwin Williams is more watery and simpler To apply. Again, however, this depends on the surface you are painting and the particular colors you are using.

For instance, if you use a light hue, you could find that Kelly Moore is a better alternative than Sherwin Williams since it provides excellent coverage.

#4. Accessibility of the Brand

Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams are examples of boutique paints, so regarding distribution, Sherwin-Williams has a broader reach over the continent of North America.

Kelly Moore is a regional store in the southern United States serving customers from nine states.

Because not all clients will be able to find Kelly Moore in their area, those clients can’t contemplate using the brand for their projects seriously.

On the other hand, painters in the area, both professionals and amateurs, are very loyal to their brand.

Kelly Moore dominates in these locations, a large part of which is the company’s consistently high quality and durability.

#5. Variations in the Formulas

The Emerald line provides the most comprehensive protection against streaks and stains. However, Users discovered that the mixture produces a long-lasting pungent odor.

Customers discovered that the most effective solution to this problem was, to begin with, an anti-odor primer as the foundation.

An additional priming step is required, given that the formulation is a two-in-one, paint-and-primer product.

As a result, it is preferable to use the Kelly Moore DuraPoxy paints, which provide similar technology, are more durable, and have no odors.

Is Kelly Moore More Expensive than Sherwin Williams?

The pricing disparities between Kelly Moore and Sherwin-Williams depend on the items you are interested in purchasing.

For example, Sherwin-Williams makes some of their paints more costly than Kelly Moore, but Kelly Moore equally makes some very costly. It all boils down to the items contrasted with one another.

However, both brands have choices that are available at reasonable prices. One example is Kelly Moore’s coat interior paint, which users can purchase for as low as eighteen dollars per gallon.

Sherwin Williams is known for producing paints of superior quality, but Kelly Moore produces paints with broader coverage and a prolonged lifetime. 

If you decide to go with Kelly Moore paints, you will probably spend less over time, even though the upfront price of certain products may be more excellent.

Sherwin Williams has a far larger marketing budget than Kelly Moore since it is a more prominent firm. This is the primary reason for the pricing differential between the two companies.

In addition, Kelly Moore paints come with a guarantee that is good enough for most people, which ensures that your newly painted room will continue to look fantastic for many years to come.

As long as the paint is perfect, it will not crack, peel, or wear away even when subjected to various weather conditions. Users often inquire why Kelly Moore’s paint is more costly than competing companies.

The apparent reason for this is that the firm sells products of a high grade, and it is more expensive to manufacture products of a higher quality.

And it is one of the few brands in the paint industry that manufactures affordable and luxurious lines of paint. 

Customers have reported that the paint covers smoother, lasts longer, and has fewer issues with aging and chalkiness than other brands, even though the company’s professional low-end range is substantially more than comparable brands.

However, compared to other luxury brands, its high-end range is more reasonably priced, but it still manages to exceed the competition in terms of overall quality.

Is Kelly Moore Paints Any Good?

Kelly-high Moore’s standard of excellence assures superb color reproduction and superior weather resistance on outdoor and specialty surfaces.

Kelly-Moore identifies itself as the Painter’s Paint Store, and the fact that contractors all around the country utilize paint manufactured by the Kelly-Moore brand is evidence of the paint’s high level of quality.

In addition, compared to other brands, Kelly Moore provides a superior product overall.

The leading paint from Kelly Moore is called DuraPoxy, incomparable to other brands. However, DuraPoxy provides superior coverage with a reduced number of applications.

The Kelly Moore product DuraPoxy has a formulation that can be readily applied with a brush or roller, making it an excellent choice for inexperienced users.

The formulation is long-lasting, resilient, and able to withstand repeated washings. Also, Kelly Moore’s cover is more uniform and smooth for customers who have tried both paint brands.

What Brand of Paint Do Professional Painters Use?

The vast majority of experienced professional painters in the industry will attest that there isn’t much difference between these paint brands. 

Although contractors choose Sherwin-Williams over the other brand, this preference is because Sherwin-Williams provides them with more favorable pricing, allowing them to generate a more significant profit when selling the product to their clients.

However, if professionals consider the amount of time it takes to decide what you need, travel to the shop, makes your purchase, and then drive back home, the savings are, at best, negligible, even if the discounts are steep.

For this reason, many professional painters regard picking up paint as generosity toward their clients, making it harder to justify profiting from the item in any manner other than through traditional means of providing excellent customer service.

Sherwin Williams Vs. Kelly Moore

Sherwin WilliamsKelly Moore
Less expensiveMore expensive
Less used by professionalsMostly used by professionals
Broad range distribution of distribution in North AmericaA broad range of distribution in the united states
Less denseDenser


Personal tastes influence a person’s decision, whereas others may seek the best deal. Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams are excellent options for anybody searching for high-quality paint.

Therefore, you can be confident that you will have top-notch outcomes that will last for the long haul, regardless of your chosen brand.

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