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An attachment-capable trimmer is an efficient and versatile tool for home gardening and maintenance.

It is also more cost-effective than spending on different individual machines. The Echo brand is well known for its efficiency and ease of operation.

However, with these attachment-capable gardening appliances, you might be unable to determine the attachment that can fit into the Echo shaft. In this article, we will find out the compatibility of the Echo trimmer. 

Attachments compatible with Echo include a blade conversion kit, blower, brush cutter blade, hedge trimmer, power pruner, bed redefiner, and curved shaft edger. The Echo multitool machine is convenient for multiple garden tools as you only need a single gas power head. However, the Echo trimmer is only compatible with Echo attachments. 

Will Craftsman Attachments Fit Echo?   

What Attachments Are Compatible With Echo

The Craftsman attachment will not fit the Echo trimmer due to the difference in diameter and size of both shafts.

In addition, although the Echo company often markets their trimmer attachments as a universal tool, they are incompatible with most brands.  

The term “Universal” mainly implies that the Echo trimmer is compatible with about one to two other brand attachments, rather than fitting other attachments.

Before purchasing a different attachment for your Echo trimmer, refer to your user’s manual for any information on the attachment options. 

Echo attachments do not fit in Craftsman trimmers due to the size of the Craftsman tool driveshaft. The male side of the Craftsman driveshaft is about the ⅕-inch square.

The size can fit into attachments from brands like Troy-Bilt, Sunseeker, Ryobi, Toro, and Yardman though you might have to confirm from the manual before purchasing the attachments. 

You can also check your Echo attachment to see if it meets this criterion. It may fit into the Craftsman shaft depending on the attachment model, but generally, Echo attachments are not compatible with Craftsman trimmers.

Most weed eaters are compatible with other brand attachments, specifically the tools with counter-clockwise rotating shafts.

However, other brands use a unique and different design to increase the sales of their attachment tools.

Though this might be tasking and possibly expensive, the tool’s efficiency and reliability will be worth committing to.

Will Stihl Attachments Fit Echo?

The Stihl attachment will not fit an Echo trimmer device. Though it will sit at the lip of the shaft, it will not go any further because the plastic guide piece that fits inside the top of the Stihl trimmer will not let the Stihl attachments shaft in.

Its incompatibility is also due to the wider size of the Stihl attachment shaft. You could purchase the cheaper mods that might fit, but they come with the risk of easily breaking down or a short lifespan.

Therefore, it is better to stick with a brand trimmer device and its attachment for a more reliable and sturdier device. 

Though some brand attachment tools claim to be compatible with all trimmers, it is usually not the case.

For a better idea of the attachment your device requires, take a closer and in-depth assessment of your trimmer device locking system.

The device locking system is the primary determinant of the compatibility of your trimmer. The system locks the attachment shaft when you insert it into the trimmer device.

If the device trimmer is star-shaped and the attachment add-on is square-shaped, the pieces will not fit.

If the incompatible add-on seems to fit into the trimmer, you may have to inspect it closely to check for cracks or loose fittings.

If you notice that it is not entirely compatible, it is advisable to use a better-fitting attachment to avoid further damage to your device. 

Depending on the brand model of your trimmer, you can purchase universal attachments that meet the brand’s standards or buy an attachment from the same brand.

In addition, trimmer manufacturers often focus on making unique designs of locking systems to encourage consumers to purchase more products from their brand rather than buying from other brands.

Does Echo Fit Ryobi Attachments?

No, Echo does not fit Ryobi attachments due to its difference in diameter size. However, some Ryobi attachment models are compatible with Echo trimmers through an adapter or directly connecting the shafts. 

Though the Ryobi is a possible fit, you must consider several factors before purchasing a Ryobi attachment for your Echo trimmer.

Some of these factors include:

#1. The Arbor Bolt Size

Arbor bolts fit into the holes of the add-ons and secure the rod inside the trimmer driveshaft.

You can measure the arbor bolt size based on the number of threads on the bolt shaft per inch and the bolt diameter.

For the Ryobi attachment to fit into the Echo trimmer, the bolt must be of the same size as the Ryobi attachment fitting hole.

#2. The Bolt Rotation

Arbor bolts have different rotation directions on trimmer devices. They can rotate in a counter-clockwise direction or a clockwise direction.

The rotation of the Ryobi attachment you want to use must match that of the Echo trimmer. The bolts usually have markings like the RHM (Right Hand Male), indicating the rotation with its gender.

