Washing Dishes With Apple Watch On? Must-Know Things

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Washing dishes is a common task, but what happens when you add an Apple Watch into the mix?

This article dives into the must-know aspects of wearing an Apple Watch while tackling the suds and splashes of dishwashing.

We’ll explore if it’s safe, practical, and what unique features your Apple Watch brings to this everyday chore. Get ready to look at dishwashing in a whole new way!


Washing Dishes While Wearing an Apple Watch: 11 Things to Know!

#1. The materials cannot be eroded by foam

Your Apple Watch is crafted from sturdy stainless steel. It’s designed to resist rust and corrosion, even when in contact with dish soap foam.

#2. Keeps track of time

Wearing your Apple Watch while washing dishes helps you monitor the time spent. You can better manage your day and stay on schedule with this helpful tool on your wrist.

#3. Comfort Remains Undaunted

Washing Dishes With Apple Watch On

Even with the weight of an Apple Watch, discomfort is not an issue. Its refined design aims to improve comfort, making your dishwashing task feel effortless.

#4. Water-resistance level

The water resistance of your Apple Watch varies by model and diminishes over time. Here’s a quick rundown:

Apple Watch ModelWater-Resistance Rating
Series 1 & originalIPX7, up to 1m for 30 min
Series 2Up to 50m, but not for diving
Series 3, 4, 5Same as Series 2

#5. Keeps you connected with your Apple devices

Even while focused on the dishes, your Apple Watch keeps you connected. Locate your iPhone or AirPods with ease, and continue to receive calls and messages right from your wrist.

#6. It can survive deep water conditions

You can submerge newer Apple Watch models in water up to 50 meters deep. But to safeguard its functionality, avoid using it during high-velocity water activities.

Cleaning dishes while wearning an apple watch

#7. Using a dishwasher

When loading a dishwasher, your Apple Watch remains safe. It won’t be exposed to water directly, so you can keep track of the cycle and stay in touch without concern.

#8. It is scratch-resistant

Dishwashing won’t scratch your Apple Watch. For added peace of mind, consider applying a screen protector to guard against accidental drops.

#9. It doesn’t slip off the wrist

Your Apple Watch stays securely on your wrist with its snug straps. So wash your dishes without the worry of your watch taking an unintended dip.

#10. It works perfectly underwater

Before submerging your watch, activate the water lock feature. Once finished, use the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and continue using your device normally.

#11. Proper care

Treat your Apple Watch with care, especially after getting it wet:

  • Dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Avoid direct heat, sharp objects, and shaking to expel water.
  • Let it charge overnight to fully dry out.

Remember, proper maintenance will extend the life and performance of your Apple Watch.

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