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Febreze Plug-in air fresheners are among the market’s most popular plug-in air fresheners. The plug-in comes in varying scents, and you can place it in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. 

Though the Febreze plug-in air freshener has an indicator that displays a LED light when you connect the plug-in to electricity, it is difficult to determine whether the air freshener is functioning.

In this article, we will find out how to ascertain if the product works.

To find out if your Febreze plug-in works, connect the air freshener to a power outlet and check for any led light indicator. The indicator is a blue led light that flashes twice after you connect the plug-in to a working power outlet. Though the light comes on when connected, it will not stay on during operation.  

How to Know If Febreze Plug-in Is Functional?

How to Know If Febreze Plug-in Is Working

The blue LED light indicator in your Febreze plug-in is the easiest way to determine the functionality of your plug-in freshener.

After connecting the Febreze plug-in to an electric supply outlet, the blue light blinks twice to indicate that the air freshener is functioning.

The light also comes on when the fragrance in the plug-in needs refilling. However, unlike the other double flash indicator, the LED light flashes repeatedly.

When the light blinks repeatedly, the push-in fragrance needs a new refill. The Febreze plug-in is a new product from the Procter & Gamble group.

The company designed the product to overcome issues like the fragrance longevity and the timing of the fragrance spray.

The plug-in air freshener cycles between two complimentary scent oils that neutralize wrong room odors and give the room a fresh, lasting scent.

However, place the oil vials upright before inserting the plug-in air freshener into the power outlet.

Placing the vials upside-down or slanted can cause leakage, consequently causing an electrical hazard when you connect to an electric outlet.

Is Febreze Plug-in Supposed to Light Up?

The Febreze plug-in lights up when you connect it to a functioning power outlet. It has a blue light that blinks twice when you turn on the power supply after plugging it in.

The blue LED indicator flashes to show that the Febreze plug-in is functioning. The Febreze plug-in also has a heater that warms the aromatic oil to release its fragrance.

You can also control the fragrance intensity level with the control features on the Febreze plug-in. 

The Febreze company programmed the microchip in the product to control the oil heater to match the selected fragrance intensity level.

The lower the intensity settings, the longer your Febreze air freshener will last. 

The Febreze plug-in air freshener also has a dual-wick mechanism that alternates between the two fragrance oils at 45 minutes intervals.

This system ensures the wick in the plug-in does not clog and prevents the fragrance from flowing out of the plug-in easily. It also ensures consumers do not get nose blind from the fragrance.

The blue LED light on the Febreze plug-in also indicates that the oil in the scent bottles has run out and requires refilling.

Fortunately, the Febreze company also programmed the microchip to indicate when the oil runs out.

Unfortunately, as a result, the LED light repeatedly blinks when you connect it to a power source with empty scent refill bottles

Once you fill the fragrance bottles or install new ones, the LED light resets. The air freshener is suitable for rooms that require constant odor neutralization, such as the bathroom or living room.

Select the fragrance intensity level of your choice and connect the Febreze air freshener to a power outlet.

How Do I Turn On the Febreze Plug-in?  

To turn on the Febreze plug-in, select the scent intensity level, and insert the Febreze plug-in air freshener into an electrical outlet.

Place the fragrance vials upright in the plug-in before connecting the plug-in to the power source. Follow the detailed steps below to use your Febreze plug-in air freshener efficiently:

#1. Step 1– Unseal the Plug-in Unit

Open the packaging and remove the plug-in unit. Next, select the electrical outlet you intend to connect to the Febreze plug-in.

The plug can rotate to any orientation you desire, so you can change the position of the plug to fit into any power outlet. 

#2. Step 2– Insert the Fragrance Oil Vials

If your glass vials are empty and you need to refill the plug-in, dispose of the empty oil glasses properly or recycle the bottle.

Get new refills, unfasten and discard the caps of the oil vial. Then, place the glass vial into the plug-in heater until it locks into the plug-in. 

The fragrance oils can irritate your skin or eyes, so wash your hands immediately after handling the scent vials.

Also, ensure the oil vials in the plug-in unit are upright and locked in place. If the fragrance vial is not in place or upside down, it may leak and cause an electrical hazard. 

#3. Step 3– Adjust the Fragrance Intensity Level and Connect the Unit 

Adjust the scent level to your desired intensity, from a lower to a higher level. After selecting the intensity level, connect the plug-in unit to an available electrical supply.