#3. The Bolt Gender

The arbor bolts of trimmers and head attachments vary depending on the model and device manufacturer.

However, in this case, the gender of the arbor bolt must be the reverse of the recipient bolt that you want to fit.

The male threads are usually on the outer part of the device, while the female thread is often inside the bolt.

#4. The Bolt Adapters

You can find the bolt adapters inside the bolt opening. Once you locate the bolt adapters inside the arbor bolt, you can install a new trimmer to the adapter.

These adapters often vary in size to fit different sizes of trimmer head specifications. However, you can fit the Ryobi attachment manually into the Echo trimmer (specifically Echo 58v).

To fit the attachment into the Echo trimmer, you must modify the Ryobi attachment shaft.

First, cut a two-inch slot down the side of the attachment with a Dremel tool carbide cutting wheel. Oil the shaft to allow it to slide into the Echo trimmer easily.

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Will Black Max Attachments Fit Echo?   

Black Max attachment will not fit Echo due to its small shaft size. It also has a different lock system from the Echo trimmer.

Therefore, though it is a robust attachment, it will not firmly fit into the Echo drive shaft.

However, the Black Max attachment fits into the Murray, Ryobi, Troy Bilt, Toro, and other universal trimmers.         

Will Troy Bilt Attachments Fit Echo?

Troy Bilt’s attachment will also not fit into an Echo trimmer. The Echo trimmer accepts mostly its brand attachment and very few other universal attachments.

However, the Troy Bilt attachment can fit into other attachment-capable trimmers like Craftsman, Yard Machines, Cub Cadet, Remington, Bolens, and Snapper brand trimmers. 

Pros and Cons of Using Echo Trimmer

It gives a satisfactory power outputIt is expensive
It is easy to operateIt does not accept all types of attachments
It has an ergonomic gripIt often sticks to grass
It is convenient 
It is lightweight
It has a broad cutting swath.

Top 3 Multi-Function Trimmer Devices

Multi-Function trimmers are not compatible with universal attachments. They allow you to alternate between an edger and a string trimmer without adapters and other tools.

Each brand has a different locking system, though most brands use a pin to secure attachments to the weed eater.

Some of the best multi-function trimmers in the market include:

#1. Milwaukee String Trimmer

MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL String Trimmer 2825-20ST Bare tool (Battery and Charger sold Separately) (Renewed)

The Milwaukee trimmer has a fast attachment interchange system, unlike most brands.

With its Quik-Lok locking mechanism, you can exchange attachment parts by unscrewing the thumb screw and pushing a button.

The Milwaukee shaft has a small button that lines up with the thumb screw below the attachment.

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It also has a unique star-shaped lock system inside its shaft that fits only with its brand attachment.

So, to get the best out of a Milwaukee trimmer, purchase the brand attachments rather than attachments from other brands.

#2. Echo Pro-Attachment Series

Echo Pas-225 Pro-attachment Series Power Source

The Echo trimmer interchanges attachments with the pin and thumb screw system.

To attach the trimmer to the attachment, insert the attachment into the trimmer shaft, screw, and securely pin the pieces together. 

The Echo Pro-attachment series trimmer has a square-shaped lock mechanism and a small lip at the bottom of the trimmer to help keep the attachment in place.

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The internal lock system has a cylindrical interior that connects to the trimmer notch. Like the Milwaukee trimmer, Echo trimmers only fit with Echo attachments.

#3. Makita Trimmers

Makita XUX01M5PT 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless Couple Shaft Power Head Kit with String Trimmer Attachment (5.0Ah)

The Makita trimmer is a cordless weed eater that utilizes a multi-head mechanism for its attachments.

Though Makita trimmers accept more attachments than other brands, it is more expensive than other brands.

As a result, Makita’s attachment only connects to their brand attachments. The couple shafts in a Makita trimmer use a lever mechanism to connect to the base.

Makita XUX01M5PT 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless Couple Shaft Power Head Kit with String Trimmer...
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Once you insert the attachment in the couple shafts, attach the lever to secure the attachment. Makita attachment can attach to trimmers that run on battery and gas.


Though Echo is compatible with several attachments, it only securely attaches to its brand attachment.

However, other brand trimmers connect to different brands and universal attachment products.

Therefore, purchasing attachments from your Echo product brand is advisable to get the best efficiency out of your Echo trimmer.

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