GE Dishwasher Beeps 3 Times (Reasons & Solutions)

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There are several reasons why the GE dishwasher beeps three times, especially after you lock the door.

Although it does not mean that the appliance is malfunctioning and needs replacement, you might only need to replace a few things.

Now, it’s best if you know that you must not ignore the slightest beep or light indication from your dishwasher.

If it continues for a long time, it may lead to a more significant problem than there is already. So, why does your GE dishwasher beep three times?

The GE dishwasher will beep three times if the control panel malfunctions and needs replacement. Also, it might indicate that the door latch is faulty and will require you to check it for confirmation. Luckily, these faults are not tedious or impossible. However, it requires that you carefully ascertain the problems and fix them.

GE Dishwasher Beeps Three Times and won’t Start

GE Dishwasher Beeps Three Times

Dishwashers are electrical appliances that run when you run a few commands. When you press the power button, the washer comes on; afterward, you can select the appropriate button to start the wash cycle.

If you load your dishwasher and shut the door expecting the cycle to commence after pressing the right buttons and it does not, you must;

  • Check if all the plates are on the rack correctly.
  • Confirm if the rack is back in place inside the dishwasher. The reason is that any obstruction will indicate that the door is not correctly shut, and the dishwasher will beep three times.

After you are confident that none of the possible faults are the culprits, you may need to consider other problems. 

#1. Faulty Control Panel

Once the GE dishwasher beeps three times and won’t start, it might indicate that the control panel is faulty.

The only way to rectify this problem is to purchase another GE control panel from the store or GE website. 

You can purchase the control panel for as low as 110$. This way, you save the cost of buying another dishwasher because you suspect it might not work correctly.

This article will discuss the details of replacing the control panel further. But, for now, let us observe the other culprit.

#2. Faulty Door Lock or Lock Button

The dishwasher will blink three times if the dishwasher’s door lock button is faulty. Although you can rectify this problem by resetting the dishwasher, it might be a glitch in the system.

GE Dishwasher Beeps Three Times when Pressing Start

If your GE dishwasher beeps three times when you press the start button, you probably forgot to shut the door.

Once you notice this, shut the door and press start again. Your dishwasher should work correctly henceforth.

What Do Three Beeps Mean on a GE Dishwasher?

Three beeps on a GE dishwasher indicate a problem with the dishwasher’s door or control panel.

Let us compare the cause of the issues when the door is not shut and the faulty control panel.

When You Do Not Shut The Door CorrectlyWhen The Control Panel Is Faulty
An object is obstructing the door from closing correctly.The Control Panel needs replacement.
The door latch is faulty and needs replacement.You might need to run diagnostic mode to check for unique error codes.
The insulation around the entrance is torn and is due for a change.Program error in the cycle due to overheating.

How do I Stop my GE Dishwasher From Beeping?

A beeping dishwasher should not be a cause to panic or call a professional right away for help. Here are a few ways you can stop your GE dishwasher from beeping.

#1. Replace the Faulty Control Panel

Replacing the dishwasher’s control panel requires that you purchase a new one before you begin the installation. Here is a step-by-step process of replacing the dishwasher’s control panel.

#1. Step One

The first and most significant step in dealing with electronic appliances is to turn off the dishwasher.

Next, disconnect it from the power source to be safe and avoid electrical accidents.

Afterward, get all your equipment ready. You will need at least;

  • Plier to loosen the wires from the old panel.
  • Screwdriver to loosen bolts and screws.
  • Flashlight to see as you work.
  • A new control panel.

#2. Step Two

When you are confident that you have all the types of equipment and are no longer at risk of electrocution by turning off the power source, you must do the following. 

#1. Remove the Cover From the Lower Section of the Dishwasher

The control panel is below the dishwasher’s door and inside a compartment with a rectangular cover for protection.

To remove this part, you must loosen the screws holding the panel in place. Once you remove the board, you will see insulation protecting the control panel.

#2. Remove the Insulation Protecting the Panel

The insulation foam protects the panel by providing sufficient heat to the board. Carefully remove the insulation so you do not damage it during the process.

#3. Loosen the Bolts Holding the Panel to Access It

After removing the insulation layer, two gold bolts hold the entire board together. Next, unscrew them and place them in a safe place so they do not get missing.

Afterward, use the plier to remove the wires in line with the control panel before you can have complete access.

#3. Step Three

When removing the control panel, examine it to check for signs of burns or damage. Next, take the new forum inside the compartment and fix the wires, ensuring it is correct.

Finally, replace the bolts, insulation, and rectangular cover.

If your job is excellent, your dishwasher will run smoothly without beeping during the cycle. Turn it back on and test it to confirm that your job was perfect.

#2. Reset the Dishwasher

This method is less tasking and requires a few simple steps.

#1. Step One

Of course, you might be familiar with the first step; turning off the power from the dishwasher.

Next, disconnect from the power source and do not turn it back on for a few minutes.

#2. Step Two

In addition, you can turn off the circuit breaker to correctly reset the dishwasher. Then, after a few minutes, turn it back on and connect the dishwasher back to power.

#3. Step Three

If the dishwasher needs a good reset, you are on your way to a good dishwasher. However, if you reset the dishwasher and it blinks thrice, you must manually repair the appliance.

#3. Check the Supply Valves For Possible Faults

It would be best to check the water inlet valves for possible faults. Sometimes, the water inlet valve is faulty if the wash cycle takes longer.

Consequently, it might lead to some beeping sounds from the dishwasher.

#4. Check the Drain Pipes

The drain pipes are responsible for expelling water from the washing machine after each wash cycle.

If the drain pipe is faulty or torn, water leaks into the drain pan and overflows to the floor.

When you do not attend to this problem, error codes will pop on the screen along with the beeping sounds.

Another thing to note is that some beeping does not mean there is a problem. For example;

  • The dishwasher beeps when a new wash cycle commences.
  • And also when the wash cycle is complete.

In addition, there are some sounds the dishwasher makes as water enters and exits the dishwasher during the cycle.

These sounds are normal and indicate that the dishwasher is in excellent condition.

Contrarily, if you hear sounds other than the usual low vibrations than necessary, it might be an indication of a fault.

 Check out the possible causes and make corrections to get the dishwasher running. It would be best if you check the dishwasher routinely to discover most of these problems in the early stages.


When your dishwasher beeps three times, there could be something wrong with the control panel.

In addition, it may be a glitch in the program, and hard resetting the dishwasher will end the beeping.

However, if you try to reset it and it does not work, you must consider replacing the control panel.

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