Bosch 500 Vs 800 Wall Oven! (In-Depth Comparison)

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One could go to a store and ask for an oven and get anyone. Some people are specific about the type of oven they want to purchase and why.

Having a Bosch 500 or 800 wall oven is not a big deal for some people. However, some people are intentional about which one they purchase.

I want a Bosch 500, and you want an 800 wall oven. What could their differences be? 

The differences between the Bosch 500 and 800 wall ovens are their prices, convection, capacity, cooking modes, and the type of lights used. Also, their controls, power, and many more are different from each other. For example, one uses knobs, while the other uses a touch control. You can say the same thing for their modes and capacity. 

Difference Between Bosch 500 and 800 Wall Oven.

Bosch 500 Vs. 800 Wall Oven

The Bosch 500 has features like a European convection oven and an improved thermal oven, and in the double construction, the upper oven has convection while the lower oven is thermal.

These features are visible in the new 500 series. 

Features on the 800 wall oven include; a telescopic rack, a European convection Oven, a meat probe, a touch control Interface, a 2- hour self-cleaning cycle, fast preheat, and many others.

So yes, one could be right by saying the 800 wall oven is more advanced than the Bosch 500 since it has many features. 

The table below clearly shows the differences between a Bosch 500 and 800 wall oven:

FeaturesBosch 500 SeriesBosch 800 Series
Capacity (cu. ft)2.8 – 3.94.6
ControlKnobsTouch control
Sabbath ModeNoYes
Number of Cooking Modes9 or 1215
Telescopic RackNoYes
Interior light12
Illumination TypeHalogenIncandescent
Home connect(WiFi enabled)WiFi is enabled, and no connectivity option is availableNo
Meat ProbeNoYes

The differences have been clearly stated. First, however, we’ll elaborate more on their differences. 

#1. Capacity

This is expressed in cubic feet. It is simply the amount of substance the appliance can contain. It is the amount of substance the oven can contain in this case.

From the table above, the Bosch 500 has a capacity of 2.8 – 2.9 cubic feet, while the 800 wall oven has a capacity of 4.6 cubic feet. 

It is essential to know that the capacity of the Bosch 500 oven or the 800 wall oven isn’t a constant figure. We noted clearly that it could be 2.8 – 3.9 cubic feet.

The reason is that they come in different sizes. Hence, they can’t have the same capacity. 

#2. Control

The control of these ovens is what gives instructions. They direct the oven on what to do depending on what instruction was provided by the operator.

For example, the Bosch 500 series uses knobs. These knobs have pointers to show what exactly they’re pointing at.

For instance, in the case of temperature, you can turn the knobs to either increase or decrease the temperature. 

The 800 series wall ovens make use of touch controls. This is a new development, and people have had good things to say about this.

Like our smartphone screens, the 800 wall ovens have been designed to have such screens. Here, you don’t need knobs to control. All you have to do is tap the screen to control the oven. 

#3. Sabbath Mode

This feature on the oven allows you to avoid lights and sounds. It’s primarily used for religious observances.

This means that the oven will stay in a bake mode till it shuts off. It disabled the automatic shut-off function. 

The Bosch 500 series doesn’t have this function, while the 800 wall oven comes with this function. This explains why people who do not want to interact with the electrical system buy the 800 wall series. 

#4. Number Of Cooking Modes

This is quite simple! The number of cooking modes is the different methods of cooking. There are various cooking modes in an oven, depending on what you want to do.

The modes include; bake, roast, bake stone, convection, convection broil, dehydrate, broil, convection bake, and proof. 

These cooking modes have specific foods they’re used on. For example, the Bosch 500 series have about 9-12 cooking modes, while the 800 wall oven has 15.

This could mean that not all cooking modes are found in the Bosch 500 oven. 

#5. Telescopic Rack

The telescopic racks are made of steel. They’re arranged in rows to form a stand. Telescopic Rack serves as a balance to trays and plates.

It allows easy removal of what you must have placed inside. It would help if you handled them with care as they can be very hot after use. It is advisable always to use a napkin when holding it.

One can roast meat with the help of a telescopic Rack. The Bosch 500 oven has telescopic racks, but it’s not exactly like the 800 wall oven.

This is the reason for the no. Do not get it wrong. These ovens have a telescopic Rack in them, but they are different. This could mean that the type of rack in A isn’t the same as B.

#6. Interior Light

The interior light is mainly to see what you have inside while cooking. Is it burning? Is it grilling?. This light will make your food visible from the outside.

The oven bulbs aren’t just the regular bulbs in your home. They are appliance bulbs because they are designed to work and fit the harsh conditions in the oven. 

The table shows that the Bosch 500 oven uses one while the 800 wall oven uses two bulbs. This could be the difference in size or because the latter is more advanced.

It is good to know this so as not to get confused when purchasing one. 

#7. Illumination Type

The illumination Type in ovens is simply the kind of lights used in the oven. These lights aren’t just ordinary lights.

LED lights aren’t used in the oven because they do not have a high heat resistance capacity. Hence, LED lights aren’t suitable in an oven as they can’t withstand high temperatures

The ideal light in an oven is incandescent or halogen bulbs. These bulbs are special bulbs for such appliances.

This is because the Bosch 500 oven uses halogen bulbs, while the 800 wall oven uses incandescent bulbs. This is a difference between these two ovens.

#8. Meat Probe

This device measures the internal temperatures of meats and other proteins like fish. It is crucial because these proteins need to reach a minimum internal temperature to destroy bacteria.

The meat probe is an accurate device that provides accurate results of the internal temperatures of these foods. 

The Bosch 500 series has no meat probe in it. However, the 800 wall oven has the meat probe in it. This is an excellent feature to look out for when trying to differentiate between the two.

The one with a meat probe is most likely the 900 wall oven, while the one without is the Bosch 500 series. 


Have you ever had problems trying to differentiate between these two ovens? Having read this article, that won’t be a problem anymore.

The significant differences between the Bosch 500 and 800 wall oven have been clearly stated. As a result, you don’t have to worry about which one to purchase.

Despite the fact they’re both ovens, we all have our choices. You can decide to choose which suits you, having known their differences.

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