Does Sherwin Williams Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

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Benjamin Moore is a well-known brand name in the paint industry, and many homeowners have at least one can of paint in their homes.

Sherwin Williams is also a well-established paint brand with multiple retail stores worldwide. These two paint brands offer high-quality paint that many people trust.

When choosing the best paint for their work, people always compare these two paint brands. These two painting brands are well known and recommended for any painting project.

But is Sherwin Williams paint the same quality or cost? This article will examine the benefits and differences of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore’s paints.

Sherwin Williams does not sell Benjamin Moore’s Paint. Sherwin Williams is associated with other brands like VHT, Dupli-color, Minwax, Dutch boy, and others, and it doesn’t provide Benjamin Moore paint. Benjamin Moore is a locally owned brand you can get through independent stores.

Does Sherwin Williams Sell Benjamin Moore Paint Colors? 

Does Sherwin Williams Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Sherwin Williams, one of America’s most well-known paint brands, sells Benjamin Moore paint colors. When it comes to Benjamin Moore’s paints, there are pros and cons to using them.

On the one hand, their colors are incredibly accurate and consistent. But, on the other hand, this variety of colors means you can create a professional look with Benjamin Moore paints, regardless of your skill level.

However, some complain that Benjamin Moore’s paints are a bit pricey. Additionally, some people find the paint challenging to work with sometimes.

While Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, and Lowe’s sell Benjamin Moore paint. Benjamin Moore doesn’t own retail stores like Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin Williams is one of the few retailers that sell Benjamin Moore paint colors. Sherwin Williams carries many Benjamin Moore paint colors, from traditional to contemporary shades.

In addition, Sherwin Williams offers a variety of colors and finishes, making it an ideal store for people who want to paint their home in a specific color.

Sherwin Williams is not the only store that sells Benjamin Moore paint. Benjamin Moore is a well-known name in the paint industry, and many different companies sell this paint.

Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware are all examples of retailers that sell Benjamin Moore paint colors. Usually, it is hard to find Benjamin Moore paint at any store.

Although these two paint manufacturers produce many beautiful color variations, most people love matching the colors to get the desired shade.

In addition, they both offer color consultation services that make it easier for you to pick your favorite option.

 Sherwin Williams sells Benjamin Moore paint colors. They provide high-quality paint with beautiful colors that you’ll love.

While Sherwin Williams does sell Benjamin Moore paints, it’s probably not the best option if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality paint option.

Instead, visit their website to learn more about their products and find your nearest store.

Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint At Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin-Williams has a chain of paint-centric stores. Their stores offer different brands of paint.

But, first, it is worth noting that Sherwin Williams doesn’t just sell Benjamin Moore paint. The retailer also carries various other brands, including Home Depot and Sherwin-Williams. 

So if you’re looking for a specific type of paint or want to try a new brand, Sherwin Williams will have what you’re looking for.

Second, let’s look at the quality of Sherwin Williams’s paints. In general, the paints are affordable and offer decent quality.

So if you’re looking for high-quality paint that’s cost-effective, Sherwin Williams is the one for you.

Overall, Sherwin Williams offers suitable quality paints at their retail stores at an affordable price. But if you’re specifically looking for Benjamin Moore paint, check out other retailers first!

How To Buy Benjamin Moore Paint At Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams does not sell Benjamin Moore paint presently, but other retailers carry the paint.

You can find Benjamin Moore paint at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and many other stores. In addition, you can use the store locator on the Benjamin Moore website to find the paint in your area.

When looking for paints to add to your home decor, it’s essential to consider the quality of the paint.

Unfortunately, not all paints are created equal; some may not be as durable or easy to clean as others.

So when shopping for paints, consider the brands and types of paint available.

One famous paint brand is Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore paints are known for their high quality and durability.

They also have a variety of colors and finishes to choose from. To buy a Benjamin Moore paint at Sherwin Williams, follow these steps:

  • Go to Sherwin Williams’ online store and search for the paint you want.
  • Click on the product image to view more details about the product.
  • On the product page, you’ll be able to find specifications such as color, finish, and price.
  • Click the “add to cart” button to purchase the paint.
  • Review your purchase before clicking on the “submit” button.
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation detailing your purchase details.
  • Once your order is ready, go to our local store and pick up your paint.

If you have questions about buying paint at Sherwin Williams, don’t hesitate to contact the store directly.

Their websites are consumer friendly and will assist you in selecting the best option for you. 

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Part Of Sherwin Williams?

Yes, Sherwin Williams sells Benjamin Moore paint. There are speculations as to if Sherwin Williams is a part of the Benjamin Moore paint family.

There were rumors of the two companies merging in 2001. However, this is only a rumor. 

Benjamin Moore is a locally owned paint brand. In contrast, Sherwin Williams is one of the world’s largest corporate paint brands and retailers.

In addition, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have been long-time high-quality paint manufacturing brands.

Various factories around the world make Benjamin Moore paints. Reports confirm that Berkshire Hathaway owns Benjamin Moore paints.

But it is safe to say that Sherwin Williams offer Benjamin Moore paint at its numerous retail stores.

In addition, you can search the Benjamin Moore website for local shops in your vicinity that sell the paints. 

Is Benjamin Moore Paint More Expensive Than Sherwin Williams?

On average, Benjamin Moore’s paint is more expensive than Sherwin Williams’s. However, there are a few factors to consider when comparing the prices of these two paints.

First, these two competing paint brands have specific differences that lead to a preference for one over the other.

Comparison Table For Sherwin-Williams And Benjamin Moore Paint

CriteriaSherwin-WilliamsBenjamin Moore
StructureCorporate structure with a broader networkLocally owned (Berkshire Hathaway)
CostLess expensive ($38.48)More expensive ($43.06)
AvailabilityMultiple paint-centric stores all roundHarder to get, but available at local outlets
ColorsMore dark colorsBrighter colors
Color consultancyOffer a free virtual color consultancy serviceExpensive color consultancy service, which you can access from local stores
QualityHigh qualityHigh quality
Top paint productSuper paintRegal Select
Best choice for different climateDuration and super paintAura and regal select
Best paint for cabinetProClassicAdvance
Website ToolsFriendly and helpful websitesConsumer-friendly websites

These two paint manufacturers are of top quality and will serve whatever painting project you want them for.

Benjamin Moore’s paints are costly but worth every penny in quality. Choosing between them is all down to personal preference because they don’t have much difference.

All you have to do is pick the right paint that suits whatever job you’re working on, and you won’t be disappointed.


Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are both top-notch paint brands. They both offer top quality, durable, easy to apply, and beautiful paint colors for whatever painting project you have.

The significant difference between them is that Sherwin-Williams owns and operates retail stores for their paints and other brands.

On the other hand, Benjamin Moore can be gotten at local stores and does not own specific retail stores.

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