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Washing Dishes With Apple Watch On? (11 Things to Know)

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Dishwashing is one of the chores requiring your devices to be safe from you to avoid water damage.

But when it comes to Apple watches, it is even more of a requirement to have your watch on your wrist while washing dishes, especially if you find the chore boring.

An apple watch is water-resistant, and it is entirely okay to wash dishes, take a quick shower or swim with it. But it is best recommended not to expose your apple watch to chemical or organic cleaning agents such as shampoos, lotions, and soaps. Exposing your apple watch to soapy water can affect the seals and destroy its acoustic membrane in the long run.

11 Things to Know About Washing Dishes with Your Apple Watch On Your Wrist

Washing Dishes With Apple Watch On? (11 Things to Know)

An Apple watch has a lot of differences from a regular wristwatch. However, when it is on your wrist while you’re washing dishes, there are certain things you need to know.

The following are 11 things you should know if your apple watch is on your wrist while washing dishes:

#1. The materials cannot be eroded by foam

The apple watch possesses very tough stainless steel. This steel makes your watch properly protected. You cannot easily bend it under undue pressure. Neither does it easily rust or corrode.

#2. Keeps track of time

Anyone who tends to be time conscious wants to keep track of the amount of time they spend doing a task. For example, you can wear your apple watch while doing dishes to help you know how much time you have spent doing the chore. This keeps you right on track with your schedule.

#3. Comfort Remains Undaunted

While you undertake the vital chore of doing your dishes, a small load of an apple watch on your wrist doesn’t create discomfort for you.

This is because the excellent design works to enhance the user experience. Therefore, instead of this watch holding you back from working more efficiently, it pushes you to was your dishes within the best timeframe.

#4. Water-resistance level

Your apple watch being water-resistant does not automatically mean it is waterproof. The device can resist a lot of water, but even water resistance has its levels and doesn’t last forever in devices.

Depending on the number of years the device has been used, the water-resistance begins to wear out. Also, the water-resistance level of an apple watch depends on what model it is.

All apple watches are water-resistant according to these levels:

The first invented Apple Watch in 2015 is rated to have a water resistance level of IPX7 under the IEC standard 60529.

This means that it has protection up to 1m depth for 30 minutes against immersion into water.

Apple watch series 1 possesses the same rating as the first apple watch; 1m depth for 30 minutes.

Apple watches series two is also not advised to submerge into the water for an extended period fully. This is because it has a water resistance rating of not more than 50 meters.

Apple watch series 3, 4, and 5 has the same ratings as series 2, and it is not advised to use it while engaging in scuba-diving or water skiing.

#5. Keeps you connected with your apple devices

Supposedly, you may be done doing dishes and can’t immediately remember where you placed your iPhone.

The apple watch can help you stay connected with your device and locate it quickly.

This goes the same way when you need to search for your air pods; the apple watch is like a remote device that helps you connect and activate your devices according to your wishes and instructions.

Also, make calls and listen to music with ease without your phone being near you.

#6. It can survive deep water conditions.

Newer models of the apple watch are resistant up to 50 meters and are entirely safe to submerge while washing dishes in a deep bowl while washing dishes.

However, because your watch is water-resistant and not waterproof, it is best to stick to the shallow end swimming in the pool and avoid high-velocity water while it’s on your wrist.

#7. Using a dishwasher

If you’re doing your dishes using a dishwasher, it is entirely safe to wear your apple watch while doing dishes as there is nothing that can directly affect it in any way.

This means you can properly time the machine and stay connected to family and friends via texts during the machine’s running.

#8. It is scratch-resistant

It doesn’t matter what material you’re using in washing your dishes, whether a soft or hard sponge.

It has little or no effects on your apple watch as it is scratch-resistant. However, fixing a screen protector on the watch screen is best to be on the completely safe side.

This gives you 100% confidence in the case of a fall.

#9. It doesn’t slip off the wrist.

One of the best qualities of the apple watch is its ability to stay right in place on your wrist.

While washing dishes, you need not worry about your watch slipping off your wrist and making it straight into the water.

The leather or rubber straps grip tight and comfortably onto your wrist. This means you can also perform other physical activities like jogging without worrying about your watch falling off.

#10. It works perfectly underwater.

Ideally, it is essential to activate the water lock feature. For example, to avoid your device running without finger contact underwater.

Turn on the digital crown feature to unlock your watch screen when you are done washing.

#11. Proper care

As we know that Apple watches are expensive, so it is only smart enough to take good care of your apple watch, especially after dishwashing and swimming.

The water present on the watch’s surface may make it look blurry and have streaks of dirt. Below is the best way to clean your apple watch after washing dishes:

No matter how submerged in the water your apple watch gets, never use heat, sprays, or compressed air to dry it off. Instead, wipe off the water from its surface with a lint-free, non-abrasive piece of cloth.

Afterward, enable the digital crown feature to allow the water to drain out by itself. Ensure that you also clean and dry off your skin before placing the watch back onto your wrist.

Getting your apple watch wet affects the speaker’s sounds, making it muffled. Do not insert pins or other items [the microphone or speaker] into the openings.

Also, resist shaking the watch to remove the excess water lodged in it. Instead, allow the watch to charge overnight. This is done to speed up the evaporation process.


The apple watch is very easy to use with user-friendly features. It isn’t a must to take it off your wrist while you’re about to do dishes. Some of its features are indeed very useful to you at that moment.

And you need not worry about it getting wet and not functioning correctly anymore or getting damaged, as it comes with a water lock feature and possesses a water resistance level of 1m depth in 30 minutes.

Avoid having your apple watch in water for too long to avoid damage. If your watch still develops after getting out of the water the proper way, visit an apple tech store with your complaint.

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