Does Menards Cut Wood? (Must Know Before Going!)

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Menards is a home improvement company with stores in different states. Menards stores sell various products such as wood, grocery, flooring, tools, doors, windows, hardware, and other materials. 

Home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot have policies and services, and Menards is no exception.

You probably want to get wood from Menards and are concerned if they will cut your wood. This article will discuss Menard’s policies, especially regarding their wood-cutting services.

Menards offers wood cutting services in their stores. If you purchase wood from Menards that is longer than your car, they will cut it to the size you desire. However, knowing the wood cutting policy of the store you wish to patronize is essential. 

Does Menards Cut Wood For You?

Does Menards Cut Wood

When you purchase lumber from Menards that can’t fit in your vehicle, Menards will cut it for you to the desired size.

This service proves very helpful in other situations where you don’t have wood-cutting tools. Menards will cut all types of wood for you unless it is plywood.

Menards has different stores, and each of these stores has its policies when it comes to cutting wood.

They have specific sizes depending on the wood you want to cut. The quantity and length of wood are also essential when dealing with the cutting of wood.

These convenience cuts by Menards are a great way of customer service. Some Menards stores will cut the wood for free for you.

On the other hand, some of their stores attach prices to this service, which is quite affordable.

The dynamic nature of some of these stores makes them attach these prices due to the time taken to cut your wood.

However, not all of their stores offer this service at all times. In situations where the store is too busy, and there’s no employee to spare, you’ll have to find an alternative way.

Some of these stores have made provisions for particular employees who deal particularly with wood cutting. Focusing mainly on wood cutting, these employees make the store easier.

If the Menards store in your locality doesn’t offer convenience cuts, you must purchase and take it elsewhere.

It is easier to measure your car trunk to know the length of wood it can contain before purchase.

If you have to buy wood longer than your trunk, then it is advisable to rent a car or truck to transport the wood. Menards offers truck renting services if you obey certain conditions.

Some Menards stores’ policies give room for cutting lumber from other stores. However, cutting wood from other stores is a rare service.

You can also contact the store beforehand to inform them that you must purchase and cut wood. Then, all you have to do is give the required measurements. 

Table Showing What Type of Wood Menards Will Or Won’t Cut

Type of woodWill Menards cut it?
Treated woodYes
Pine boards Yes

Does Menards Cut Wood For Free?

Some Menards stores offer free wood cutting services for your first time. Generally, Menards charge a fee for cutting your wood.

In the same way, each store has its policy, and each has set prices for wood cutting. It would be best for you to make inquiries from the store closest to you on their services and policies.

You might be lucky if the store in your area offers a few free cuts for initial patronage.

Furthermore, most Menards stores offer convenience cuts for free if the wood can’t fit in your trunk. Customers appreciate these courtesy lumber cuts.

Primarily, the competition among home management stores is the reason for such courtesy services. The number of convenience cuts varies from store to store.

The free cuts depend on the policies of the store. Therefore, it would be best to research the store’s policy before purchasing lumber. 

A specific Menards store offers free cutting services even for lumber bought elsewhere. However, the wood must not be over one foot thick.

Another store offers free service for the first five cuts on lumber purchased from the store. There are many similar policies and services, depending on the store. 

Does Menards Cut Wood In-Store?

You may be confused when you purchase wood from a Menards store for the first time.

Especially if you want the wood to be cut and don’t know if they offer a lumber cutting service, politely ask any employee for directions if you find yourself in this situation.

Each Menard store has a place set aside for cutting lumber. This place will be in a particular area in the store so that the noise won’t disturb customers.

When you purchase lumber from the store, you select the required measurement you want. In addition, some stores have a self-serve miter saw station close by to help ease your work.

These self-serve miter saw stations are essential. If the Menards store is bustling and there are no employees to cut your wood, the miter stations come in handy.

In addition, some Menards stores offer equipment rental services if you wish to do the cutting personally.

Does Menards Charge to Cut Wood?

Yes! Menards does cut wood for a fee attached to wood cutting services. Every store has its set price for lumber cutting services. This price differs according to your wood’s type, size, length, and width.

If you purchase wood from a different store and bring it for cutting at Menards, it’ll attract a fee. Most stores don’t have particular employees in charge of cutting lumber.

Therefore, their employees have to leave their other duties and take time to cut their wood; this is what attracts the charge.

Lumber cutting isn’t easy, especially if the wood is strong and very thick. This difficulty in cutting wood makes Menards charge for this lumber cutting service.

Additionally, other factors such as time taken, maintenance of the wood cutting equipment, e.t.c, lead to Menards’ charge to cut wood. 

Does Menards Cut Wood to Size For You?

When you purchase the wood and want to cut it, you already have a specific size. Menards policy implies that your requirement is satisfied.

The only exception is when the available equipment can not cut the lumber to the desired size.

Menards have equipment for cutting wood to standard sizes. However, to make things easier, you may choose to go for their custom sizes.

First, they check the wood’s thickness and length before cutting it. Then, they crosscut wood of the same size and cut wood to sizes of 2×4, 2×6,  and 2×8.

It’s important to note that Menards sells plywood in various sizes; that’s why they don’t offer plywood cutting services.

No provision of tools to cut the plywood either. All you have to do is pick the customized size for you. They also have available pre-cut woods.

If the store in your area hasn’t hired a specific employee with construction experience, that’s a problem.

Without construction experience, you may cut your wood inaccurately. Despite the experience, improper equipment maintenance may lead to wrongly cutting your wood.

Some people have complained about the rough wood cutting service they received from some Menards stores. 

If you want your wood cut to the required size, you must ensure the employee cutting it has experience.

It would help if you checked the state of the equipment to be on the safe side. Especially if the wood is for a construction project and the wrong size cutting will affect it.

Mark the spot where it’s supposed to be cut and inspect the work in progress. Most Menards stores will cut your wood to the desired size for you.

However, if you’re not sure of their service, it would be best to hire a professional lumber cutter after purchase.

You can also rent wood cutting tools from them and do it yourself if you have the experience. You have to sand the wood after cutting at Menards.

How Much Does It Cost to Cut Wood At Menards?

The price of cutting wood primarily depends on the store you want to use. Every store has a price based on the wood’s length, size, width, and thickness to get cut.

In addition, the quantity of lumber to be cut is considered. The typical price range for most cutting in stores is $1-$3 per cut.

This price varies based on the conditions stated above. Some stores give free cuts for the first three or five lumber bought and charge for the rest.

However, other stores offer free cutting courtesy services. The courtesy cutting gets done with no standard size specification. The wood gets cut to fit into your vehicle’s trunk.

Another factor that will increase the wood’s price is the strain in cutting. The more complex a wood is, the more expensive cutting it will cost.

Time taken in cutting the wood also gets considered. They may likely charge higher for cutting lumber if the store in your area is swamped.

If you’re purchasing lumber from a different store and just getting it cut at Menards, it’s usually $2 per cut. Not all of their stores offer this service.

They have a costly tool rental service for those willing to cut the wood themselves. 

Additionally, if you intend to tell the store ahead of time to cut wood and keep it for you for construction, you will pay higher for the service. So ensure to ask on time and get the services and price.


Menards stores provide excellent and affordable wood cutting services. Some stores will even cut your lumber for free.

Note that each store differs in policies and services rendered. Ensure to inquire about the services of the store closest to you for cutting your lumber.

You can also opt for a professional wood cutting service if Menards does not satisfy you.

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