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Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Samsung products like refrigerators are pretty important to the consumer market. This is because they are ultimately durable, and they provide purchaser satisfaction. In addition, Samsung fridges are well known for their ability to cool our items and adjust automatically to some changes.

However, due to routine issues with water leaks, you might want to be aware of the position of the defrost drain in these refrigerators.

The defrost drain is usually situated at the back of the internal compartment of your Samsung fridge. In more precise terms, you can find it at the lower part of the fridge. It is a small opening that sometimes hides behind a plastic or metal board. Nevertheless, to get access to it, you can eliminate the board by unscrewing it.

Where Is The Defrost Drain On A Samsung Refrigerator?

In your Samsung fridge, the defrost drain is situated at the base back. Examine the ice chest close to the bottom, and you’ll find the defrost drain tube and the drain hole as well. Better still, check the lower part of the access panel on the back wall of the refrigerator; you’ll find it there.

The defrost drain is part of the defrost system. It is cunning and relies on various interconnected, consecutive frameworks. However, everything begins with the evaporation coils that become frosty after some time.

Remember to frequently thaw out these coils to keep them from freezing solid. Sometimes, you may even perceive a foul or liquor-like scent coming from the refrigerator when the drain tube issue has one or two problems.

Be sure to call the attention of your electrician so he can check the fridge. You could even go ahead and check yourself since you already know the location. It’s merely at the base back, the lower part of the fridge.

How Do You Empty The Drain Pan On A Samsung Refrigerator?

Firstly, look for where the refrigerator’s drain pan is. It’s usually in the rear or on the bottom of the unit, near the floor. Next, merely remove the grill on the front of the refrigerator, after which you’ll see something like a little rectangular plate, that’s the drip pan. Snatch it with your two hands and have a go at pulling and sliding it forward. You’ll then pour the liquid away and clean it afterward.

Emptying the drip pan of your Samsung fridge is so significant. It is a container that gathers build-up moving from the thaw-out channel in your freezer.

You should not just stop at emptying the drain pan. Continue with the listed procedures;

1. Step One: Mop up the drip pan with a sanitizer or bleach solution.

Blend the bleach and warm water utilizing a 2:1 proportion in a perfect shower restrain, and mix it till it’s blended. Then spray the solution on the drip pan till it’s totally wet. Afterward, allow the sanitizer arrangement to sit on a superficial level for about 2-3 minutes.

You can likewise shower an additional cleaner on any form or mold that you find developing on the trickle container to assist with extricating it and sanitizing the area.

Note that if the shade of your drip pan isn’t white,  then it might change. This change could be as a result of bleach. Use vinegar as a substitute if you don’t like the harsh nature of the bleach.

2. Step Two: Use a piece of cloth to scour the container and eliminate any build-up or mold.

Following a couple of moments pass, use a piece of fabric material to clean the inner part of the pan. Clean it carefully so the mold will not spread around. Enforce a strong measure of strain while scrubbing the pan to split and separate any developed residue.

Additionally, make use of paper towels to prevent mold from resting on your texture cleaning clothes.

3. Step Three: Rinse the drip pan with lukewarm water to get rid of any residue.

After that, rinse the whole drip pan to ensure there isn’t any residue on its surface. You can do this by running warm tap water over the pan.  Ensure you use a piece of fabric to wipe off any build-up still left on it.

4. Step Four: Make sure the drip pan is dry before you reinstall it.

Using a cleansing towel, mop up the pan and ensure that there aren’t any drops of water on it. If you allow drops of water on the drip pan, mold could redevelop when you put the fixture back on.

Once you notice that the pan has gotten dry, set it into the fridge and place the panels back to reuse it. Emptying your drain pan can be so easy. Merely locate it around the bottom of the fridge, gently pull it out, then pour out anything you see inside.

Also, ensure that you unplug your fridge from the power source to avoid shocking yourself accidentally while trying to empty the pan.

Why Is There Water In The Bottom Of My Fridge?

Water at the bottom of your fridge can be linked to the presence of a  clogged or freezing defrost drain. It could freeze by ice or any other particles. Furthermore, this occurrence leads to water dripping down the compartment’s bottom. When enough water is accumulated here, it overflows to the floor.

There are probably other reasons why there could be leakage at the bottom of your fridge. It may be that the water lines are also damaged. This issue is typically common with fridges that have a water/ice dispenser. Now and again, the water lines can break out of nowhere.

When they do, the water can flow back and create a pool at your fridge’s bottom, clearly causing a huge issue. Another cause may be an overflowing drain pan. I’ll link this cause to the presence of a  clogged defrosting drain, which I earlier mentioned.

The primary motivation behind a drain pan or drip dish is to get any water inside with the fridge so that none of it streams out onto your kitchen floor. However, the progression of water inside could be much for the drain dish to hold, prompting water on your floor surface.

As a whole, you can see here that one problem could easily lead to the other. Therefore, I sincerely advise that you always check your defrost drain to ensure that it’s not frozen or clogged, as more issues may arise.

If the need arises, unclog it. When you do this, water is prevented from accumulating in the unit pan. As a result, you don’t have to worry about further leaking.

How Do You Defrost A Samsung Refrigerator?

The most proficient method for thawing out or defrosting your Samsung ice chest will be to turn it off, or unplug it, void it, open the entryways and let it sit for a while. All the ice would gradually dissolve. This technique isn’t only great for Samsung refrigerators.

 It is ideal for some other ice coolers. It’s a strategy with no side effects. Apart from that, I have one other strategy that I found recently. I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised about it because I believe no one has ever come with this idea of mine.

Purchase $200 of frozen nourishment for the Samsung cooler and some pricey, exceptionally perishable items. When you get the items, merely put them inside the fridge, rest, and afterward awaken. 

You’ll find that the food more likely has gone spoilt, and the cooler assuredly is thawed out. You should probably unplug the fridge before putting the items in it. You may be wondering if there is a way of defrosting the fridge without plugging it out from the mains.

There are ways that you can just that they may take longer, and your electricity organization will send you a thank you card for adding to your electric bill.

Seriously, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to disconnect the power to the freezer. But if you still don’t wish to disconnect it from the mains, get a hairdryer and blow hot air on the ice. Note that it’s not too safe, and I don’t recommend it.

Many users also give an option of force defrosting. But it’s not a pleasant option and can cause many unforeseen issues or problems in your fridge. Don’t ever force defrost your Samsung fridge!  Defrost it manually, the way I suggested.

Your Samsung ice chest will take just six hours on average to defrost, which is better. Don’t let the lesser time the force defrost method utilizes to thaw out deceive you.


The defrost drain of Samsung fridges is situated at the back wall of the freezer, usually at the rear. Around the defrost drain, you find the drain pan, which plays a crucial role in receiving condensation. Always try to empty the drain pan once in a while and clean it properly.

You can remove it by carefully pulling it out of the rear. Also, always ensure to check the condition of your defrost drain, especially when you find water at the bottom of the fridge. Make sure it’s always unclogged!

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