Your Febreze plug-in consumes almost four watts of power during operation. Therefore, if you use the plug-in unit for a year, it will consume about 35.4-kilowatt per hour. 

#4. Step 4– Clean the Plug-in Unit

If you notice dusty films in the plug-in, disconnect the air freshener from the power source and wipe the dust with a dry cloth.

If there are oil residues in the unit before you refill the plug-in, clean it with a lint-free cloth. Do not use water to clean the plug-in.         

How Does the Febreze Plug-in Work?      

To get the Febreze Plug-in functioning, insert the two-piece scent vial containing the two different fragrances into the plug-in unit. After locking the vials, connect the plug-in unit to a power outlet. 

The plug unit of the Febreze plug-in air freshener functions as a heater that helps release the fragrances into the air.

You can also adjust the heater to release your desired scent intensity level. The fragrance oil vials can last for 1200 hours if you use the air freshener on a low-intensity level.

Once you exhaust the oils in the vials, you can refill the unit with new fragrance vials. The Febreze plug-in air freshener uses porous polymers that serve as wicks.

The plug-in uses electricity to heat the fragrance oil to release scents as it switches from one complementary fragrance to another. It also helps the scents to spread further around the living area.

The Febreze plug-in consumes approximately four watts of electricity. It serves as an odor blocker and comes in varying complimentary scents.

It is available in about 20 dual fragrances and has a starter kit with one to two refill vials and a plug-in. You can purchase the plug and refills differently.  

Pros and Cons of Using a Febreze Plug-in Air Freshener    

It comes in a wide variety of dual fragrancesIf you do not insert the oil vials properly, they can leak and cause an electrical hazard.
You can adjust the fragrance intensity.The fragrance oil can be harmful if it comes in contact with your skin and eye.
You can recycle the oil vials at TerraCycleIt is not safe for pets, especially birds
You can reuse a plug-in unit, and it consumes low wattage.

Why Do Febreze Plug-ins Stop Working? 

If your Febreze plug-in stops working, it is usually due to fragrance oil buildup clogging the plug-in wick. It could also result from an empty fragrance vial in the plug-in.

However, before coming to this conclusion, check your intensity level settings for any irregularity.

For example, if the dial is at the lowest setting, increase it and observe the plug-in for any changes.

If the issue persists, check your fragrance oil vial. The oil vial holds the fragrance in the plug-in unit. If the vial is empty, then the problem might be due to an empty vial.

To fix this issue, purchase a new scent oil refill and discard the empty fragrance vials. Next, remove the vial cap and insert the new fragrance vials into the plug-in. 

Connect the plug-in unit to a power supply and turn it on. Observe the air freshener until you notice a significant change in the scent of the living area. To refill the fragrance canister, you must stock up on refill glasses.

However, if you refilled the canister before, dispose of it. It is not advisable to use the fragrance oil wicks more than once. Alternatively, you can refill your plug-in.

However, before refilling the Febreze plug-in, ensure you have an empty, unused fragrance vial, latex gloves, a paper towel, and a small funnel. To Refill the plug-in air freshener:

  • Unplug the device and remove the empty oil vial from the plug-in. Allow the wick to cool if it is hot.
  • Place a paper towel on your work surface to absorb any fragrance oil that spills. Wear latex gloves to protect your skin from direct contact with the scented oil.
  • Use a small screwdriver or your finger to unscrew the vial cap. You may need to apply force if you are using your fingers.
  • Once open, remove the vial cap and avoid touching the wick.
  • Place the funnel inside the vial and pour the scented oil into it. Do not overfill the bottle so there will be enough space for the wick and prevent over-saturation.
  • Reinstall the fragrance vial cap. If the wick is damaged, dispose of the refill as soon as possible. 
  • If the cap of your plug-in oil vial is not removable, do not try to refill it. Instead, purchase a new refill from the manufacturer and replace it with an empty vial.           

What Does the Blue Light Mean on Febreze Plug-in? 

The blue light on your Febreze plug-in is a LED display indicator. It comes on and blinks twice when you connect the plug-in to an electrical source to show that the plug-in is functioning. It also blinks continuously when the oil in the scent vial runs out. 


Though it may be challenging to determine if your Febreze plug-in is functioning when connected, you can pay close attention to it when plugging it into the power source.

Once you connect the plug-in air freshener to a power source, it flashes a blue light twice.

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