5 Common Ninja Foodi Slow Cooker Problems!

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Ninja Foodi slow cooker is an efficient pressure cooker that can cook any food without consuming much energy.

It is famous for its durability and cooking strength. You do not have to worry too much about using the cooker.

Proper care for your pressure cooker would preserve it and keep it in good condition for a very long time.

However, your Ninja Foodi pressure cooker can develop simple problems if you misuse it. You do not need to panic if your Foodi pressure cooker develops issues.

You can check your user’s guide to understand problems relating to error codes. Although there are other problems, the slow cooker could develop.

Ninja food slow cooker problems can be minor or significant, but the most common problems result from improperly using the pressure cooker. You can solve most of the problems on your own if you understand the problems. However, it would be best to find a solution to any problem immediately before it worsens.

Five Common Ninja Foodi Slow Cooker Problems

Ninja Foodi Slow Cooker Problems 

There are various problems that your Ninja Foodi slow cooker could develop. Some of these issues may affect your cooking time or stop your food from cooking.

Here are the common problems with your ninja food pressure cooker.

#1. Hissing Sound

Your ninja food slow cooker can give a loud hissing sound if there is a gap between the sealing ring and cap.

Either you did not clip your cooker’s cap tightly, or the sealing ring rubber is not in position.

Both problems can create a small gap that allows steam to escape from the pressure cooker, creating a loud hissing sound.

#2. Bad Odor From Cooker

Your ninja food pressure cooker can develop foul odors if you do not clean it regularly. Food parts can stick to the pressure cooker and develop odor over time if you do not clean your cooker thoroughly.

It would be best to clean your cooker every time you use it to eliminate any hidden food particles. You could ruin your ninja slow cooker if these food particles accumulate.

#3. Food Burning

Some ninja food slow cookers produce incredibly high temperatures that the temperature settings cannot control.

Even the low temperature of such cookers is too hot for some specific dishes. The excessive heat could burn your food every time you cook with the pressure cooker. 

You need to pay attention to the cooker when you are cooking. You should adjust the type of meals you cook in it.

#4. Technical Faults

The screws of the cooker could be loose, resulting in problems that could affect your cooker. Another technical issue with your cooker is a damaged fuse.

If the fuse of your cooker is damaged, it won’t be able to cook your meals. You must tighten loose screws and replace the fuse to get your ninja food slow cooker working perfectly.

#5. Cooker Won’t Slow Cook

Your pressure cooker won’t slow Cook if it is damaged or not properly sealed. If the main features of your cooker are faulty or damaged, you need to repair or replace them to get it to work.

In addition, you should always check the cooker seal if it refuses to slow Cook and fix it properly.

How to Fix Ninja Foodi Slow Cooker Problems?        

Fixing typical ninja food slow cooker problems is accessible and understandable.

If they are minor problems, you need to find the source of the problem and fix it immediately before it worsens.

The solution to your pressure cooker problems are;

#1. Dead Screen Fault

Your cooker may not work if the cord is not attached correctly or there is no power supply to the appliance.

You need to check the cords and connect them correctly. If the power outlet is not on, you should turn it on.

If the cooker doesn’t come on, you should check the outlet with a tester to confirm if there is electricity.

#2. Beeping 

Your cooker would keep beeping if it is overheating. You can stop the beeping by adding more liquid to whatever you are cooking.

Before adding liquid into the pot, you should release the pressure. It would control the overheating and stop your food from burning. You can also turn off the cooker if you do not need to add more liquid.

#3. Lid Problem

You must check the pressure valve if the cooker’s lid doesn’t shut. The lid won’t shut if the pressure valve is up.

However, your lid would shut if the valve is down and the seal is in position. Therefore, you should adequately push your cooker’s seal close to the tip of the lid.

#4. Hissing Sound

If your cooker produces a prolonged loud hissing sound, you must adjust the sealing ring and the lid. You should first turn off the cooker and empty its content.

Next, check the lid and sealing ring to identify the cause of the problem. Finally, fix the problem and use your cooker again.

If the hissing sound continues, you should let the cooker sit for a while before using it again.

Ninja Pressure Cooker Will Not Slow Cook (Ways To Fix It)

Your Ninja pressure cooker won’t slow Cook if the seal is not in its correct position or if the cooker is faulty.

You can fix the seal by correctly positioning the lid. If the cooker still doesn’t slow Cook after correctly placing the lid, you need to check the sealant ring. 

Your pressure cooker’s sealing ring could be misplaced, worn out, or damaged. It would be best to replace the sealant ring before your cooker can slow Cook.

Additionally, if your cooker doesn’t slow, Cook after fixing the lid issue. You need to inspect the cooker to know if the pressure cooker is still working perfectly.

Your cooker won’t slow Cook if a part of it is damaged. Your cooker’s main components should be your primary focus. If these components are not working, you can fix or replace them.

You need an expert to check your ninja food pressure cooker if it refuses to slow Cook. The expert would be able to identify other problems that may cause it and fix such problems.

It is best to immediately fix any problem with your cooker so that it won’t worsen and damage other components or ruin the entire cooker.

Ninja Foodi “Pot” Error Message When Slow Cooking

Your Ninja Foodi pressure cooker displays the “POT” error code if there is an electrical or technical issue with the cooker.

It also displays the error if you do not install the cooker properly or food accumulates between the contact plate and the cooker sensor.

Another reason why your pressure cooker displays the “POT” error is if there is rust between the sensor and the contact plate.

In addition, the error code could come up if the cooker’s plunger is not working. You need to connect the cooker base and pot for the plunger to work. It is an essential component of your cooking function. 

Another reason your cooker may display the “POT” error message is improperly fitting the lid into the pot. Your Ninja food cooker lid is essential for it to function correctly.

Furthermore, food particles at the bottom of the pressure cooker can cause it to display an error code.

Food particles accumulate over time and hinder the connection between your cooking pot and the contact plate.

It may also disturb your Ninja Foodi Pressure cooker from working at all. If your cooker does not establish a connection, it will keep displaying the error code.

How to Fix Pot Error on the Ninja Foodi Slow Cooker?

However, you do not need to worry too much if your cooker displays the “POT” code.

Your pressure cooker would still work if you fixed the error code. Therefore, you do not need to abandon your cooker or throw it in the trash. 

Instead, there are simple ways to troubleshoot the situation and get your pressure cooker back in shape.

Here is the solution on how to fix “POT” errors.

Improper Installation Remove the pot and reinstall it on the cooker base. Fix all the hooks and locks in their proper position.
Malfunctioning pressure sensorYou need to replace or repair the pressure sensor.
Accumulated dirtCheck the bottom of the cooker for debris, and clean the base of the cooking pot.
Faulty plungerYou should call a technician to repair your cooker’s plunger.
Faulty lidClean the sealing ring thoroughly. Soak the sealing ring in cold water for about 30 minutes if it has expanded. Place the sealing ring if it wears out or is misplaced.


Your Ninja Foodi slow cooker should be able to slow-cook without issues. However, it is best to contact a professional technician if you can’t get it to work or function properly.

Additionally, you should avoid tampering with your cooker if you do not understand its connection.

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