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No matter how much you want your washing machine to run smoothly, there will be glitches at a point.

For example, General Electric (GE) washers experience minor malfunctions similar to home appliances.

However, it may be surprising to see an error code on the GE washer during or before a wash cycle.

The good news is that you do not have to worry. This article provides sufficient information on all the available GE error codes and how to troubleshoot them.

GE error codes sometimes appear on the control panel when there is a minor problem. Troubleshooting the problem involves restarting the washer or doing a hard reset. The standard GE error codes for top and front loaders are E22, E28, E38, E45, E46, E57, E71, and 1- 9 light flash indications.

How Do I Find the Error Codes on My GE Washer?

GE Washer Error Codes

Finding the error codes on your washer may seem technical because there is no singular error button on the panel. However, it only requires a few steps, and you are through.

Finding the error code also means running diagnostic mode. When the washer is in this mode, it reads underlying problems before it starts malfunctioning.

After that, however, you will only need to run diagnostic mode to troubleshoot the washer and find solutions. 

Here are the following steps to finding the error codes on a GE washer.

#1. Step 1- Disconnect And Reconnect to the Power Source

The first thing to do before you check for error codes is to disconnect the washer from the power. This method helps to tackle any power glitch that you may be experiencing.

Sometimes, error codes may come up because of a minor malfunction, not that there is an actual problem.

Afterward, wait about twenty seconds before connecting the washer to the power source. When you do this, you successfully put the washer in booting mode, and it is ready to run.

#2. Step 2- Long-Press the Power Button 

Next, long-press the power button while turning the color knob on the panel to the left seven times.

When you do this, release the power button on the washer while holding the knob, which will make a chiming sound. Your washer is now in diagnostic/ troubleshooting mode.

#3. Step 3-  Check for Errors

The default mode in diagnosis is the fault code. This mode shows by the lights blinking under the settings; deep fill, fill, soak, wash, rinse and spin.

The icons are beside the second largest knob for temperature. When you rotate the color knob, it takes the system back to diagnostic mode.

One important thing to note is that the washer manual contains the list of fault codes with numbers 1- 32. So, it would be best to have it with you while you run the diagnosis.

The manual also contains all the fault codes with the indication of the lights under the wash cycle icons.

Each of those codes in the manual has numbers showing the fault codes with shades on some circles.

For example, if you enter the fault code mode and the third light blinks, it is fault code 3. According to the GE manual, fault code 3 indicates a locked rotor monitor.

It means that the washer motor is stuck and not rotating. Now, it is impossible to check for those codes without the manual.

What Are the Error Codes on a GE Front Load Washer?

The GE front load washer has unique features like the front load washer. Here,  you load your laundry from the front and not from the top.

As a result, its lid projects from the front of the washing machine, taking more space than the top load washer. 

Of course, GE front load washers have error codes.

Unusually long wash cycle resulting from the tub filling slowly. Sometimes it could be from clogs in the water inlet pipes or faulty water inlet valves.

What Error Codes Can Be Found on a GE Top Load Washer?

The GE top load washer differs from the front load washer because you load your laundry from the top. Like any other washing machine, GE top load washers have error codes.

But, they indicate light flashes; the number of flashes determines the error.

Here is a table showing the error codes on a GE top load washer in no particular order.

These error codes are comprehensive according to the GE manual for easy repairs. As a home appliance owner, your manual is your best friend.

The table shows that the drive motor plays a crucial role in the washer functioning effectively. Unfortunately, it means that most error codes malfunction a part or whole of the motor.

Consequently, you may have to replace the drive motor as soon as possible to maximize your GE top load washer.

How Do I Clear Error Codes on a GE Washer?

Sometimes, error codes come from a glitch in the washer system. There are no actual problems, and you can restart the washing machine to clear the errors.

However, you must clear the system when you finish repairing the malfunction. So, you must follow a few steps to clear the error codes on a GE washer.

You must follow these steps to do the process correctly. Unfortunately, when you do one before the other, you will break the sequence, and there will be no restoration.

#1. Step 1- Disconnect From the Power Source

When working with electrical appliances, the first thing to do is disconnect from the power source.

This step saves you from electrocution or fatal injuries and even death. In addition, you must wear safety gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes. 

To disconnect;

  • First, turn off the washer using the start button.
  • Secondly, turn off the knob on the switch by pressing the off/on switch.
  • Finally, unplug the washer from the power source.

#2. Step 2- Plug It Back to Power

After you disconnect from the power, wait for at least one minute before you connect the GE washer back.

To reconnect;

  • First, close the lid and connect the washer to the socket.
  • Next, please turn on the switch and wait two minutes for it to boot.
  • Then, press the start button and load the washer for the wash cycle.
  • After the wash cycle, you can ascertain if there are any errors or if the troubleshooting was successful.

How Do You Do a Hard Reset on a GE Washer?

You must turn off the washing machine before hard resetting a GE washer. Here are the following steps to follow. 

#1. Step 1- Unplug the Washing Machine

Before you do anything, unplug the washing machine. 

#2. Step 2- Turn Off the Circuit Breaker

The next thing to do is to turn off the circuit breaker that feeds that part of the house with electricity.

Next, open and close the lid repeatedly, about six times. This action resets the drive motor and restores it to factory settings.

Consequently, the GE washer is clear of all the previous commands, and the error codes will disappear. 

#3. Step 3- Turn on the washer 

Finally, could you turn on the washing machine and test it? To test the washer, load it for a normal wash cycle and observe how long it takes.

If it takes too long, your water inlet valve might have clogs or faulty heating elements. These problems are easy to fix and with a few tools. It would be best if you hand wash some clothes sometimes.

This action will ease the workload and improve efficiency while prolonging the lifespan. In addition, cleaning your washer is a task you must imbibe. 


In conclusion, there are some error codes that each brand of GE washers has. Therefore, you must ascertain your brand to discover the fault codes and troubleshoot the problems.

However, resetting the GE washer will clear all the error codes and blinking lights on the panel. Finally, do not overload your washer; this will prevent certain damages.

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